Meet photographer Brison Davis. Brison is from Brooklyn NY, but currently resides in Charlotte North Carolina. He now works as freelance photographer and is the owner of Captures the Eye Photography. Brison realized he had a passion for photography once his friends and family started asking him to take professional pictures of them.



DeeTheShooter is a professional videographer and photographer. He grew up in the tranches of south Memphis near Hamilton Middle school in a two bed room home with his grandmother, sisters, brothers and others relatives. He knew that he had to do all he could to be beat the odds and to be the bread winner of his family to change the present circumstances. Despite Yung Dee being behind the camera he also had dreams of becoming a rapper so he could tell his story.   



Shaquille Dunbar also known as “TheOptimistdreamer” is a professional photographer from Yonkers, NY specializing in portraits and event photography. He started photography during his third year of college. Shaquille enjoyed taking take photos of people on the street.  He got a rush on creating a story with his photos. From there, his career started. His first introduction to visual art started during his last year of high school. 

One obstacle that photography has helped him overcome is patience definitely, subjected to a lot of people that work on different clocks and being subjected to new things to new states and new people he accept that he has one life to live so he does the right things that well set him up for success with his career as a photographer.

Amongst all of his work his favorite is KIERRA MONIQUE - boho, very zin, natural hair, no makeup, she just offers the perfect subject to shoot, she teaches him a lot about life, living for today, purification and staying balanced.

Cam Kirk, Chris drama "CEO young and reckless”, Migos, uzi very, Fear Of God clothing, also Kanye gave him a boost to express himself with his fashion. All of these have very much influenced his work.

He’s all about service and giving back, when someone freaks out over a picture he’s taken and he hasn’t  even edited it yet that makes him feel good, knowing they are getting what they paid for and they will return for more work, also he does free shoots to help models and artists out that can't afford a steady photographer so he would either drop his price for a week to give everyone a chance or give 2-3 out a week on top of his  full time schedule, to show love for his city and paying it forward.

​Shotby50 didn’t go to school for photography. “No school just got me hands on the DSLR platform and through trial and error I can say I figured things out that's with anything I've always been curious as how things work and could never keep toys because I would take them apart” He stated.



Shotby50 better known as Noah Morrell III grew up in a few different states due to his dad being in the military. They started in North Memphis with his dad Noah and his mother Lashanda with his 2 other siblings. Later they moved to the island of Guam. Noah has been subject to a lot of people and experiences which have opened up his eyes to new things, friendships and being able to travel and see the world. This made him appreciate things more. He’s always been the black sheep of his entire family outcastes at times for expressing himself with his skinny jeans and skate board shoes. He also enjoyed the sport skateboarding and BMX.

In the year of 2010 for his birthday he got a Nikon L840. From that moment on over the course of 7 years he found his passion in photography. He went through 3 canons and Another Nikon. In 2016 he got more involved with photography. Traveling more and spending more time shooting street photography with his buddy "Josh Berryhill" he created a foundation for Noah to build on from countless hours of walking and almost getting arrested just for the best shot, soon after that he got lined up with "Tsu_lu" Luther Speight local Memphis rapper and got booked for his performances and album covers while at the same time balancing a full time job and his photography hobby. He ended up costing him his job after a three day vacation not permitted by his job; He took a chance on faith after he got the opportunity to drive to Tupelo, Mississippi for Rae Sremmurd "sreamm fest".  As of then he went on to shoot, Future, YFN Lucci, P.R.E "Tripstar", Travis Porter, Migos etc. His name was inspired by the type lens he used that gave him his best shot, he set a new bar with the 50mm 1.8 that people have never been subjected to.

Shotby50 specializes in natural light and life style photography.

He mostly uses the Canon 6D 50 1.8 for his work. 50mm 1.8, being capable of dropping to fstop 1.8 which gives a blurred background and very tight focus point ​It’s definitely a challenge trying to figure out lighting on the spot while you are doing a shoot, over time he’s gotten faster and can pin point setting so that he can achieve the sharpest shot! 



That was one of the hardest things that Shaina ever had to deal with. She was only 8 years old when he died. Photography has helped her to understand her emotions, and helped her to convey them in a positive beautiful way. Her brother was killed in a motorcycle accident on May 4th of 2017. Photography is currently helping her get through this; he was one of her biggest motivators as he actually began to pick up a camera, which encourages Shaina to continue to grow in the photography industry. However, Shaina made him stop because he’s the only barber in the family and she’s the only photographer. Shaina explained that she made him stop because she didn’t want to be in competition with her brother.  Additionally, she also felt like he was too good of a barber to focus on shooting the camera.  


Shaina Williams; is a photographer, graphic designer and cinematographer. She’s the youngest of seven children. She and her siblings were homeschooled throughout their childhood by their mother. She graduated at the age of 17 and began attending Full Sail University for Digital Art and Design shortly thereafter.  She fell in love with photography at the age of ten when she got her first “point and shoot” camera. She believes it was a Canon camera. Shaina has been doing photography ever since then, approximately twelve years now.  Photography has helped her overcome so many difficult situations and losses in her life. Her father retired from the United States Navy in November of 2003 and he passed away on Christmas day in 2003.  


