Dance has always been her first love. She says that she is not really able to put into words how important it is to have that in her life. However, she has also found a love and passion for modeling. “To me, dancing and performing are like making love to the audience and modeling is like making love to the camera. Both require movement and focus,” she stated. Brionna started her modeling career shortly after graduation. It first started out as a hobby; just something extra that she did on the side, but it became much more.  Despite wanting to work full-time as an artist, she has held a number of other jobs to pay for the rent. At only 5’1” tall, Brionna’s height has set her back in a lot of ways. She has submitted numerous applications to modeling agencies, auditioned for musicals, shows, and various other companies without ever getting any positive feedback.  Being constantly told “no” has been very difficult over the years. She has received comments such as, “You’re too short. You haven’t done this. You’re too black. You’re too muscular.” They have given her every excuse possible, but she has gotten to the point where “no” just makes her even stronger.  Brionna stated,  “I continue to grind.  I believe the right opportunity will come along. I have accepted that my journey is not like anyone else’s and what is meant for me will be. I am grateful for how far I have already come.”
Brionna Monique Williams | Millions
Meet model Brionna Monique Williams. Brionna is currently working as a freelance artist in the Philadelphia area. She graduated from the University of the Arts with her B.F.A in Dance Performance and Education. For the past three years she has focused on sharing her knowledge of dance to the younger generation by teaching dance and choreography to children ages 7 to 18 at various dance schools. 

Meet model Valentina Ferrari. Valentina was born and raised in Italy, but moved to Atlanta when she won a scholarship to study at Georgia State University. After graduating she started focusing on her modeling and acting career. She loves Atlanta and is not planning to leave anytime soon.

Valentina always thought about modeling, however her modeling pursuit started when she began making connections in the filming industry. Various photographers decided to contact her after seeing the photos that she used for her acting auditions. Valentina posed for the cover of Bad Magazine and was featured in other magazines like Nuvu and Lingerie Plus, just to name a few. She stated, “I modeled for several companies and clothing lines. I have also been a part of music videos and fashion shows.” Valentina loves modeling and wants to keep working to achieve greater accomplishments in the industry.
​Meet model Nathalie Westres. Nathalie grew up in Newark, New Jersey, which has a reputation for its gangs, violence, and crime. She stated however, that she did not have a difficult childhood. Although she was the only child of a single mother she had a pretty good upbringing. Nathalie has attended private school since she was in the 5th grade. Currently, she attends North Star Academy, a private school located in New Jersey. This Fall she will be attending Brown University, her top choice school, as an incoming freshman. She is proud of her achievements because of all the time and hard work she invested into reaching her goals.  Not only has she always focused on her academics by maintaining her 4.03 GPA, she also participated in extracurricular activities. Nathalie states, “I played volleyball for four years, and this year, I was the captain of my team. For the past two years, I have also interned at Audible, a renowned audio book company.”
Meet model and musician Celine Marie Louise.  Marie Louise has always wanted to be a model.  That was the first career she decided to pursue when she was a young girl.  She finds that fashion and modeling are her forms of expression and creative outlet. It allows her to portray how she feels inside. She states that it is art at the core. However, her ardent desire to become an exceptional model proved difficult because she did not possess the tools to accomplish this dream.

Marie Louise is a multitalented soul from Calvert County Maryland. Her mother is from Namibia and part German and her Dad is French and part Spanish. “Growing up I have never enjoyed going to school.  I think it was because I didn’t have a lot of friends.  My friends mostly lived quite some distance from my home. But what I did enjoy about school was music class and the choir,” she stated.
Deveja attended schools that exposed him to different types of art programs.  He studied with the architecture cluster at Skyline High School.  After graduation he went to Prairie View University in Houston, Texas where he continued to focus on architecture. He did not obtain a degree from that institution; however, he discovered his love for photography. Attending that university helped him to discover that he had a knack for producing creative images.

The Blkticketconcept, team admire individuals who have the courage to pursue their dreams. Deveja feels that he is skilled to undertake a career as a photographer because he is able to capture moments that show the essence of his models. When asked what fashion means to him, Deveja stated, “Fashion is extremely important. I find that my sense of style comes from my grandfather. Top models should have a sense of style and fashion.

Knowledge of fashion is critical when it comes with being part of elite models across the nation. It’s similar to having the right color suit or cologne in business.  It can make or break deals in corporate America. Fashion allows people to make nonverbal statements about the way they want to be perceived.” 

Meet Model and Photographer Deveja Webb. Deveja is a college student majoring in business management at Paul Quinn College. Deveja was born in Dallas, Texas, but he later moved to Little Rock, Arkansas with his grandmother.  Shortly after moving to Arkansas he returned to Dallas, Texas when he was five years old. Deveja is a photographer and model who is able to work on both aspects of the creative process. “As a photographer I am interested in capturing moments that will never occur again. It’s important for me to be able to seize images that can give viewers of my photographs a positive feeling,” he stated.

Meet model Ashley Kenney. Ashley Kenney is originally from Columbia, South Carolina, but she has spent most of her time in Atlanta, Georgia. Ashley identifies herself as Afro-Latina. Her background is a diverse mix of Panamanian and Bajan. “From the space in my teeth, to my slanted eyes, and Carmel brown Skin, my distinctive features stand out.  I’m the definition of a unique beauty,” she stated.

Not only is Ashley Kenney a beautiful woman, she is also an educated graduate from Georgia State University.  She holds a bachelor's degree in journalism and an associate’s degree in communication. “You may wonder how I’ve went from written and verbal expression to modeling, but I’m a multitalented individual. I love the creativity of writing, styling, fashion, and modeling,” Ashley stated.
Meet Model Vanessa Koroma. Vanessa was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone her and her family arrived to the U.S in the year of 1994 to pursue a better life. Vanessa has worked hard to obtain everything her heart desires regardless of the obstacles that stand in her way. “Growing up, I wasn’t necessarily the beautiful one. I was often teased because of my complexion and features i.e. big lips, big eyes, long and lanky legs. As a hairstylist, then a photographer, and now a model, I plan to inspire little girls who feel like they can’t succeed. I want to be the one to show them that they can be extraordinary,” she stated. Modeling has always been Vanessa’s passion. When she was seven years old, she convinced her mom to place her in a modeling school. Vanessa was only a student at Barbizon modeling school for a few months, but she still remembers everything she learned from being in that environment. 

Meet Model Amber Evans.  Amber Evans was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She has a younger sister who she loves with all her heart. She was raised by her mom, dad, and then later her step dad. Amber first became interested in modeling at the age of nine. She expressed to us that she saw her first Victoria Secret fashion show at this age. From that moment she was determined to become a model.

As Amber grew she became more knowledgeable about the modeling industry. Amber walked in her first fashion show at the age of 13 for a fundraiser event to raise money for a child with cancer.  “That fashion show gave me the push that I needed to embark on this modeling journey. For a while I didn’t have the confidence needed to be in front of the camera. In the modeling industry I’m not the ideal model. I have tattoos, piercings, and I’m not a size 2. 
Meet Model Alexis Williams. Alexis’ life has always been characterized by her uniqueness. Many of her major experiences have been influenced by her exotic appearance. She explained, “My first idea of beauty came from my mother, who has dark skin, hair, and eyes. Considering I was her complete opposite with blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin, I never saw myself as pretty. I started pestering my mother with questions about my appearance at a young age because many people asked me about it. In first grade, adults asked me if I was albino or mixed. Although my mother explained it to me as best she could, I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about.”  

For the most part Alexis Williams childhood was normal, but understanding her identity as a black woman was confusing. We asked Alexis to explain more and she stated, “Growing up I never thought I was beautiful. I just remember thinking I was different but not in a good way. 
Meet model Namoni Jackson. Namoni says everyone usually calls her “Money” because they find it easier to say.  She is originally from North Dallas Texas, but she has lived in Arlington for the last couple of years. Namoni went to school in Grand Prairie. She says that her only place of comfort in high school was theater.  In fifth grade her mother suggested, due to her hyperactive attitude, that theater would be the best place for her to express herself. 

According to Namoni, theater was the one thing in high school that helped her in the real world. Her acting coach Ms. K taught valuable lessons about professionalism and how to carry yourself on and off stage. After school theater was a shield from the outside world and problems. She used the skills taught in theater to get most of her jobs. However, when she was 15 years old her father was murdered and at that point something changed within her. 
Meet model Nardia Warren formerly known as Nardiatheemodel on Instagram. She’s a flight attendant by day but a model at night. She stated that she obtained her education from Trenholm Technical College where she studied Medical billing and coding.  Nardia’s mother, a former model of Gayfers department store chain in the Southeastern United States, started her in the modeling industry. 

Her goal as a model is to stay consistent. She wants to ensure that she is consistently taking photo and keeping her image in the public eye. She also wants to maintain her relationships with various individuals in the entertainment industry therefore she plans to continue networking with people in the advertisement and entertainment industry.


Consequently, she is very grateful for everyone that assisted her in her career endeavors. Others have all helped her progress and grow as a model and as a person. She also would not be where she is without the support of her friends and those on social media platforms. Alexandra stated, “With every shoot I find immense love, support, and incredibly positive feedback. I always try to better myself by being more open minded with every shoot.”  

Alexandra wants to connect with others; however, she finds it difficult to express herself verbally.  “Modeling was a great way for me to get all of my emotions, fears, and thoughts translated through my work. With every shoot I to tell a story,” she expressed.  She shares the passion that she places into her work. Modeling is more than the number of accolades or comments she receives on Instagram. Modeling saved her and allowed her to freely be herself. It allows her to inspire others in ways she never thought she was be able to do. 

Alexandra hopes to one day be signed to an agency, and to take her career to the next level. “I enjoy traveling and sharing my story with others in hopes that I can help inspire others to chase their dreams, and to really step out of their comfort zone,” she stated.  Without modeling she does not know what she would be doing, or where she would be in life. Modeling truly inspired her to become extraordinary.  Her advice for those who are considering the modeling industry is to take the opportunity because that will keep you from having any regrets.
Meet model Alexandra Mylonas.  Alexandra is half Greek and half Cypriot. She was born in Silver Spring Maryland, but she was partially raised in Staten Island New York. She is a part time student in college majoring in criminal justice, and minoring in sociology, with hopes to graduate and attend law school. As a part time student she makes time for modeling. Modeling is something that she has been very passionate about for five years. Alexandra started this journey in high school when she took film photography.  She instantly fell in love. 

Alexandra’s photography teacher really inspired her to step outside her comfort zone and in front of the camera. Modeling became natural and effortless. She realized that modeling was something she wanted to take seriously. During that time she was not confident and she struggled with her self-image. Yet, modeling allowed her to accept herself, and truly love and embrace her curves. “I did not want other women to feel the way I felt and I knew that I had to break this image that society has of how a “model” should look,” she stated.

Alexandra wanted to break that stigma of a tall, size zero, very skinny blue eyed female that would be considered a “model.” Therefore, she began to push herself to step out of her comfort zone. She embraced her curves and all of her perfect imperfections through the lens. She stated, “I wanted others to really understand that it does not matter how you look.  Tall, short, skinny or curvy image are desired in the modeling industry.  I want people to go after their dreams. Never let anyone label you or hinder your dreams.” 


Even though, she was not as confident in the past, she loved being an unique individual. When she transitioned from middle to high school she blossomed to a beautiful young lady.  “In high school I explored my talents in dance, track, and cheer and was very talented in all three. I discovered my love for performing in front of a crowd. I am introvert that gained confidence I never knew I could possess,” She stated. Her senior year in high school, she was the captain of the dance and track team with three track state championship rings under belt. Her best event was the 300 hurdles. She still continued to excel academically and graduated 4th in her class with a 3.98 GPA and 31 ACT. “I could have gone anywhere for college, but my mom convinced me to attend Austin Peay State University by buying me a brand new car,” she stated.  At Austin Peay she majored in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry and Pre-Medicine. She had a full academic scholarship. 

During her freshman year in college Daisia continued to blossom.  She joined the dance team, fashion show troupe, and multiple organizations such as the NAACP, the Pre-Professional Health society, and Habitat for Humanity. She discovered her love for humanitarian work by volunteering actively at a hospital.  At the end of her freshman year a photographer in Nashville asked her  to do a “test shoot.” She had never taken a modeling class but she did enjoyed taking pictures. She seemed to have a natural talent for posing and taking direction.  

After her first shoot she fell in love and began researching how to continue modeling. Daisia stated, “I began contacting more local photographers who were eager to work.  I began building my portfolio. I broadened my horizons to Atlanta, Georgia and began shooting there where I started becoming popular.” After about a year she started doing paid photo shoots. Many people advise her to model full-time, but she was still committed to finishing her degree and pursuing becoming a medical doctor. 

Daisia struggled managing her time between modeling and studying for classes.  When her grades begin to fall she put a halt on modeling in the middle of her junior year. She also quit the dance team because that was very time-consuming. She choreographed all of the team’s routines in high school.  “I continued to sporadically hold hip-hop and cheer choreography classes for young girls. I had to put a hold on that as well. I am now preparing to apply to medical school this summer and will begin modeling again in July. I am thankful I have been able to pursue most of my passions,” she stated.

Honestly, Daisia does not believe she is an ideal model candidate because shooting all day every day drained her energy. She enjoys it as a hobby but is glad she does not have to commit to strenuous hours.  For now she would like to continue to do model part-time as time permits. She stated, “When I go to medical school I probably would not have much time to model but I plan to participate every now and then.”

Meet model Daisia Chantel. Daisia was born on a military base in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky because her mom was in the army. After she was born she lived in the neighboring city of Clarksville, Tennessee. She has lived there entire life here. Growing up, she considered herself to be the ugly duckling because she had glasses, braces and frizzy hair.  She was smart academically but she considered herself a nerd. Daisia used to be bullied and it caused her to lose confident in herself. 

Daisia’s interest in fashion began as she day-dreamed about being beautiful and popular. She has an artistic gift of drawing and began designing her own pieces of artwork such as fashion, landscape, and anime. She accumulated dozens of journals of her creative work and decided she wanted to be a fashion designer.  “When I told my mom my goals my mom discouraged me from pursuing those dreams.  My mom wanted me to be financially stable and live a better life than what she experienced,” she stated.

Academically, she was a high achiever.  Her mom thought that academics was an area that gave her true opportunities. Daisia was smart and had the opportunity to skip a grade in middle school. However, she was conflicted about her interests. She stated, “I loved fashion, science, math, and reading and was not sure which to choose. I was upset about choosing between talents. I reluctantly chose to focus my talents on the sciences and decided to become a Pediatrician.” 



When she was younger she learned how to play four instruments.  She also participated in ballet, gymnastics, and soccer. In high school she really started to focus. She took advanced courses and consistently made a solid 3.5-4.0 GPA. She was in the IB program, an intense college level curriculum program. She was smart but all the kids in her class would compare grades and ACT scores. The majority of the upper middle class and rich white kids seem to get everything and attracted everyone while the mixed kids, like her, were made fun of even if they had higher grades and were athletes. Senior year track became her escape. Currently, she is in college chasing a career in track and modeling.   She is also pursuing her double major in journalism and media arts and double minor in women and gender and English. Her goal is to pursue her career by moving from Kentucky to either Atlanta, New York or California.   

Although Virginia is studying to work as a magazine editor and writer, and she wish to write fashion editorials if her modeling does not work out. So she takes media studies, photography, etc. “Therefore I have picked up how to edit in adobe Photoshop, and how to properly frame photos, with this I am more able to put into my mind the product I want for my modeling, what would look good, and how to work better with my photographers in order to have awesome photos.”  She stated. She also edits her own photos as well as edits on top of the photographers in order to get her own look.
Meet model Virginia Ray Browning. Virginia wants to work as a model because it has always been her dream. She wants to showcase the track and field world through her modeling and she would like more Mixed Cuban and Hispanic representation brought into the foreground of the modeling industry. After seeing the images depicted by Serena Williams she was interested in becoming a model. When she saw Serena’s representation as an athletic model it sparked something inside her. She always wanted to become an editorial model and show different body types, facial features, and ethnicity.

Virginia’s life story is that of someone who experienced a series of hard times. When she was a baby she was given up for adoption by her parents who are of cuban and hispanic roots.  Her adoptive parents are white however her father passed away when she was twelve years old. Eventually she started to go through puberty and felt that loneliness and ugliness that sometimes pops up at that age. However, it was hard to focus on school and redirect her mind when she was worried about her mother. 

Meet Model Widan Kori. Widan desires to work in the modeling industry because it was in this industry that she found her confidence and her passion. Widan Kori has several goals as a model. She started off by telling us that her ultimate long-term goal in modeling is to work within the high fashion modeling industry for the biggest names in the game, specifically Vogue and Paper. Not only does she aspire to work with these specific agencies, she also plans to network, improve her diet by eating healthier, obtain a long term contract with an agency, and enjoy the industry as a whole. 

Widan describes her style as modern day 90’s vintage. She loves thrifting and revamping clothing to make it somewhat relatable to today’s fashion. Windan stated, “I would compare my clothing style to Teyana Taylor and SZA.” When asked what fashion means to her she replied, “Fashion is an expression.  To me it means freedom. 

Meet Model Allison also known as Apple. Allison currently attends high school at Germantown High. She will graduate in May with a 3.5 GPA and a 30 composite ACT score.  She plans to attend college in Atlanta Georgia. She has spent most of her life growing up in Memphis, Tennessee.

Allison started modeling when she was 17 years old. She decided it was something that she wanted to do after she participated in her very first photo shoot. She felt that she had a natural talent for it, and it shocked her that people would actually pay to use her face! On set, she’s usually very self-sufficient in the sense that she can pose herself. “Modeling has given me a load of self-confidence because I feel like I’ve found my purpose. Since I’ve been modeling I changed my diet to a mostly vegan diet, and I exercise regularly. I take better care of my physical appearance,” she stated.
Meet Model Gabrielle. Gabrielle started modeling in her sophomore year of college. She explained to us that she fell into it naturally. “As a child I always dreamed of being a model. I would practice different poses in front of the mirror just for fun. But, I never really thought I could actually be one, I didn’t think I was pretty enough. I wore glasses as a child so I wasn’t really comfortable how my face looked at the time lol. But now as an adult I love that I can actually tell people that I am a model and be confident. It has built up my self-esteem and confidence in myself,” she stated. Gabrielle did most of her growing up in the city of Carson, California where she lived with her mom and brothers under the roof of her mother’s childhood friend, who she considers an uncle. Gabrielle’s parents were separated at the time so before settling in Carson they moved around a lot in the LA area.
Meet Model Yanju Stephens. She has wanted to model since she was ten years old. Yanju believes that modeling gives her a certain amount of confidence that allows her to be expressive in front of the camera. She further states that she becomes a better version of herself in front of the camera.   As a model she learns to adjust to different situations because there is never a dull moment during her photo shoot. However, she did not always believe that she could become a model.   


Meet model Justine from Silver Spring, MD. When Justine was younger she wanted to become a performing artist. She was exposed to many extracurricular activities that cultivated her talent as a dancer. Justine was chosen to be in a local dance group with ages that ranged from nine years old to eighteen years old. She was the youngest on the team. Justine performed in front of many live audiences which included east coast dance competitions, half time Basketball wizard games, and many more. “Unfortunately, during these events, I wasn’t noticed. As a matter of fact, I was treated like the odd person out. 



Meet Model Caitlyn M. Wilson from Memphis, TN. She has always loved to be in front of a camera since she was 15 years old. Caitlyn is interested in this career because she feels like she can express herself and beauty when she’s in front of the camera. She has always felt insecure about herself. So when she’s in front the camera she blossoms into a beautiful person. Caitlyn was bullied in high school. 



Meet Model Ateera Wyatt. Ateera is from Somerdale, New Jersey. She grew up living with her mom and her grandmother from time to time. Ateera expressed to us that she was a spy aka nosey as a child, so she loved to adventure her neighborhood. In middle school her mother got married and conceived her little sister named Aleena who is now 10 years old.



Meet Model Nathysha Lee Bonilla Martinez, who also goes by Nathy or Thysha. She was born in a town called Coama in Puerto Rico. Nathysha moved to the United States at the age of seven years old. Nathysha let us know that she is able to read and write in Spanish and she’s a proud Latina. Nathysha grew up in New York, the Bronx to be exact. 



Meet model Brittney April, also known as BLAC GINGER. Blac Ginger was born in St. Louis, Mo. Brittney’s mother made a life changing decision when she was younger to move her and her family to Kennesaw. Ga.  The move was a culture shock, seeing the suburbs, how people dressed and how they spoke were extremely different and it took a while for her family to adjust to the changes.



Tiffany Thomas has been modeling for about six months now. She started modeling out of curiosity which grew into a passion. Growing up Tiffany was very insecure and she didn’t love herself as the beautiful person she was. She didn’t believe she had what it took to be a model. She was always shy so she found herself turning thirty and not happy.



Meet Bethiye an actress, model and artist. Bethiye is Ethiopian and currently lives in Washington D.C. When Bethiye was 19 years old she decided that she wanted to jump into modeling and acting. It started off well but she began to feel that there wasn’t any depth to the photos she was taking. She explained to us that the pay was “ok” and the credit she received was nice but the work seemed bland to her. 



The Blkticketcncept family had the opportunity to interview model Shonquinese Shields on her background story and her lifestyle as a model. Shonquinese started the interview off by telling us she is fearless. Many people are very nervous sharing their life story to platforms such as ours but we are excited that Shonquinese entered our interview honest, transparent, and fearless!



Meet Model Danaja Chambers. Danaja Chambers has always wanted to work as a model since she was a little girl. Friends and family members would always compliment her on her looks and since then modeling was something Danaja always wanted to do.  Danaja attended and graduated from Barbizon modeling and acting school, there she learned runway, fashion, and some acting skills.  



We asked Emma about eating healthy and exercising and she revealed to us that she’s never been the person to shy away from food because of nutrients. She does eat a well-balanced diet but she isn’t afraid to eat french fries as well. “I think as long as you’re active and happy with what you look like no need to diet” she stated. Emma does work out at least two times a week and even more when she has an upcoming shoot or show.

Winnie Harlow is Emma’s favorite model at the moment. She loves how she is very confident in who she is. Rihanna is Emma’s favorite style icon she loves everything about her look. One word to describe Emma’s style is BOLD. She loves to stand out and she has no problem with trying out new looks. Trends aren’t really her thing instead she puts a twist on new trends and rocks it her own way. Some days you may find Emma in ripped jeans and a t-shirt with sneakers and the next day she may be in a dress and heels it all depends on her mood. Fashion means everything to Emma. “I think fashion is who a person is. The way you dress indicates who you are as a person and how you express yourself. Without fashion I think the world would be very boring place” she stated.

During a photoshoot, Emma loves when a photographer keeps the atmosphere light. She loves to laugh in between photos and she loves playing music.

Overall modeling has changed Emma’s life by giving her the confidence she lacked before. The more modeling work she does, there more happy and confident she feels.  Emma loves receiving her photos back from a shoot. Modeling is truly her passion and something she would love to do for the rest of her life.

We asked Emma to leave some advice for our readers and supporters who may be aspiring to be a model and she stated “Some advice that I would give aspiring models would be stay humble but know your worth and always trust your gut. This industry can try and take advantage of new models but if you feel something isn’t right it probably isn’t. I’ve met some people who have tried to take advantage of me naivety in the modeling world. I’m glad I’ve met those people because they’ve taught me that not everyone has your best interest at heart which has made me a more cautious model.
Meet Model Emma Rachelle Polite. Emma has lived in Harrington, Delaware her entire life. Emma explained to us that where she’s from, everyone knows everyone and people typically end up staying there.  Emma has never felt like she was a product of her environment. She’s always been creative and different. Emma wasn’t confident growing up, she was really skinny and her teeth wasn’t perfect. She was a victim of bullying in middle school and early on in high school so her self-esteem was almost nonexistent. During her senior year, Emma started realizing that what people said about her didn’t matter. After Emma was nominated for prom queen she became more than confident that she could pursue modeling. Emma wasn’t sure how to jump into the modeling industry so she started by following local photographers. She also attended a modeling workshop shoot where she met her current agent Dominick Pilli of EMGW agency.

Emma has always wanted to work in the fashion industry. Originally she wanted to be a fashion designer. However at the age of twelve she saw a Victoria Secret fashion show and instantly knew modeling was for her. Emma explained to us that being in front of the camera makes her feel more confident.

Emma’s main goal as a model is to help people feel more confident. “I want to be someone that people look up to because I’m not perfect. I have always been super self-conscious about my smile and it was the reason I didn’t want to model because I thought people would think I am ugly. As I’ve matured I’ve realized if you love yourself even the things you’d like to change others will love” she stated. Emma would like to inspire someone else to say “you know what I don’t care what everyone else thinks I’m perfect the way I am”.


When exploring a career in modeling, you may start off by reading books or articles regarding this career. Most of them will mention that attitude and a great personality are the main attributes of representing a good model aside from physical appearance of course. Attitude and personality follows you everywhere you go. These things speak for you even when you haven’t said a word. Modeling is about professionalism, hard work and dedication.



Destiney Lomax is a model from St. Louis Missouri. She is the child of Elizabeth and Wendell Lomax; she wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them. Destiney has a sister that she would always have fun and get in trouble with growing up. Life took a turn for the worse in 2004 when she lost her father to suicide.



The Blkticketconcept family had a chance to interview Model Renee Nicolette Murray on her life as a model and learned some very interesting things regarding her background and how she feels about the aspects that come with being a model. Renee is from the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago. 



During our interview with Peyton we learned that she is very focused and committed to modeling. She has many goals as a model but her main goal is to be able to set a great example for young girls (and boys. She wants to show the youth that life is more than a competition and teach them how to trust their heart and tap into their true self. Peyton plans to break the industry standards of the need to be taller than a certain height to be a fashion model. “Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes” she stated.  She also desires to be a fashion model and grace the cover of magazines such as Vogue. Getting paid to do what she loves is at the top of her list as well!

Peyton practices healthy eating daily. She explained to us that it is a lifestyle not just a two-week diet. She exercises at the very least of four days per week. Peyton takes care of her body through clean eating and working out.