Julian Clayton also known on Instagram as “Prdxphotography” specializes in portraiture. About two years before starting photography he was a struggling college student majoring in music production/engineering. A series of let downs led him to becoming a US navy sailor for roughly three years. Julian best friend Jhenelle invested into a camera to purse videography but sadly the camera only took good images.  Julian offered to buy the camera and the rest was history. Since then he’s had paid trips to Atlanta, Charlotte, Washington DC and have done shoots for WorldfinestMag, rabbit and Couth clothing, no malice, and countless models.
Julian loves Nikon cameras his favorite lens hands down is the 85mm he loves it because it allows the shooter to view the subject in its truest form. Julian also explained he loves photography because it’s all about trial and error. When asking him to explain more he replied “It’s helped with social boundaries and life as a whole photography helped me find my true love E’lyshia and we produced my greatest creation my daughter Ginia”

When asking Julian the question “Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why? He stated “All my works is my favorite the good and the bad. It’s a learning experience truthfully.

Photographer Julian has many influences such as @virtuetheartist @visualnarrator @mr.smartguy @spencer_charles @p.rarri @brooliy. During our interview we also had the opportunity to ask “Julian the question what is the most rewarding part of being a photographer” he stated “Most rewarding part is having whoever I’m shooting go through there edits and love them”.

Julian would describe his style as Sophisticated & Confusion.


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David Mason was born in Madison, WI. When he was four him and his family moved to midtown Memphis and it became the only home he’s ever known. As he grew older he started isolating himself from others due to some mild social anxiety. He thinks this is where his creative journey began. When he was around the age of 10 or 11 he would spend his time messing with loops in Garage band and skateboarding in a side street next to his house. This continued until the end of his sophomore year at White Station High School (2015) when he felt the need to start making a change in his life.

He broke away from the LDS Mormon church that he was raised in and stopped taking ADHD medication, and bought a copy of FL Studio 12. From there he focused more on school and learned everything he could about music production from YouTube, and slowly built upon his creative space. A year or so into this process he began to get more involved in the Memphis art and music scene partly due to his sister.  He began volunteering at CLOUD901, an innovative center built for teens to learn music production, film making, art, etc. Today he interns at Radio Rahim Music, teaches at Strive School of Music, and will be preparing to attend Rhodes College in the fall of 2017.

David uses a nikon D3300 with a 50mm lens. Sometimes he uses a nikon sb500 speed flash with a Gary Fong light diffuser. For photo editing David Mason uses Adobe Lightroom 5. David produces in FL Studio 12 with an Akai MPD32, Oxygen 25 Keyboard, Launchpad, JBL LSR305 Monitors, and the late 2014 Mac Mini that he does everything on. He uses Blender 2.78c for computer graphics.

Currently David has his eyes on many Memphis entities; Directed By Skin, Fluxus Skateboard Company, and Unapologetic.

YouTube has taught him everything he knows from music production to photography, and recently computer graphics. A lot of what keeps him going is a love for learning a new software from scratch and becoming involved with the online communities with goals similar to his.

David isn’t the type to usually attend a concert or connect with a random stranger. Having a responsibility to be somewhere to take photos has really helped him to become more social and meet people operating in social circles he would have never broken into.

The most rewarding part for him is looking back at photos previously taken that were deemed unsatisfactory but surprisingly very good shots. Also, transforming a raw photo’s energy with photo editing software is a great feeling. 



Photography has helped Johnathan become a better person inside and out. When asking the question what obstacles has photography helped him overcome? He stated, “The biggest obstacle by far was to interact with new people and go to new places. I have dealt with social issues since high school so it made it hard for me to go to places I wasn't familiar with.  When I started photography I quickly saw that that wasn't going to be able to work with what I wanted to do.  So after a bit of confidence building, I went out and networked locally at Virginia Fashion shows, met with some great people and began to connect and go to other events and venues”. 




Johnathan Benton was born and raised in Portsmouth, Virginia where he currently resides.  He was raised in a single parent home. During the interview Johnathan stated that he’s biracial and he likes to call himself “Halfrican”. Although he was brought up in a single parent household his childhood was pretty simple.

After high school Johnathan went off to college looking to capture a degree but suddenly realized that school wasn’t for him. Shortly, after he started working a full-time job while pursuing his dreams of being a freelance photographer. 

When asking Johnathan the question what style(s) do you specialize in? He replied, “That’s the great part about my work.  I don't like to consider my work as a "style".  I like to think of it as a vibe of expression.  Just as everyone I work with have their individual qualities”. Johnathan likes to create work based on the individual personalities. He explained, a style is only around for a short period of time but your personality is who you are and when expressing that in your artwork the audience or viewers say to themselves “yes that’s her completely” Johnathan went on to say “At the same time, I like to flip the script and create the opposite of what people's perception of that person is. Make them a character or an alter ego to make people see me and see them differently. It’s all about the vision of what we both want express and that's not a style to me, it’s a vibe”. 