We asked the model Peyton about any limitations that she has as a model and she revealed to us that the only limitation that can stop her is her own self-doubt. “The mind can be man’s own worst enemy if you let it, but I refuse to let the uncertainty overcome me” she stated.

During a photo shoot Peyton likes to have music playing in the background. She also prefers for the photographer to communicate here and there with her as far as if something looks right versus wrong. Peyton likes being able to glance at a couple of her shots during the photoshoot to see how she’s looking through the lens.  Peyton is beginning a YouTube channel called “Trying 4 Forever” which will give her Instagram followers a glance of a side of her they have not seen. This channel will feature challenges, pranks, and vlogs.
Overall modeling has matured Peyton with the experiences she has encountered. She has learned to be more cautious than before about taking care of her body physically and spiritually.

We asked Peyton to leave any advice to our readers and supporters who may be aspiring to be a model and she stated “If this is really what you want, do not let anyone or anything stop you. Understand that it is a commitment and it takes more than just a pretty face to be a successful model”.


Meet Model Peyton Brooks also known as Peyton in the Instagram world.  Peyton was raised in the suburbs just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is the youngest of two brothers and one sister.  Peyton excelled in grade school maintaining all A’s and graduated with honors. She went on to attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Dayton, Florida for two years studying Homeland Security. Peyton’s life had seemed to be going in the right direction until October 9th, 2016. On this day she received devastating news that her brother committed suicide. It was definitely hard to adjust to life without him; she had never experienced such pain in her entire life.  Peyton and her brother were very close, she considered him to be everything from her best friend to her guardian. On the long journey of healing and readjusting Peyton began rediscovering herself through spirituality. She started meditating and studying life itself, these things helped her with her healing process. Going though such a tragedy October 9th, 2016 gave Peyton a new outlook on life.

Peyton has learned that life is about following your heart. “You’re supposed to do what you love in this lifetime and let what brings you pure happiness be your guide. In my circumstances, I have grown to love every single aspect of modeling. It has become my passion, and I will work endlessly to achieve success in this industry” she stated.

Peyton has not attended any fashion modeling courses however she is currently taking online classes focused around Business Management. She explained to us that she understands modeling is not just about looking good, there’s also a business side to it as well. Peyton believes in having knowledge in business will aid in her success in the modeling industry.

Peyton believes she is fit to be a model because she is beautiful on the inside and out. She explained to us that she is very humble and confident. People who do not know Peyton personally may feel like she is daunting but she has a huge heart and her personality speaks for itself.



Meet Model Eria’na Celissia. Eria’na is from Nashville, TN but she currently resides in Las Vegas. Working as a modeling has always been a dream for her she believes it is a huge form of art and a way to branch out and express who you are. Eria’na’s life hasn’t always been the best but she believes her struggles molded her into the young woman she is today. 



Diamond has not taken any fashion courses currently.  She also uses her platform to be a voice for women empowerment. She’s a voice for women who are body shamed and for women who are ridiculed for being comfortable with their bodies.

Diamond believes she’s fit to be a model because of how outspoken she is. “A lot of people hear model and think of just photo shoots, runway and billboards, there’s so much more to it” she stated.  Diamond is all for positivity and being in good vibes.  She also revealed to us that she is bisexual. We asked her how she discovered she was bisexual and she stated “I came out to my mother when I was just 12 years old. I did a lot of “gay” things when I was younger like peeking over the bathroom stalls and only wanted to play “house with females”, but of course as a young kid, I didn’t really know what gay or lesbian was, so I never really paid much attention to it. But as I had gotten older I noticed how I was ATTRACTED to females, “like that”. Diamond let us know that it was easy to tell her mom because her mom has always been easy to talk to. Her mom response to her being bisexual was she noticed and was waiting for her to tell her. Diamond is a proud member of the LGBTQ community. TO READ FULL ARTICLE CLICK SUPREME!
Meet Model Diamond Qing. Diamond is a girl from Harlem with very big dreams. She has always had dreams of living in a big house, traveling the world, walking in big fashion shows and overall just living a glamorous life. Diamond has always had a passion for acting and modeling since the age of 7/8 years old. Her biggest inspiration is her mother. Diamond’s mother was a model and she grew up watching her walk in fashion shows and being behind the scenes of her photoshoots. Diamond really enjoyed the atmosphere. Watching her mother rip the runway made her want to be just like her mom. Her first fashion show was the Harlem Week Fashion Show at the age of 11. She walked the runway with her mom and at that point she knew modeling was for her. 

Her mom supported Diamond wanting to be a model however; she wanted her to solely focus on school. In high school Diamond found her passion for wanting to be a model growing stronger and she started to lose focus on school. “At the time I would tell myself I didn’t need a high school diploma to be a model” Diamond stated.  Diamond would go as far as leaving school early to go to castings or to explore Soho. This mindset quickly set her back resulting in her having to do an additional year in high school due to a shortage of credits. After graduating high school Diamond explained to us that she had a lot of free time. She got a job at Applebee’s as a host and was able to save the money she earned for photoshoots. Diamond’s first professional photoshoot was February 2016 which went VIRAL. She calls it the “Strawberry Shoot”. In this photoshoot she wore a sheer, see through bra and she was sucking on strawberries.  “I had originally had the idea of the sheer bra because I am a strong supporter of the Free The Nipple campaign & I wanted to do the shoot in awareness of it” she stated. Diamond revealed to us that when she finally shared her photos they instantly received over 200k shares and so many friend requests to the point where she couldn’t accept anymore. All of her social media profiles started to receive a lot of attention.  
Photos of Diamond Qing 


We asked Brittany “Why would you think you’re fit to be a model”? She stated, “I think modeling is more than having a nice body and a pretty face. When I think of modeling I think of being someone that little girls can look up to. I have a story I want to tell and a dream of helping as many little girls as I can to not only feel beautiful and comfortable in their skin but to have a beautiful personality”.

Brittany has many goals as a model. She would love to shadow her favorite urban models/entrepreneurs and learn how to become successful and build beautiful brands that empower women such as Miracle Watts, Jai Nice, and Bernice Burgos. Brittany is very familiar with how important advertising is. She knows that presenting yourself and the image you want to portray as a model is very important to your audience.

Brittany does not exclusively eat nutritiously as she should but she is currently working on a meal plan to stick to. She exercises twice a week but she is working on extending her exercise routine to 5 days a week.

As a model Brittany wants to be known for her beauty. Beauty is defined in her terms as having love for others and an ambitious soul.
Brittany does not have a lot of limitations as a model. She expressed to us that the only limitations that she would say that she has is doing anything that goes against her vision of being a powerful symbol who uplifts other women/little girls.

Some of Brittany’s favorite models are Miracle Watts, Bria Myles, Bernice Burgos, Eva Marcille, Tyra Banks, Iman, and Rihanna. Brittany described her style as edgy but also more urban and sexy. “Fashion means identity to me, how we express ourselves individually” Brittany stated.
Brittany enjoys playing music during a photoshoot. Music is her comfort zone. She also loves to talk with the photographer to make sure they both are on the same page as to the type of shot they are trying to get.

Overall modeling has challenged Brittany to be confident and believe in herself despite negative comments others make about some of the photos that she takes.

We asked Brittany to share some advice to our readers and supporters who may be inspiring to a model and she stated, “I would tell every aspiring model to invest. Whether it be time, money, or research; we have to invest in ourselves”.

Meet model Brittany McClain. Brittany was raised by a single mother and didn’t quite understand the struggles her mom went through until she got a little older. Britany’s mom hid a lot of things from her in efforts of making sure Brittany stayed focused on her education. Brittany was very popular throughout her school years however she was still teased about her body/size and was often called names such as “skinny bone jones”, “beetle juice” and even “little boy”. Brittany graduated high school a year early and attended CAU. After a year she was forced to move back to California because her mom could not afford the tuition. When Brittany moved back to Cali she decided to enroll in community college, there she met her son’s father and conceived. The relationship didn’t work out. Two years later Brittany met her daughter’s father. They were together for two years but unfortunately this relationship didn’t work out as well.  After going through these failed relationships Brittany decided to refocus her life and spend time investing in things that made her happy, this is when she started her modeling journey.

Brittany is currently a student pursuing Nursing. She has an Associate of Arts Degree in Behavioral and Social Science. She hasn’t always felt beautiful or felt like she had much to give back to the world. Although it has taken a while to figure out her purpose in life, she knows that it is to a role model for children and other little dark skinned girls in the world. Brittany wants to use her modeling as a platform to tell her story, “Beauty catches everyone’s eye”! Brittany stated.
Brittany has not taken any fashion or modeling courses but she expressed to us that she would love to.


Shypayne is currently studying the advertising industry right now. She wants to learn more about trends and what makes people respond positively to certain brands. Shypayne expressed to us that she knows the importance of branding yourself when it comes to social media.

Shypayne spends at least 3 days a week in the gym to make sure she’s keeping it tight. Her workout includes cardio, weight lifting, boxing, and dancing. The days that she is not in the gym she works out at home. Fresh fruit is also a major part of her diet.

Shypayne does not feel like fashion has any limits. Her goal is to grow and glow”.
We asked Shypayne “who’s her favorite model/designer”? And she stated “My favorite model is Jordan Dunn. Jordan is graceful & stylish & she’s a true inspiration to me. I also adore Naomi Campbell. She’s so fierce & she’s a brownie. My favorite designer is Versace. It gives you the Goddess feel. There’s an upcoming designer I love who is from West Michigan. Her name is J. Chardell Her line is called exquisite woman & is based in Los Angeles, CA”. 

Shypaynes’s style is heavily influenced by art. She enjoys earth tone colors and she’s very into details. The 1990’s are her favorite era style, from Minks to hoop earrings. She is currently inspired by Rihanna when it comes to fashion and style.
We asked Shypayne “What distinguishes a good model from a bad one and she stated “A good model is confident. A good model helps designer convey & bring their designs to life. A good model helps a photographer capture the moment. A bad model is lazy. A bad model thinks a pretty alone is all you need. A bad model does not study the arts”. 

Modeling has taken Shypayne places you wouldn’t believe. This career has helped her find herself. She shared with us that she found strength and courage that she didn’t recognize before she started. She has pushed herself and explored her own creativity in new ways that she is very excited about.

Shypayne likes to play music at her photo shoots. She likes to be in a playful mood and prefers her atmosphere to be easy going. Shypayne likes for her photographer to challenge and push her because it encourages her to push herself. She believes this is how she delivers the best photos possible. Shypayne looks at every shoot as a new experience.

We asked Shypayne to leave any advice to our readers and supporters that are inspiring to be a model and she stated “Be you. Do you. Don’t take no for an answer & love yourself. You have to love yourself in this industry or it will chew you up & spit you out. Have strong self & don’t let anyone dictate what you can & can’t do”. 

Meet Shypayne Anderson. Shypayne Anderson grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She comes from a two parent household with 2 of her 5 siblings. The area Shypayne grew up in was culturally diverse. It was a mixture of Africans, Latinos, and Whites. In this neighborhood Shypayne learned principles like loyalty, how to be mentally tough, entrepreneurship, and most of all having love for her community. In her household Shypayne explained that she was taught the importance of self-love, respect, and strong work ethics.

In our interview we learned that Shypayne is more than a model. She expressed to us that she is also an artist, designer, brand ambassador, and entrepreneur.  Modeling is just another expression of her art which happens to be her career as well. Shypayne began modeling because she wanted to create a platform for chocolate women in her city. “Often times the beauty of darker skinned models is overlooked Shypayne stated.

Shypayne has not taken any modeling course she is self-taught.  She has learned most of her skills by studying those in the fashion industry and people who have had an impact on fashion nationally. She also uses the internet as one as her main sources when it comes to perfecting her craft.

Shypayne enjoys helping designers bring their brands to life. She definitely does not let her height become a limitation when it comes to modeling. Shypayne stands at 5’1 but she has the discipline, creativity, and work ethic to help any artist, designer, or photographer bring their vision to life. As a model Shypayne wants to help as many African America and Latino brands grow that she can.

Shypayne sees herself evolving and developing her own fashion brands. She hopes to brand herself as an all-purpose model. She plans to start locally and eventually grow into becoming a global brand. Shypayne revealed to us that she is excited to launch her first clothing company, Everything Art in February 2018.


Steve didn’t pick up modeling until after high school. He has currently not taken any modeling courses or workshops. He stated “I was blessed with raw talent, all the tricks, walks, stances, composure I’ve taught myself with trial and error and I’m still learning, still trying to perfect my image, still open to many different aspects of modeling and creating art”. Steve is the true definition of a “go getter”.

Steve strongly believes he’s a story teller and he has definitely used that to his advantage when it comes to modeling. We asked Steve to give us more detail and he stated “My eyes tell a scripture, my body composure pulls you in, my outfit will have you double take”.

We asked Steve ‘What are his goals in modeling?” he stated “I have only about 3 goals, inspire others and inspire myself to get better, and to make art. Time changes, landscape changes, technology changes, and art changes I want to be able to change and adapt with it the same as I do when a new “iPhone” drops. All I hope to accomplish is to become the model that has inspired more than other models I want to inspire all types of people all types of mindsets and personalities”.  We also asked him do he have any limitations and he revealed to us that as far as limitations to creating an image he doesn’t necessarily think he has any. He’s open to a lot even food-wise. “Someday I’d like to travel the world to explore the richest of different dishes and meals, he stated.

Steve has a few models he looks up too, “a few models I have in my support system from individuals like Vinny Seda (@vinnyseda), Lily (@liillymel), Robert Louis Simmons Jr (@Yilugi) these three are walking inspiration to me and very close friends and I really appreciate them riding out with me for this long so far. It refelects on my fashion it’s how I express myself on a daily basis, some people draw, others read/write, sing, I wear clothes”.

Meet Model Steven Jeremiah Jean. Steven grew up in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York. Steve told us that he spent most of his childhood in the park, playing basketball, and running away from “cooties”. Modeling wasn’t on Steve’s radar right away he stated “I was just an athletic jock getting my hands on any sport possible but I’m extremely dominant in basketball. I was the artistic creator, drawing painting, and sculpting. I was the nerd in the library playing “yu-gi-oh” during lunch, I was the knucklehead getting chased in the hallways because I was cutting class. Many may not know this but Steve grew up longing for everyone’s approval. He spent most of his childhood being taunted and made fun of because of the tone of his skin. “nobody understood what being dark-skinned was at the time even I didn’t understand what it meant, and for a time being I looked at it as a curse I started believing in the jokes it was to a point where I was comfortable being the center of attention negatively” he stated. Steve has had his fair share of mentors, counselors, and coaches but he feels like neither one of the truthfully understood him. During his senior year of high school Steve expressed to us that he met a special person named Roanna Farquhar, they don’t speak anymore due to many reasons but this was the only person he felt broke him out of his shell.


Professional model MarMar is originally from a city named, Ypsilanti that is located in Michigan. She now resides in Detroit, Mi. She comes from a very large family which she truly values. MarMar expressed to us that she is focused on chasing her dreams and planning not to have any kids unless she’s married. 



Aleesha also known as model Leesha Cole out of Toronto, Canada gave us a chance to interview her. Aleesha came up with her model name because Keisha Cole use to be her favorite artist. Modeling was never one of Leesha’s goals, her passion for modeling started off as her just taking pictures. She never took modeling serious and she’s actually surprised at the progress she has made so far with her modeling career.



Model Danny’s childhood wasn’t perfect by far she often felt like she didn’t have a true support system. When she reached high school she faced plenty of dark moments and sleepless nights she received surgery due to scoliosis. Danny explained it was life changing, depressing and heartbreaking. During this time Danny also discovered the beauty in her flaws she has gained a special love for her scar she realized that all individuals has something unique about them and the best way to channel your emotions is to love yourself unconditionally. She’s grateful that she went through the process as it made her stronger and it taught her that life can throw you a curve ball at any moment but if you keep faith all bad situations can be used for motivation.

Danny also learned at the darkest moments she could depend both of her families. Danny smiled during the interview in stated “even my older sister was supportive and she doesn’t like anyone. I would always get in trouble for touching her makeup or even think about wearing some of tops and pants to school but I did anyway a little eyeliner mascara blush here and there”.

Gradually through high school Danny was becoming a force to deal with. She started wearing more makeup and having opinions about how she wanted to dress herself. Her dad felt like she was becoming a lot to deal with shortly after her she was back in Long Island staying with her grandmother. Danny grandmother encouraged her and made sure to let her know everything was going to be okay. Danny grandmother also needed extra support with Danny because she was coming home to late from dance practice during the weekdays Danny stayed with her father.

Right after high school Danny went off to college and later discovered that school wasn’t for her. She explained to us that she became lazy and lost focus and started thinking about ways she can make money fast at 19.  She grabbed a job working at Dos Toros Taqueria, She didn’t like the uniform so she dropped the job. When asking her why? She replied “The whole uniform thing wasn’t cutting out for me. I love to feel beautiful I was always playing around with makeup different hairstyles and color like that’s what I enjoy doing so my home girls and I were talking about how there’s a Hooters on 33rd and they are hiring I thought that was a great option because I could be myself and feel beautiful on the job”.  Working at hooters opened a lot of doors for Danny, she explained to use that she was able to model for the Hooters calendar which provided a great networking opportunity.


Model Danielle McLeod, also as known as Danny, was born in Kingston, Jamaica. She now resides in Bronx, New York. Growing up Danny didn’t receive the same love as her siblings and she often felt out of place. She expressed that her mom’s side of the family gave her the greatest feeling; she described it as Impeccable. When asking Danny to explain more; she replied “It always felt like Danielle’s world whenever I was with my mom side of the family compared to getting that middle child love when I’m with my dad’s side of the family”. 

Growing up, Danny was very active as she always wanted to be involved and enjoyed being a part of movements that stood for something. She enjoyed role playing and every time she felt like dancing she turned up the beat and got the party popping. She eventually gained a love for tennis doing all she can to stay competitive and active. Danny and her little brother used to play for the coop city tennis league and got the opportunity to meet some of the best players in the field such as Sharapova, Serena, Venus Williams, Nadal Djokovic, roger Federer,  and lastly Andy Murray. In the summer time, they received the opportunity to volunteer as ball girls and boys and also took flight to the Arthur Ash Stadium. Danny stated that when she look back at the opportunities she had growing up, she’s thankful because as she got older her life took a twist as she started experiencing life struggles and setbacks. 


Cortne’B is a, Model, Mentor, Model Coach, Brand Ambassador, Entrepreneur and all-around visionary. She is a Birmingham, Alabama native and this is also where she currently resides. Cortne’B graduated from The University of Alabama where she received a Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Pre- Pharmacy. Originally, she thought she would attend Pharmacy school and later go on to open her own Pharmacy. 



Allanna Black is a model from Nebraska, Omaha. At the age of eight her family decided to pack up in move to the historic Memphis, Tennessee. When she was younger she played basketball but she always had an interest in modeling. She watched America’s Next Top Model whenever she had the chance, as a young girl, it was her favorite show and she dreamed of being on it one day. As Allanna got older her passion and interests for modeling increased. Everyone in her family suggested that she should started modeling but her mom pushed it the most. 



Missdukes have taken modeling workshop classes but she also plans to eventually take fashion courses. . Everything she’s learned and done has been through trial and error and through working with other professionals. She recently did 2 fashion shows at the Black Women's Expo this past April in Chicago. Doing those shows was such an achievement for her and her brand. She also did NYFW this past February. When asking Missdukes to talk more about New York Fashion Week she stated “it was an experience just being out in New York, it was amazing”. Missdukes has done 15 shows this year and numerous photoshoots. She’s also the creative director when on set for majority of her photoshoots unless she was hired on. Even if it's a TFP collaborative photoshoot she tries to always have an input.
Missdukes has many goals for her career she’s hoping to be signed soon and work with people who she looks up to like Rihanna, featuring her brand Puma Fenty or her makeup collection Fenty Beauty.  She also would love the opportunity to have her face on a billboard in Times Square, do a fashion campaign that's worldwide, and work with Draya Michelle with Mint Swim. She doesn’t see herself as a "Instagram model" so everything she do leans away from that title.
Missdukes tries to have a routine workout, a few days out the week. When she does go, she concentrates on specific body workouts. She starts off with a warmup followed by stretching then she starts with her legs then her stomach area.  She tops it off by finishing with her legs/glutes. Missdukes loves to eat so sometimes eating healthy goes out the window! She loves steak tacos and chicken with lemon pepper! She also loves her vegetables so she’s getting better with her eating. Eventually, the only meat she will eat is chicken and it will only be occasionally.
In October, Missdukes plans to relocate to Florida for 6/7 months just to see if she can take her modeling career to another level. When asking her to go into further details she stated “Sometimes being in Chicago, you hit a wall with being creative and just the overall industry is over saturated with "models" and photographers doing the same thing, shooting the same people over and over again”.

Missdukes has limits to her modeling, she’s not into anything fetish. Even with nude modeling she believes you have to be careful because that walks a fine line between art and just soft porn. She has a new found respect for models that do nude modeling! Other than that, she’s open to any concepts or ideas.

Meghan Msdukes Allen has always wanted to be in the fashion industry. As a young child she would play in her grandmother’s wigs, church hats, pearls and take photos with her Polaroid camera. Missdukes wasn't sure how she would take on the modeling industry because she was very shy growing up, and she still is today. She remembers her mom taking her to an audition for a TV commercial; she did a great job but wasn't picked because she was too shy.  She realized that if she wanted to model, she had to open up and believe herself. Missdukes wanted to be a part of the industry because fashion is something she loves. She wanted to show the world that a young woman like herself that's biracial, insecure and awkward at times can break out in this industry. Missdukes was a tom-boy during her childhood. She played sports, ran with the boys, and climbed trees. She didn’t own a pair of heels until her freshmen year of college. Although Missdukes was a tom boy she didn’t wear boy clothes but certain things like makeup and dresses she wasn't very interested in.

Missdukes does not allow anyone to place her into certain categories because she knows she can achieve it all. She has always admired runway modeling so that's where she started. She loves the rush and the adrenaline pumping when you’re backstage getting ready. Everyone is running around getting things together for a beautiful moment where all eyes are on you. When asking Missdukes to go into further details she stated “Only being 5'7.5 I'm not your typical runway model for height so I knew my walk had to be better than the others. I've only been modeling for almost 2 years now, and for about 5 month’s full time. I want to eventually get signed with a reputable agency soon but I understand that it takes time”.

Missdukes was born in East Chicago, with both parents being in the law field she had a strict household. Due to her parents being divorced Missdukes had the opportunity to grow up in Chicago and California. After graduating high school she went to private college on a full ride to play soccer. Missdukes continued her education at different institutions and now she has less than a year before she receive her bachelors and she’s also a certified paralegal. She eventually wants to become an attorney but she also want to use her degree to start a management fashion company with her own multipurpose studio.


During our interview we asked Yanise the question “Do you have any limitations?” she replied “when you say limitations, I’m thinking about something I can’t do but as far as what? Modeling? Or in life period because I definitely feel like I can do whatever I put my mind to. With modeling, I try to stop the body paints and the nude photography”.

Yanise doesn’t have a favorite designer because if something dope; she going to sport it no matter what it is. She does have a few favorite models such as Karrueche Tran, and Chantel Jeffries she also expressed that she loves India love work as well. Yanise style is very simple she all about the 90 era when she dresses up. She loves crop tops and high waist jeans.
We asked Yanise “what advice do you have for other aspiring models?” she stated “. My advice to other aspiring models is to invest in yourself and if it’s really what you want to do, make it happen and work hard and standout”

Yanise believes that fashion is how people express themselves. When asking her to explain more she replied “Instead of words you use clothes to make a statement. Everyone may not agree but that’s the fun part”.

We also asked Yanise “what distinguishes a good model from a bad one?” she states “A bad model nowadays look for free handouts and wait for someone to tell them how to pose.
A good model makes things happen themselves, network, invest and on top of things they need to be on top of”.

Yanise understands that the modeling industry isn’t easy. She knows that you always have to be on point hair, nails, look and etc. She knows that she can get a call at any moment and missing an opportunity over careless mistakes is not on her agenda. Yanise always make sure she understands her role and she make sure she does her job well. 

When asking Yanise the questions “describe the atmosphere when you’re on a shoot. Do you play music? Do you talk with the photographer? She replied “When I’m on set, I try my best to loosen up because when you're not comfortable you can definitely tell in the picture. I talk to the photographer between shots and after sometimes because it’s nothing like being comfortable. Vibing is what really helps me. If the vibe not right I don’t shoot”.



Yanise Chambers started her modeling journey when she moved from Cleveland, Ohio to the great Atlanta, GA. Right after high school she was exposed to the art of modeling and she immediately fell in love with what the industry had to offer. Yanise loves being on set she loves hearing her name being called and dressing up like a character. She expressed that when she’s modeling she feels at ease and she enjoys meeting new people with the same passion and interests. 

Model Yanise went through a lot when she was living in Cleveland. Her life wasn’t easy growing up in foster care and being jumped when she was attending school due to girls being jealous of whom she was. She moved to Atlanta, GA August 2008.  When she arrived, she was constantly moving around attending different high schools but after she graduated she decided to go off to college and majored in physical therapy. 

Yanise went through many trials and tribulations from being kicked out the house and from being cheated on, and abused by someone she truly loved. At that moment she packed her bags sold her car and returned back to Georgia. Model Yanise had a wakeup call she understood that she deserves so much more out of life and the only way to get the best out of life was to change and delete the memories that was once holding her back. She enrolled back into school at a community college and got a job at the airport serving and hosting which she felt was a good income. However she knew she desired more she was tired of working for other people so again she was faced with making more changes.

Around this time Model Yanise was dating a guy who was playing college ball for Georgia State. He left her when she told him she was soon be a dancer she had already lost the serving and hosting job at the airport and she had no stable income. She needed money fast and lots of it. She was tired of struggling she was tired of being the girl who was facing ups and downs. March of 2016 she begins to dance and at the moment her life was changed forever. 

Model Yanise haven’t taken any modeling courses but she has taken classes for acting something she has a strong interest for.  She understands the importance of eating healthy and staying active in the gym.