Johnathan believes to become a better photographer you first have to believe in yourself and secondly you have to have the drive to go out and shoot any and everything. He also took the timeout to read books and articles on photography while staying up countless nights to watch videos on YouTube such as Phlearn, Creative live and etc. While Johnathan was exploring and learning he also had a mentor by the name of Sam who dedicated time to take him to different places like beaches and parks and they would shoot whatever they thought was interesting. He explained he learned a lot during the beginning stages of his career but even while making mistakes he stayed consistent with bettering his craft. He also went on to say that there is no better education than to go out and just take pictures and see what works and what doesn’t. In the end, you only get better and you can instantly see the progress.



Henry Aguilar also known as Henry Ivany enjoys the art of capturing creative pictures through the lens of his camera. Henry’s preferred style of photography is portrait and fashion photography. He started at the young age of 12 shortly after the end of his eighth grade year. Henry passion come from a single image he shot during the 4th of July, he had recently gotten his first phone he was addicted to music apps and an app called Instagram. He was in deep thought thinking what should he use a his first caption who should he follow, and what should be his first picture? Just as he was about to take a picture of a palm tree like anyone else from the great state of California would do, a small kid about the age of five passed by him.

Henry, thought to himself why he was in such a hurry? The thoughts on capturing the California Palm tree faded due to Henry observing the little boy. “He started to tug on a man’s shirt next to him whom I presumably thought was his father. The man smiled at the child and picked him up, the child now sits on the shoulders of his father looking up into the night sky. The fireworks show was about to begin and as soon as it did the dim night filled up with bright colors, “I was in awe as it was the first time I ever attended a public event during the 4th of July”. Henry stated.

Henry looked back at the child who had his hand raised up at the sky pointing to the trail of fireworks he was so amazed at what he seeing. When asking Henry to expand more on his thoughts about little boy he replied “And it almost seemed like the kid was making the fireworks burst by pointing at it, I just had to capture a picture of that! And so with my phone I opened up the camera app and aimed it at the child, resting on his father's shoulders he continued pointing at the sky with his finger creating fireworks to light up the night sky by command, became my first photo with meaning. And so began my passion for photography”. At that moment Henry was inspired to change the lives of people by capturing images that had a purpose but most of all images that had meaning behind them.

Five years later, Henry is still applying himself to learn all there is about photography while taking classes to create his passion into a career. Henry often changes his gear when he feels like he needs a challenge or wants to learn something new about the art. Henry strongly disbelieves that the better the gear the better you are at taking photographs, he believes what matters is your perspective and ambition for the art.

When asking Henry the question have you ever taken a photography class? He replied “I was self-taught until college.” Henry admires all the images he’s taken but his favorite of the all his photos are the neon lights, he loves the colors especially in dark ambiance locations he admires the creativity, shadows and depth of field that comes with it.


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Nick Bromfield also known by his stage name THATBOIFLEE is an aspiring director. Nick was born in Queens, New York and raised in practically every Borough of New York City but mainly in the Bronx. A few years ago  his mother decided to migrate, him and his siblings moved to Georgia for a better living environment. Since he was a child he’s always been the hands on creative type. There were days when he would come home from school and finish all of his homework just so he could spend the remainder of the day making sketches. He even won a scholarship to an art program in Pennsylvania where students who were gifted with creative talents could come learn how to master their talents with professionals. After he completed the program, a few years went by and he had eventually given up on drawing due to his teenage phase of finding himself. It helped him realize that he wanted to do something more with his creativity but didn’t know at the time exactly what he wanted to do. During this phase he spent most of his time around his brothers Dutch, Capo and Juju. They were heavily into music but never had proper visuals or photos for promotional purposes. His brother Juju then decided to invest in his creative talents and purchased a “Canon 70D”, his first camera. After about 4 years of just learning the camera in and out along with learning the editing programs he eventually became known for his work in Atlanta. Once his business finally started getting the buzz a long list of popular upcoming artists knew of his work. All the hard work certainly paid off. His main goal right now is building a bigger clientele and to grow as a director and editor with a team of hard workers.

THATBOIFLEE thinks its difficult starting out and being able to keep things going. It takes a lot for a person to believe in themselves enough to go against the grain of what everyone else believes is their correct path in life. Then being able to continue on after the hype of proving everyone wrong is gone, it doesn’t get any easier and most end up falling off because of that same reason. That’s what separates the weak from the strong.

THATBOIFLEE feels that the biggest mistake a filmmaker could make is thinking that they are better than any other director that’s out there. This is a growing field which only becomes easier given today’s current technology. Also whether it is photos, music, visuals or movies you must always remember that the people will always like what they like regardless of how much time you put into your work. What you may feel is perfect may seem like too much or not enough to the next because it’s all about personal preference.