Yanise believes she’s fit to be a model because she works hard in her workout sessions with her trainer and she’s even stopped eating meat to better her completely.  She has a great attitude and her grind is unmatched.  Like all models Yanise has dreams she would love the opportunity to receive major endorsements and do huge collaborations. She has hopes of being a successful actress and maybe a singer if things go right. She was always told to have 7 incomes so she’ll definitely be buying a few homes and renting them and also having her makeup shop.  She also did that for a little while in the city, eyebrows and makeup near five points.


For three years Flora took modeling classes with face modeling agency. At the age of 17 she started freelance modeling and studying different super models like Tyra, Naomi, Gia, Ziggy & Gisele. Her photographer, Kenneth Daniels actually taught her almost everything she knows, they would just sporadically link together and he would guide her with things she didn’t know as far as hand placement and how to make your body a certain way he also taught her to keep her face in the light and how to avoid shadows. She also gave thanks to Derrick she explained she remembered the time they shot from 9pm to 7:30 am just practicing different poses and pushing her body to do different things she knew it could, working on different facial expressions that she would usually think would look silly on camera, but actually she realized that the different facial expressions is what make the photo unique. Flora explained that she gained a lot of knowledge through research and practice because she never had the money to take professional modeling courses. Instead she would audition for different agencies and make it, but couldn’t afford the classes they offered.

Flora is fit to be a model because she’s passionate about it. She’s not afraid to show her true emotions on camera.  She’s not afraid to pose in a weird way and she embraces the challenges that come with modeling.  She understands that modeling means so much more than just being in front of the camera. Flora is fit to be a model because she’s an inspiration to others. “As a model, you have to understand that you are always a model first”. Flora stated.

Her goals as a model are to land on billboards and to be placed on the front of Vogue magazine as well as Forbes. Since Flora on 5’0, she is striving to be the shortest supermodel. However her ultimate goal as a model is to open her own nonprofit modeling & talent agency for people who are less fortunate. When we asked her to explain more she replied “I want to be the one that places them in the right position to be noticed & be able to teach & provide them the proper skills and tools needed to succeed in their creative talents”.

During our interview we asked Flora the question Do you have any limitations? She stated “I am extremely ambitious so I have no limits, not even the sky can limit my success. But if we are talking about limits with modeling, although I love artistic nudes, I draw the line with erotica. My nieces & little cousins are huge fans; I don't want them to see Auntie Juju, literally, wide open.

Juju Flora Dizon is a model and artist however, she is known as Flora (@flordah on Instagram) in the modeling world. Flora is her alter ego.  She is a young artistic model.  Her model name comes from her middle name, which is also her grandmother’s name. As a child she despised the name flora,” it was so “eww & embarrassing to her” she explained.  As she got older she realized that her love for modeling stemmed from building her confidence.  She used to be so insecure when she was younger however as she began to model, she felt very confident. So she figured why not take her middle name which she was super insecure about and make it the name of the most confident person she knows. This is the person she becomes when she models. Flora first started modeling with Face Modeling agency when she was 5 years old. She always loved being in front of the camera because she was able to become a whole different person. Off camera Flora was very shy, but when it was time to be filmed or get her photo taken it was almost as though she’d been doing it her whole life, Modeling gave her a chance to become whoever she wanted without fear of being judged or laughed at. Flora believes God has placed this career in her life and she wants to follow the purpose he has for her. Flora described modeling as so many different concepts and looks that can be created, and so many different feelings that can make one person feel with just a photo. “The art of modeling is so intriguing” she exclaimed, the different ways you can pose your body or emerge yourself with an object is so cool to her”. Flora loves this career because there's no limit to her creativity. Aside from creativity, she feels that models are not just people you see posing in front of a camera. “Models are people you can look up to, people who inspire you to do something or get something, they even inspire you to feel something” she said during the interview. Flora is the type of person who never wants to stop inspiring. 

Flora was only part of the agency for a short amount of time because her family grew up with little to no money. She still remembers the time when her family and herself had to steal water from her neighbors water hose so they could heat it up on the stove just to take a bath. Flora stated “Don't get me wrong, my parents were amazing, we never went without eating but, they had my two sisters and I super young, so growing up was definitely a struggle. We constantly moved around & they weren't able to continue paying the agency for modeling classes and new wardrobe for every photo shoot”. Although flora and her family faced hard times no one outside of their household ever knew. Despite the struggle Flora family remained happy and appreciative of life itself and how delicate it is.


Takeshi Kelson is a 30 year old model from Nashville, TN she has an 8 year old son and has custody of 2 girls. Her son suffers from cerebral palsy and autism so her family pushes hard daily to make sure he gets the best out of life. She got into modeling because she grew up being told she needed to model. The more she modeled, the more she realized that it was for her. Modeling is a platform that Takeshi wanted to use for inspiration for her and for others.



Model Zahkiya Bracey standing at 5’9 grew up in Bronx, NY on Valentine Ave. with her mom and two sisters. Her mom was a single mother of 5 although her other siblings lived elsewhere. Zahkiya’s mom taught her and her sisters the meaning of being independent and a hustler. This is just a few traits that are instilled in her and her siblings today.  Growing up on Valentine was fun; Zahkiya shared a private home with her mom and sisters, with her aunt and cousins living on the top floor. 



Queeny also works out four days a week. If she’s unable to make it to the gym she does an exercise video from Instagram or Facebook, she also participates in 30 day challenges with her friends. Model Queeny Bonita hopes to mature and advance in her modeling career and improves her character and skills as a model, and soon after develop the same skills in acting. 

When asking Queeny the question (Do you have any limitations?) she replied “Honestly, if I set myself a limit I will be setting myself short of my goals.....the sky is the limit for me”.

Model Queeny is inspired by supermodels such as Niaomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Chanel Iman to name a few. Glamour models such as Esther Baxter, Melyssa Ford, Via Geurrea and Amber Rose. She also admire designers Jean Paul Gautier ,Yoni Yamamoto, Chanel, Gucci, Givenchy, Alex McQueen.

Queeny style is very unique she doesn’t have to wear major labels and she mostly dresses according to how she feels.  If she feels like a diva she dresses over the top and even if it’s a casual event she will still show up in Contour because she’s feeling that way. She adores vintage wear from the 50's to the 70's and she loves how the 90’s are making a comeback. Fashion gives her the chance to express herself. Some days when she feel down and she can flip through magazine or get up do her make up and put on her favorite dress or jeans and Blouse and heels and be ready to conquer the world. Fashion is everything to her.

During our interview we had the opportunity to ask Queeny what advice do you have for other aspiring model? Queeny Stated “Follow your dreams even when it seem impossible, even when it sounds crazy, don't be afraid to try new things don't set a limit and complete every goal you make for yourself”.


Blaine also known as Model Queeny Bonita is from Baton Rouge, LA.  Twenty-six year old Queeny Bonita’s dream has always been to become a model, actress or a nurse since she was younger. Queeny enjoys the freedom of expressing herself through pictures as a model.  At a young age Queeny and her siblings moved from Baton Rouge, LA to Memphis, TN with their mom, from there she was raised in a single parent home.

Queeny and her siblings enjoyed playing dress up, making paper dolls, and watching things on TV that was based around fashion. Queeny developed her love for models from reading different magazines and watching music videos. Although she was a tom boy, she explained that she was amazed by the different models beauty. Her older sister was always fashionable, and showed her how to make things look nice although they didn’t have a lot at the time. Queeny was also involved in dance at a young age which kept her busy while her mom was working. Queeny moved back to Louisiana shortly after Hurricane Katrina.

We asked Queeny “Why do you think you’re a fit to be a model”, she replied “I’m fit to be a model because I bring skill, quality, and uniqueness to every shoot and I’m not afraid to step out on a limb to capture the perfect moment, when I see the camera it feels natural”. Queeny’s goals in life are to inspire and empower women of color to be unique and to challenge the status quo. She eventually wants to start her own brand which will feature a line of cosmetics and fashion. Queeny also wants to start a nonprofit organization for young women who are striving to become something in life despite the odds that are against them. We asked Queeny “Do you eat nutritiously and how often do you work out” she stated that she believes in healthy eating habits, but she’s no saint, she has cheat days. She is very big on fruits and veggies


Thalia dreamed of being a model since middle school. She was told often that she has a nice smile and that she is photogenic. Although she always received great compliments she was never told that she could be a model or that she would be successful. During the interview she explained that people would say she “too this” or “too that” so she listened and stuck to dance or color guard instead but one day she understood that she could be whatever she inspired to be as long as she believe in herself no matter the circumstances, negative feedback or opinions. However months later her peers started telling her she should model and that they could see her being successful she instantly learned that confidence was a masterpiece. 
As a model Thalia hopes to be seen in commercial ads everywhere she would like to be featured by major brands such as Macy’s or forever 21! However she has other goals that should would like to achieve such as breaking through into brands and companies that don’t normally showcase curvier models or even models of color.
During the interview we had the opportunity to ask Thalia Aliyah the question, What distinguishes a good model from a bad one?  She replied “A good model is professional, has a positive personality, is relatively easy to work with, is intuitive, and can take direction well. A bad model so to speak just brings negativity into the environment, complaining without a possible solution helps no-one. It’s important to always keep innovating yourself along with your craft”. 


Thalia Aliyah was born in Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands however in a short period of time she moved to Georgia due to family reasons the year 2004. Moving to the states was definitely an adjustment for Thalia especially when it came to the environment. Growing up as a minority in a new place made her pay attention to the duality of what is immediately considered beautiful. When asking her to explain what she meant she stated “I learned that in the states that it’s imperative that you form your own perception of beauty and project it! The same goes for confidence as well. I used to be very quiet and would use things like my hair and clothing to express myself (granted I probably wasn't always on fleek, but I always rocked what I had with confidence). At first I was met with criticism, but when I stood tall and kept expressing myself, I was met with compliments. There will always be someone that loves your style and there will always be someone who isn't into it, and that’s okay”!

As a child, Thalia Aliyah always has been excited and extremely interested in all things modeling and fashion. She always dreamed of having her own fashion line and becoming a designer that produce great quality product. She loves to sketch and draw out her ideas while putting together cool outfits that standout. As she grew older she quickly realized that she loves to perform in front of thousands of people. Thalia stated it’s no greater feeling than seeing people who support you smile for a job well done. When asking Thalia to expand more on her thoughts she replied “I've literally always had some sort of creative outlet throughout my life, and so not really having one in college felt strange. Modeling feeds my creative side, pushing me to constantly think outside the box and contemplate what my next move will be. It also gives me the opportunity to continue to perform and show the world what I got! My passion for modeling grows each day and teaches me more about myself the deeper I develop into my career”.



Jazmine doesn’t have many limitations but shaving her head bald is completely out of the question she believes staying true to self is more important.

Jazmine has a lot of models that the she admires and take notes from. The one who stands out to her is Karlie Kloss. She literally fell in love with the way she photographs. She also thinks she has the best runway walk in the industry. 

One of her favorite designer is Balmain. The first time she laid eyes on his clothing line she was completely hooked. She explained that he has a style that stands out from the rest. But more importantly what she loves about his brand is that the clothes he makes women feel stronger, bolder and more confident and that’s beautiful.

What makes Jazmine unique is that her style is the true definition of the 90’s era. Her style can vary depending on the day, but on typical day she strives for comfortability. No matter the fit of her clothes she loves to keep it simple, clean and dope. She sports the color black often because that’s her favorite color.

When asking Jazmine the question what advice do you have for other aspiring models? She replied “The best advice I can give to other aspiring models is to do your research. You learn a lot more by doing so instead of getting everything spoon fed to you”.

Fashion to Jazmine is simply a way for people to express themselves without saying a word. She went on to say that fashion gives people the freedom to be FREE! It brings out the artist in people and that’s what she admires about fashion the most.

The Blkticketconcept Family believes it was only right to ask Jazmine the question what distinguishes a good model from a bad one? She stated “I think the only thing that can truly distinguish a good model from a bad one is the professionalism they have when it comes to work. Also, the amount of time it takes for the model to deliver what the client wants. Time is money honey”!

Jazmine Settle is an outstanding model born and raised in the great Memphis, Tennessee. Height has always be an important aspect of modeling; by the time she reached the 7th grade she was taller than most of the males at her school. Jazmine showed interest in sports such as basketball, volleyball and track but neither of the following seemed to work for her. It wasn’t until she graduated high school and became a freshman in college that she was exposed to the world of modeling. From that moment on she fell in love with the industry and never looked back.

Jazmine aspires to work as a model because it makes her feel complete. Modeling gives her a chance to show who she is to the world in different ways. When asking Jazmine to go into more details she stated “Modeling is a career that is getting more diverse by the day and I feel that there are characteristics about me that are different than what I've seen in the industry, change is always good”.

Jazmine has never once taken a class on how to be a model, or about the fashion industry. All her knowledge comes from researching and observing. Jazmine believes she’s fit to be a model because it’s her God given talent. She also feels that she can handle whatever the industry throws her way.

During out interview we had the opportunity to learn more about Jazmine and her goals. One of her biggest goals as model is to grace as many runways as possible once she is signed. Runway has always been her first love when it comes to modeling. Facing fears, pushing past personal boundaries and learning from new experiences, that is what you call the real definition of beauty.

When asking Jazmine the question do you eat nutritiously? How often do you exercise or go to the gym? She replied “I don't eat as healthy as I should, but I make sure to balance out what I do eat.  I work out at least 5 days a week”.


The next two years after graduating college she began working really hard because she wanted to move to California. In the year of 2016 she quit her job, found an apartment in LA, shipped her car, and made the next big move in her life to LA to pursue her dreams.

We like to ask models their goals because we always hear something different and never vague.  Coralie would like to be motivation and an inspiration to other young beautiful women out there. She wants to be living proof that all things are possible no matter the circumstances. “I want to make it to the point where I no longer have to introduce myself”.  Coralie stated. She would love to walk major runways alongside the best models to ever do it, and brace the cover of major magazines. “I WILL HAVE A SEAT AT THE TABLE” Coralie replied.

Coralie expressed to us that she doesn’t have any limitations when it comes to modeling. Although the runway is her first love, she doesn’t mind doing print, commercial, and even acting.

Coralie’s style is mixed with her personality. In the summer she loves shorts with a trendy top and during the fall she loves to give horse-riding vibes and all year round at night she likes to keep it sexy causal with a really cute pair of comfy heels. It honestly just depends on the occasion when it comes to style for her.

We asked what advice Coralie would give other aspiring models. She stated the first thing is you have to love yourself physically and emotionally because no one knows you like you know yourself. Next join sites like model mayhem. Also find photographers, makeup artists, designers, and other models in your area and NETWORK. Do as many shoots as you can but be careful. Always research who you plan to work with. Join a modeling group or find a runway coach in your area if you're a beginner, it will help you with your walk. Have a healthier perspective on things, don't take everything too personal because you will not be everyone's cup of tea, and that's ok. In the process of your growth as a person, never burn bridges. If you are from a town where you don't feel you will grow and succeed, move. Follow your dreams, do it for YOU! Do what makes you happy and do what is right for you because everyone is different. 

We asked Coralie what distinguishes a good model from a bad model. She stated a models job is to show up and do whatever she is asked to do. Show up with a great attitude, treat everyone with respect, and leave a great impression with the team he/she is working with. Everyone has a job; it is to bring visions to life depending on what you're asked to do. The model should never bad mouth the team she is working for. If a designer puts you in a garment, it is not for you down play their vision. You don't like the garment you're asked to wear? Honestly, no one cares! Make it look good. Whenever you're done with the clothes, treat them with respect, hang them back up and say thank you. At the end of the day, it all comes down to RESPECT while in this industry.

During a photoshoot Coralie loves to listen to trap music.  She stated “Man, 2 Chainz said it best “Pretty Girls like Trap Music”. Coralie listens to trap music when she’s getting her hair and makeup done and also while she’s in front of the camera. She’s always in her element whether it's a beauty shoot, high Fashion or lifestyle. When the photographer does not have a good playlist (some do), she usually play Lil Uzi Vert radio or Today's Hip Hop and RnB on Pandora. That's all she needs!

Coralie was raised in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. She has three older brothers, she is the only girl and also the youngest out of her siblings. Coralie expressed that she was raised by one of the strongest women she knows, her mother.  Her childhood best friends were her siblings and her cousins. She attended school in Ivory Coast until the six grade.  After she completed 6th grade her mother and her made the big move to the United States. The big move was quite challenging to Coralie because she didn’t know much English. She knew the basics however; when it came to communicating or conversing with Americans she realized it was very difficult.  It took her over 3 years to learn the language.

Growing up Model Coralie Dior Ackah’s dream was to become a flight attendant; little did she know the modeling industry was going to give her bigger dreams to accomplish. She started modeling in high school and instantly fell in love with bringing designs to life that her classmates made.  She made friends that soon enough became family and she’s very proud of herself for embracing the huge change in her life.

Coralie graduated from THE Morgan State University with her B.S in Marketing in the year of 2014.  While at Morgan State she joined an organization called Fashion At Morgan (FAM), this is where she grew as a model.  She was voted Model of the Year her freshman year and she also was elected as the face of the organization two years in a row!  In the organization FAM, she worked with models individually on their walks, posture, faces, and attitude on the runway. She represented her organization on and off campus.  While at Morgan, Coralie also served as the Student Relations Manager on campus. With this position she was able to path the way for others who believed in the same things she believed in. Coralie became professionally rounded while at Morgan State which better prepared her to pursue her career in modeling and she’s forever grateful for the experience.


Model Andyy hopes she can inspire models one day to be as creative as they want to be with their visuals, and to know that other people might not always see their vision but as long as they are comfortable and believe in the work that they are creating they are winning. 

During our interview we had the opportunity to ask Andyy who are some of your favorite models and why? She replied “My favorite model is Naomi Campbell, hands down. She's not afraid of creating shots that might be controversial, she understands that a models job is to be a muse and create visuals that make you FEEL, whether it's a good feeling or a bad one. I think that's why she's one of the most respected models of our time”. 
Andyy Consider her style to be very edgy. Since middle school she always had the image of a "rockstar", some would say to her "you're a black rockstar." Even though she did listen to bands like Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and Thirty Seconds to Mars, she guesses her look was just very dark and edgy and hasn't changed.

We had the opportunity to ask Andyy what advice do you have for other aspiring models? She replied “My advice to aspiring models is know what your limits are and what you feel comfortable doing, whether it's high fashion work, glamour, urban modeling or even if you're a vixen in a music video, always do what makes you feel comfortable and whatever you feel is best for the visual you're creating! Also, never let outside opinions change your vision”.

We also asked Andyy what distinguishes a good model from a bad one? She stated “In my opinion, the difference between a good model and a bad model is how well they are able to bring visuals to life, whether or not they look natural. You can be drop dead gorgeous and be a horrible model if you don't know how to make love to the camera”.


Model Andyy has been interested in working as a model since she was a little girl. She’s also always been very interested in photography, she started off taking pictures with her phone and eventually got a nice little digital camera when she was a freshman, it was nothing professional however once she learned about the 10 second timer that her camera had to offer she became her own model. Andyy quickly learned what poses looked best from certain angles and how to control her facial expressions and create certain emotions, modeling then became her passion although she’s still a great photographer.

Andyy haven’t had the opportunity to take any fashion modeling courses but one thing is for sure she love animals just as much as she loves modeling so she’s currently a College student studying Veterinary Technology. 

Andyy believes she’s fit to be a model because she has a lot of experience behind the camera as well as in front of it so she always knows what looks best on the other side. Andyy has dreams and goals that she would love to accomplish as a model. She would love to work with some of the best visual artists that the industry has to offer and of course she wishes to open up a Talent Agency of her own so she can create equal opportunities for aspiring models. 

When asking model Andyy the question do you eat nutritiously? How often do you exercise or go to the gym? She replied “My favorite work out is swimming, you'll never see me at the gym but you most definitely can catch me at the pool swimming laps! I usually go to the pool about once a week, but it's super-hot in Miami so I might even go swimming twice or three times a week. As far as eating healthy goes, I love healthy food just as much as I love eating hot wings and brownies! My favorite natural foods to eat are fruits; I'm crazy about bananas and green apples with a little salt on them! My favorite junk food is definitely hot wings”.


Taylor graduated from Northern Illinois University, where she received her B.S. in Public Health, with an emphasis in Health Promotion. After graduation, she turned down her acceptance into Drexel University’s accelerated nursing program, to pursue her modeling dreams in Los Angeles. Although, modeling is now her first love, for a long-time, science and health was. Therefore, she tries her best to incorporate health into her body positive image. She has zero professional training in modeling or runway. She never took any fashion courses either. Everything she’s learned has been self-taught, along with studying some of the best models in the industry. 

When asking Taylor the question do you eat nutritiously? How often do you exercise or go to the gym? She replied “In addition to being a curvy model in the industry and as a Public Health major, I think it’s extremely important that I promote self-love, body positivity, along with living a healthy lifestyle and making health conscious decisions too. I know it can be a touchy subject, but it’s important. The two go hand in hand. Exercising and practicing healthy eating habits are important beyond vanity. Therefore, I made the decision to eat nutritiously. Now don’t get me wrong, I have my cheat days, and even cheat weekends where I enjoy all my favorite foods, sweet treats and wines. But for the most part, I’m drinking water, eating veggies, fruit, and fish. I also work out at least 4-5 times a week for a little over an hour”.

Like all outstanding models Taylor has goals one day, she wishes to walk for Chromat and Christian Siriano. She admires and loves how they have so much body diversity walking on the runway in their Fall NYFW shows. She would absolutely love to strut in their designs. She also wants to grace the covers of some of the top magazines (Cosmopolitan, GLAMOUR, ELLE, etc.). She sees herself progressing in the modeling field by being another advocate of a type of girl who is under represented in the modeling industry-African American, curvy, and interestingly tall. She wants to get to a point where modeling is her full-time career and not just a part-time job. She wants to make an honest living off her passion and dream.

Taylor Rhoden a phenomenal model from Chicago, Illinois. She grew up in a single parent household with just her mother. Taylor’s father was absent majority of her upbringing but her mother was willing to do all she could to make sure Taylor didn’t go without. If there’s anything more challenging than being a parent, it’s being a single parent. In addition to facing all of the daily stresses that come with such a role alone, there’s the concern of how a child or children are going to be financially cared for however Taylor’s mom is considered her hero for not giving up and making sure she was always taking care of and showered with love. Taylor went on to say “I am so thankful for her because she was a phenomenal example on what it looks like to be a beautiful, strong, intelligent, hard-working African American woman. She set the bar high, and each day, I strive to be an amazing just as she is. I played volleyball and danced all throughout high school. I then attended college, graduated in December, now I am here in Los Angeles dream chasing”.

Taylor relocated to Los Angeles, California from Chicago to purse her dreams of becoming a plus size model, we learned during our interview that she never had the courage to actively chase her dreams but after she graduated college in December 2016, she realized that it was time that she took her wildest dreams and herself seriously. Therefore, she packed up her courage and her clothes and bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles without having the thought of looking back. She wants to work as a model because she’s always loved the idea of doing photoshoots and walking on runways as a profession. She also loves that modeling allows you to travel the world and meet new people from all over the world. She is an extrovert and a very social person, and with a modeling career you’re given the opportunity to constantly network. It also gives her the opportunity to do what she enjoys most, inspire other women.



Lexy received her first gig as a model by being featured in Jae Alexanders B.I.B music video. From there Lexy met a photographer named Space who had an upcoming photoshoot at a waterfall. Lexy wanted us to know that this particular shoot changed her life in ways people wouldn’t understand. After that, doors began to open for her she met some great people along the way such as way (Miguel, Duke Gmore, Neph) who are mainly her photographers & videographers. They all helped her to further her career without asking for a dime. They taught her how to network but most of all they taught her that dreams do come true. When asking Lexy to go into more details she stated “With each photoshoot more photographers and videographers wanted to work with me and I started being on the explore page. The pictures from the waterfall photoshoot had reached 30,000 likes in less than 24 hours. A Man named Don from VX Fashion had ran into my page and called and told me to get out there and push! He told me to apply myself and start doing shoots more and more. From that moment on Lexy started doing photoshoots every week. 

Lexy was in the IB (International Baccalaureate) program as a high school student at Crossland. It's somewhat like advance placement classes but to the next level. She maintained above a 3.0 GPA in high school and she also had a 4.0 one quarter. IB program, took up most of her time and social life being as though its college course classes which mean she always had assignments and projects. Her parents ended up moving out of Waldorf and she had to drop out of the IB program. She then attended a school by the name of Westlake.  All she needed was English to pass 12th grade so she signed up for all elective classes and one of them was fashion! Her 12th grade year was a little rough. She started school 2 months late so she didn't really get to know anybody at her school.  Lexy wasn’t a social butterfly and a lot of events took place that made her go into depression she went from being a 4.0 scholar student to graduating with results she wasn’t happy with. Her friends and boyfriend helped pulled her out of it the stage of mild depression and now she’s better. Lexy went on to say that she’s happy with everything that went on in 2013. When asking her to explain she stated “It’s what makes me, me you know, I feel like a bad ass now lol” I was such a nerd and to myself my 12th grade year and now I'm back to being this out spoken girl who does what she wants. I dress how I want. And I hope one day to inspire anyone who reads my story. Life is not a straight path. It's going to be great times and it's going to be rough times. You just can't give up”.

Her biggest goal for modeling is being on a billboard or to be featured in a magazine. Model Lexy stated “And look at God. I'm here telling my life story to a magazine company”. She’s only been modeling since June 2017 she expressed how thankful she is for the man above pointing her into the right direction. 

Alexus Butler also known as Lexy is a model that represents diversity being Black, White, Native American, Jamaican and Guyanese. ”. Lexy is the oldest of her mother children with a little brother and sister by her stepfather. The year 2015 model Lexy discovered that she had another younger brother and older sister she never knew about. She stated it was really weird because her sister told her everywhere she moved to she also lived there too. Lexy also stated “I probably walked past her and never knew who she was for 20 years. But In the end I'm really happy I got to meet them because they make my family feel a little more complete. Lexy dad was barely in the picture due to him facing time in prison she informed us that her first time meeting her dad was back in 2016. Lexy mom was a single mother doing all she could to provide. Single motherhood comes with a unique set of emotional challenges that can, at times, feel overwhelming but Lexy mother knew she had to put her best feet forward..

Lexy views modeling as her inspiration. She enjoyed watching her mom as a child because she felt like her mom was the definition of beautiful.  She loved seeing her mom dress up in her best clothing and heels.  One thing Lexy learned from her mom was to be confident and love yourself no matter the circumstances.  She explained that her mom use to be homecoming /prom queen when she was in high school Lexy “laughed” and stated I also had the opportunity to be homecoming queen. When asking Lexy to explain more she replied: “Modeling was once my mom passion I use to watch her as a little girl and now it's my own. I only started recently doing modeling because I didn't have the self-esteem I have now. I was usually the ugly friend. I didn't come from money so I couldn't keep up with shoes and the styles back in the day. Not to mention I was really skinny, had glasses, and an extremely book smart nerd”.

During our interview, Lexy shared some heartfelt insight of her childhood.  We learned, she was bullied and called names like ugly, anorexic, and she was even called an insect because of her glasses. Lexy stated that she has grown to love herself despite her flaws, she understand that she may not have the straightest teeth or the biggest a** or the best smile but she knows she has a beautiful heart inside an out and at the end of the day that’s all that matters. Lexy explained that she feels pretty all the time now since she has grown to love herself.  She is in love with her body features and she admires being in front of the camera “It's a really good feeling hearing "beautiful" "amazing" and "that's it!" during a photoshoot Lexy Stated.


During our interview with Damnthosesteaktacos, we learned that she values her relationships with her friends. She is thankful for what she has been through she understands that life isn’t easy and a journey is full of ups and downs, heartbreaks and broken promises. But through her challenging experiences it has made her a better woman today. “I go hard for whatever I choose to pursuit. I believe my audience sees that in the projects in involved and my images on Instagram” Damnthosesteaktacos stated.

When asking Damnthosesteaktacos, the question tell us about your education: Have you attended fashion modeling courses? She replied, “Yes actually I've recently taken a model education class. I'm thankful that I did because I learned so much about my craft. In the beginning I had no direction, I knew where I wanted to go but I was still unsure of my abilities”.  She also learned a lot about ups about the ups and down of the high fashion industry and so much more. She went on to say that the Blake Martin’s class helped her structure the path she wanted to pursue in modeling. 

Damnthosesteaktacos was always told she has the look but not the height she understands that height is one thing but beauty is another. So she decided to show the world how beautiful she was inside and out making people look past her height by helping them understand that beauty is the eye of the beholder. She understands that being a model is all about being yourself and being different from the next one she don’t get caught up on what other models doing she or how they get their fame she busy creating and building her name because she knows one day she will be on someone build board and walking across a stage receiving an awards in front of millions of people. “I realized just because something was right for someone else doesn't mean it was right for me”. Damnthosesteaktacos stated.

Being dedicated and driven has made Damnthosesteaktacos see her worth when she wants to accomplish something she go hard it and she don’t look for an handout. In a short period of time she has accomplished so much she wanted the world to know that there is no greater feeling than reaching our goals. She knows that her job is far from done she just getting started.

Damnthosesteaktacos plans to build a legacy like Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell. She explained that that they are powerful women like Mariah Carey and Beyoncé of the entertainment world. When it comes to these women you think of all the outstanding and powerful things they’ve done not the bad or the negative.  Damnthosesteaktacos believes if you don’t meet the standard requirements of the fashion/modeling industry it can be tough but anything can be done sometimes changing the rules of the game makes the difference. “I don't plan on stressing myself with closed doors, I'm making my own door people are knocking own. Social media is big now and I believe my YouTube Chanel, upcoming website, and Instagram helps showcase the look and my personality that appeals to an audience that will remember me forever”. Damnthosesteaktacos stated.

Damnthosesteaktacos, works as a professional model because she enjoys expressing herself. Modeling inspires her to be great but most of all it’s a way she expresses her highs and lows. Damnthosesteaktacos stated that she sees the struggle of melanin in the fashion industry and she believes that a woman of color doesn’t get the respect that they deserve. Women are no less beautiful if they are skinnier or if they have curves or if they black, purple, red or blue everyone should be treated equal. She also stated, “Just looking at the high end designer ads what does the black girl look like? Not saying anything negative, but look at the facts they don't look like me. Its women that fit my body type that desire to model in those ads, but we get shut out”. Damnthosesteaktacos want to do all she can to break the cycle she understands it may take a while however with her hard work and consistency she knows she can break down the walls of the modeling industry. Seeing Tyra Banks grace the cover of GQ and sports Illustrated Damnthosesteaktacos believe that she can prosper and create her own lane. She understands that hard work, growth, and excellence are vital for her to reach such powerful milestones. 

Damnthosesteaktacos is from the Bay Area of California. She grew up in parts of Oakland, San Francisco and other cities nearby. Due her parents not always having a understanding she was force to move around a lot with her father but shortly after her family finally settled down in the Midwest when she was 16 years old. She didn’t have the luxury of attending elementary or high school at the age of 17 she received her GED. She understood that a GED wasn’t enough she decided to enroll into college to pursue a higher education she’s currently obtaining her masters in Occupational Therapy.


His goal as a model is to be on the front cover of Vogue one day. He would become the most iconic model, that when they think of the greatest male model they say Mark Anthony. He also hopes to learn a lot about himself, life and just to grow as a human being.

Mark has a very strict diet and stays true to it because he is trying to look his best at all times. He knows with consistency and perseverance he will have the body he wants. His diet consists of no bread or sugar. He maintains a diet of just fruits, vegetables and chicken. He goes to the gym six times a week and does cardio and lightweight workouts to maintain a lean body since many companies want a male model with a lean cut strong body.

Mark’s ambition to accomplish is off the charts. He wants to leave a print when he passes away. The only thing that matters to him is that they recognize him as the best male model and he hopes to inspire young men to be in this wonderful career. Limitations don’t exist for Mark. The only person that can limit oneself is yourself and he doesn’t tend to talk negative about himself because he believes whatever you proclaim with your mouth, you will be just that. If you keep saying you’re failure then you will have that mentality but if you say you’re a winner you can speak those words into existence; you will be successful.

Mark’s favorite models are Stephan James, Mario Adrion and Jon Kortajarena.

Mark Anthony is at a young man standing at 5’11 and is pursuing a career at modeling. He was born in California and raised in Los Angeles in a small neighborhood named Lincoln Heights. He would love to work as a full-time model because he believes he was never a product of his environment. He was the one caring more about fashion and what new style he could pull off rather than what gang he could be in. He also believes his boldness and character could be a great part of any set. He hopes to inspire people as they look at him and say “wow, so young and so bold.”He is very interested in modeling because he gets to express himself in front of the camera which makes him feel free and far more confident than he already is. Doing the most courageous and boldest things in life have never been a problem for him.

He grew up with his parents and has gone through so many things at his age. He’s ready to go up against any obstacle and face it knowing he’ll win. His mom is a Christian and his father faced obstacles with alcohol. Modeling was Mark’s escape. Photographers would let Mark know if he wanted to come out for a photo shoot on any day and he would say “anything to get out of this house.” Later he learned to forgive those that hurt him. “Dad forgive me for wanting a perfect father and putting high expectations on you, so I would get disappointed but instead of judging you I’m going to love you just the way you are” Mark said. From that moment forward his dad changed and he doesn’t regret anything that has happened to him because through every experience it has shaped his character. His boldness will be portrayed on camera.

Mark has taken a speech college course in the previous year. He believes and knows that he’s a good communicator even with facial expressions. Mark thinks he is fit to be a model because he’s already doing part of what a model does. Therefore he’s taking care of his skin, his hair and health constantly. He always wants to look his best. He also has the courage to rock every photo shoot and honestly everyone would see that this is his passion.


After deciding not to finish school she immediately relocated to NY/NJ to pursue her modeling career. She had no direction or plan she dropped everything and told herself anything is possible. Talmesha stated “That is probably why I ended up pregnant with my son a few months later. At the time I was unsure about if I was ready for that, I did not do anything in the modeling field as intended. Disappointed in myself, I pretty much thought my modeling days were over, little did I know I had no idea it would be the setup of my true journey”.

After having her son Talmesha wasn’t so confident in herself she no longer felt beautiful. She felt she no longer had the “model look”. She went on to explain that her height was already an issue and due to her pregnancy her body experienced major changes. Somehow she convinced herself to still try. She learned that life sometimes can throw curve balls but it’s up to you to hit back. That’s when she developed healthy eating habits and a consistent workout regimen. She slowly molded herself to a vegetarian lifestyle. She also took the time to do yoga daily, and worked out five times a week she was committed to getting a better body.

She fell in love with nude art modeling. It allowed her to express who she was without having to necessarily look a certain way or fit a certain image. She simply created her own. She started to grow as a woman and find a purpose much bigger than herself. As she worked on projects with creative and talented photographers, and getting the opportunity to be published multiple times she found her sensuous and freeing style on modeling was an inspiration to women all over the world. “Many who are mothers themselves and find comfort in my rawness and others who simply admire my free-spirit with that knowledge I self-titled myself “The Sapphire Rebel.” I wanted something that shared who I was and described my style at the same time.” Talmesha Stated.

Talmesha Keonna was born and raised in Virginia; she currently resides in Texas with her son. She has always had an obsession with taking pictures way before the term selfies existed. So when she was approached by a photographer the year 2009 she didn’t hesitate to say yes. She often fantasies about being a Victoria's Secret Angel or gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated. However those fantasies were never a life goal for Talmesha because she is 5 ft. 2 in. “and I did not think modeling in any form could be a possibility until that moment”. Talmesha stated.

The first shoot she ever did was exhilarating she loved every moment of being in front of the camera and taking on different roles and personalities. It was that moment Talmesha decided to continue to see how far she could go. She had the opportunity to discover the world of freelance modeling working with photographers who has a passion for the camera but also had a passion for helping her build an outstanding portfolio.   

During the interview Talmesha explained the more she became obsessed with modeling school related activities became a non-factor. She was attending Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA at the time pursing a double major in English and Fashion. Talmesha stated she was the perfect student, doing all she could to make her mom proud. She made the Dean’s list every semester and made sure to stay on top of her studies.  

Despite being an overachiever academically she was losing interest and school was starting to take a backseat. Nothing she was learning felt important and she questioned herself each day, should I finish or let go her mind was set on chasing her dreams. Ultimately she ended up not completing school Talmesha stated “It was truly impulsive but my desire to create outweighed any desire I had to continue the path my family wanted for me. I needed passion, something that made me both nervous and excited all at once. Going into a classroom every day was not giving me that especially knowing I was not completely committed to my choice of majors”.


Frankie views her style as very unique and stands out. “My style is all over the place. I don’t follow the seasons in fashion and will wear white after Labor Day even though the only white clothing I have are a pair of stretch pants I’ve only worn once”. I just like to look good. I don’t follow this year’s color of choice/season. I like to mix and match colors and patterns. My style isn’t too eccentric but it’s not too humble either” Frankie said.  

Her advice for aspiring models is to do your research on photographers, magazines, promotion groups and agencies before working with them. Too many scams and too many people that like to cause harm to others that will put on a disguise can lure you in. Don’t be afraid to ask for credentials or do a quick google search. Ask for an actual name if you can’t find anything with a stage name. Your safety is more important.”I know a few models that have went through traumatizing situations because the “opportunity” was too great and they didn’t research the photographer.” Frankie stated. DON’T SHOOT WITH JUST ANYBODY. She sees a lot of aspiring models that will shoot with someone just because they have a camera. The shots end up looking like cell phone flicks. Bad quality pictures can hurt you more in the end. In this case, it’s quality over quantity. She would rather have one good solid photographer to shoot her whole portfolio than to have seven mediocre photographers filling it up. 

The atmosphere while shooting is always relaxed for her.” I’m actually a shy person and don’t really talk unless spoken to (I get anxious and nervous when people I don’t know talk to me). BUT…once I get going there’s no cutting me off”. Frankie tries to make it as comfortable as possible with a joke here and there and asking questions about the photographer that she’s pretty sure they’re tired of being asked. Frankie doesn’t have to play music when she’s on a shoot she leaves it up to the photographer only because she doesn’t have a music preference and will listen to anything. “Hell I’ll listen to audio book on disc if it’s available; I let the photographer decide which music to listen to because I don’t want to mess up his vibe with some “Fall Out Boy” Frankie said.

Modeling is a profession that can open so many doors in the industry. It gives you a stage to express yourself and really broadcast to the world why you’re so special. Modeling expresses your style and beliefs and people may even look up to you as an example. This is why Frankie loves modeling and she hopes to inspire others the best she can.

Frankie hasn’t attended any fashion/modeling courses, but she would love to whenever she can make it a priority. She is also interested in taking some acting classes as well to add to her portfolio. 

She knows nothing of the advertising industry or anything of that nature, but she is learning more and more about how to successfully advertise herself to receive more exposure.

She is actually leaning towards becoming a Pescatarian. Frankie doesn’t really eat fast food; she tries to eat as healthy and nutritious as possible. When she does cook she tries to stay away from fried foods.  Frankie tries to exercise at least 5 times a week. A quick 30-40 minute routine to keep the extra pounds at bay.

When it comes to limitations it’s half and half.” I would rather not shoot nude but depending on how skilled the photographer is and how well he/she can capture the artistic aspect of the naked form, I will consider nude. I will not do fetish/porn type modeling. Just not my cup of tea.” Frankie explained.  


When asking Michelle the question do you eat nutritiously? And how often do you go to the gym? She replied, “I try to eat as healthy as I can but every once in a while I love to pig out on some wings or burgers,  I do work out when I can nothing drastic just to keep everything toned up”.

Michelle hopes to accomplish a lot as a model but mainly she wishes to become signed to an agency in the near future along with being on a billboard in Times Square, “I’ve always said I want to be posted up in my own city” Michelle stated.

Her favorite Supermodels and designers are Tyra Banks and Adriana Lima because they are gorgeous, fearless and successful. “I absolutely idolize them” Michelle said. She also loves the Instagram model named Crystal Ann Rod, Michelle expressed that she loves her dopeness and versatility in her work.

Michelle would advise aspiring models to just keep pushing and never let anyone tell you that you can’t succeed at your dreams. When times get tough don’t get discouraged and never let anyone dictate how or when you work. As a model you control your career and how far you can go.
Michelle loves fashion and anything that deals with creativity “Fashion to me means freedom of expression, the clothes you wear express your mood and emotions; you tell a story every time you leave your home well put together”.

When we asked the question - what distinguishes a good model from a bad one? Michelle replied “In my opinion it’s all about how serious you are about modeling and the mindset you keep. I’ve met models who think everything has to be handed to them and I've met ones who no matter how big or small the gig they're happy to just be included”.

Modeling has changed her life in many ways from the way she dress every day to the way she does her makeup but mainly modeling has taught her what confidence, beauty, and power really looks like.
Michelle Camacho also known as “MichTheGod” aspired to be a model from the moment she was yanked out of her mother’s womb. Born in raised in New York City her journey hasn’t been easy but she always found love in the process of getting ready for a shoot or a runway show. “It’s exciting and fun to me I love every minute and every step” Michelle Said.

Washington Heights was the place Michelle and her family called home although her dad wasn’t around much, her mom knew the importance of her role. Her mother did all she could to provide for her family even though she was often overwhelmed and worried that the many things out of her control would threaten her children’s well-being. While interviewing Michelle we learned that she was the trouble maker out her siblings, she stayed in trouble a lot growing up. Michelle stated that she attended Catholic school until 9th grade however; when she enrolled into public school she was given the crown for a rebellious child.

Experiencing ups and downs as a child is common. “I'm not proud of everything I've done but I wouldn't take anything back because it made me who I am” Michelle replied. After high school she went on to receive her associates in Marketing Management and have plans to reenroll to further her education. As of right now Michelle is doing all she can to expand her name and brand. Most people claim to understand the importance of goal setting in order to attain a better life, but in fact, approximately 80 percent of people never set goals for themselves. Michelle refuses to fail setting goals and achieving them means everything to her.

When Michelle was almost 14 her mother enrolled her into the Barbizon Modeling School which taught her how to perfect her model walk all while teaching her everything she needs to know about self-belief and self-confidents at a young age. She also was a part of a program called Creative Faces which she believed helped her with public speaking and to be more confident.

Michelle believes she’s fit to model because she has unique facial features and overall a look that stands out and makes people notice her even when she’s not trying to.


Sheniqka Miller never thought of herself as a model. She viewed the platform as a creative opportunity to express herself though still-images. Not knowing that someday photographers would admire capturing her beautiful soul. When asking Sheniqka the question why do you want to work as a model? Why are you interested in this career? She stated, “I simply enjoy being myself and doing what I found to be natural for me and it transcends into recognizable good work. The thought now makes me proud”.

She began this journey, writing articles in contribution to publications (both online and print) she learned fast that most editors prefer you provide your own visual content with the inclusion of written work that you submit to be featured. “All of the concepts I came up with moved me. I felt very connected with what I was creating.” Sheniqka stated. Deciding to become both writer and her own muse to ensure the passion she was evoking about her creations was fully captured behind the lens. Sheniqka ultimate goals was to show others that by finding their own self-worth and confidence, by utilizing the power of self-love they too could transform pain and fear into trailblazing accomplishments.

Sheniqka career was launched in the country towns of Florida she calls it humble beginnings. She was raised to be independent, marvelous and studious at everything she decided to do. During the interview she stated that “I am always silently observing and ensuring I have thought about my next move before taking action. I am a thinker. This is why being able to express myself creatively is so therapeutic”.

Sheniqka loves collaborations she enjoys being among other like-minded individuals this is another reason why she decided to give modeling a try. Like all models Sheniqka experience some rough times she stated “I find myself wondering in regards to most creative artists (stylists, designers, photographers, etc) why do they do any of this? Is for money of for self? For the sake of art like me? Or for notoriety? Because of these possible factors the world of modeling proved to be a risky place to start independently”.

While chasing her dreams Sheniqka has suffered losses and setbacks because of other individuals who meant her no good. She stated that all they desired was “self-gain for themselves”. Do to her bad experience she now precedes with caution. During the interview she expressed her opinion “my limitation is simply not knowing enough and not having enough good people around me from the industry. I am constantly seeking to learn more. You can never have enough knowledge to grow and succeed in whatever you decide to do. I simply hope to experience better. It’s sad that you do not have support from your home base but others celebrate your accomplishments big or small that knows nothing of you. But I aim to turn those lemons into lemonade. Those experiences simply have toughened my skin and motivate me to keep it going”!

Sheniqka informed us that she has not education in regards to modeling. She explained that her education falls in the lines of looking to the past legends before her. She admires Grace Jones and Twiggy because they are unique in their own skin they represent the term “individual”. She expressed her thoughts on the term fashion she replied “it’s about individualism and just being creative. When asking about her favorite designer she stated “Betsy Johnson is one of my favorite designers because of my love for being a rarity. At least the creators of a new look, the innovators of a trend would understand. It is a form of live artistic expression. And that's the part of fashion I live for. The extravagance of the garments or the eccentricity of a look moves me. Creatively, I believe I have much to offer”.


Kierra was going into her freshman year of high school just conversing with a lot of people. On the contrary she felt quite alone and suffered from depression throughout high school. Even though it sounds sad it started her journey as a person. It led her to letting all of it go; the anger, the questioning of why she was who she was over other people. She focused on things she enjoyed like music, sports, art, and of course modeling. From there things started to change for the better. It’s taken her a couple of years to talk about her journey of self love and honestly she’s still on it but that’s why she models.  

She’s never taken any modeling courses. She’s studied the super models of the 90’s, Naomi Campbell to Linda Evangelista to the 2000’s with Adriana Lima to even Candace.

As far as education within the industry itself, she graduated with a concentration in Apparel and Accessories/Home Furnishing.

She models because she wants to share her self love journey while being a positive influence. Pictures themselves produce emotion and it’s always up for interpretation because a photo can make anyone feel anything. She believes if she touched someone in some way she’s accomplishing the purpose of her job. She’s aware that she can do that with speaking or writing; but it’s much more important to her when something is completely open for discussion. People look at photos before reading captions. So maybe a photo of hers may inspire someone to push their creativity to a whole new level, simply because of the color scheme or maybe the photo will empower someone to love their flaws.

Kierra has always preferred fruits and vegetables over sweets. Since December 2016, aside from a few weak moments she’s been off red meat. She’s also switched to wheat bread, brown rice and brown sugar. Working out is an everyday thing for her. All you need is 30 minutes.

She doesn’t have any limitations, as long as she believes in what the designer, artist or photographer is trying to portray, she’s in.

Her favorite designer would be Alexander McQueen, she loves that constant push for different; different color, cut, pattern and execution. Kierra recommends that everyone should go to his website and watch every one of his shows. Nothing is ever the same. Her favorite model is Naomi Campbell. “That woman is a legend in her own right. She’s been around for a couple decades and has done it all, from humanitarian work to speaking up about the lack of diversity within the fashion industry as well as magazines using celebrities for covers verses . Having the platform she does and still speaking out on what she believes speaks volumes to me. Oh! I can’t forget Rihanna. She’s an icon in both the music realm as well as fashion. Not to mention her confidence is out of this world, she’s risky and I love that” She explained.

Kierra Monique is a young aspiring model from Mannheim, Germany. She is currently living in Memphis, Tennessee and has been modeling for 13 years now. For as long as she could remember she’s always been obsessed with being in front of the camera. At a young age she was uncertain of what she wanted to be in life. At first she wanted to be a professional volleyball player and lawyer to better the world and of course, a model. Seems like a lot at once but for a young girl who has dreams the possibilities seem endless. Childhood goals are always beyond the sky is the limit.

Eventually she ended up focusing more on modeling. As for her high school years she did well on the debate team, was captain of the volleyball team for three years, she was offered a few scholarships and even volunteered a lot. She found herself modeling more while attending college. Kierra is constantly questioned about why she wants to model and why she chose to do so. For some time she couldn’t answer. She never really knew how to. Then it hit her one day while she was enjoying the company of some friends. They were discussing relationships and the importance of appearance. There was so much hate and insecurity in one person’s response. At that moment she had a flashback of being that person when she was younger. She wasn’t the prettiest of her friends in middle school; she was darker, had different hair texture from others and was also one of the skinniest as well as the tallest. She got teased a lot. “Well I developed a bitchy attitude as a defense mechanism. I was always confused when I found out a boy liked me, always wondered why he didn’t like one of my friends, ya know? I was very insecure. Yet, I still loved taking photos? Weird, right? They captured raw emotion, memories, and all that good jazz. I definitely felt like myself in front of a camera though, I felt my true self was in photos. It took me a long time to fall in love with myself outside of that though. It really all started when my best friend, Bryanna moved away” She explained.


Fast forward to the end of sophomore year her life was finally falling into place. She began her spiritual journey and really connected to universe and grounded herself trying to find her purpose. She understands why the things happened to her the way it did. Right now she is about to graduate in 2 months and she lives, breathes and loves positivity.  She believes in herself and this existence; she knows her purpose and how she can give back to the world.

“I think I`m fit to be a model because I know what I want to portray to the world. I know the exact way; I want to help direct the people through and I know I can use my creative geniuses to create the craziest visuals and really speak to people`s hearts. I do it all for love” Brittany explains. Her goal as a model is to really touch everything in this world; every city, every ocean, every person, everything. She wants to show people what it's like to actually live and be who you are, in the best skin, and that is their own. She wants to break standards of today`s ``model`` and set a new tone. A tone that is more loving.

She tries her hardest to eat nutritiously but she definitely needs help on that. She needs to invest in a personal trainer because the gym is like so a not thing for her. She likes working by dancing. She’s a dancer. You can catch her on the dance floor, the grocery store, or side of the street dancing any day but never at the gym lifting weights.

She hopes to build a program dedicated to helping people reach and accomplish their dreams. She wants to travel and connect with people. Host sit downs actually sit down and converse with the people. Understand their views and see where they need healing. Understands parts of them others probably overlooked or bruised. Believe in them and give them opportunities to live how they want to live. Really reach their goals. Send them to schools and place them in programs that they want to make a living out of. Listen, learn and care. She also hopes to publish many books and travel to places of the people who say her book inspired them to keep going. That is everything to her. That is love.

This is Brittany Monae Johnson; she was raised by the blood of two Jamaican parents. She is eighteen years old and aspires to become a model. She’s always found freedom in modeling as well as poetry. She loves travelling and connecting with people. By showing people and leaving parts of herself everywhere she travels to. She’s able to create breath taking images in beautiful places, making amazing memories and feeling like a star every single day.

She was born in Teaneck, New Jersey. She moved to Atlanta when she was 5 years old. Brittany didn’t like this move very much because she was leaving family and a place she knew as home. As she grew up in Georgia, she started to adjust to the changes and reach out to people that she felt like she connected with. Going through middle school she was chunkier and it caused her to be bullied a lot. She got called names like “muffin top” and that really placed her in the boat of low self esteem. At this time all the relationships with people in her life were terrible or just nonexistent.  Seventh grade summer she started to fall into a deep depression that she didn’t tell anyone about. At this point she was trying to lose weight in the unhealthiest of ways possible. She was starving herself and beating herself everyday for how she looked. That same summer her mother signed her up for swim Olympics without her approval and it helped a lot with her loss of weight. Things didn’t really start to look up for her until freshman year when she told her parents that she was extremely depressed and suicidal. They had gotten her professional help that really helped ease some of the mental exhaustion. As she thought things were beginning to go smoothly for her mother and herself she went through a paranormal experience that literally shook her and rounded her in all the right places at an early age. At 15 she knew what   it felt like to have weight on her shoulders and she caught a glimpse of ‘adulthood’ for she had to take the roll of her mother in the house as she went through recovery.


Amber Bogard is 24 years old, born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She is the middle child of 5. Growing up she was into playing catch and tackle football with her brothers, also making up dance routines to perform for the holidays with her older sisters and cousins. It wasn't until 5th grade that she became really interested in sports so she joined the local cheerleading squad and became captain  by her third year. When she entered middle school, she was cheerleading during summer break but wanted to join her friends on the 8th grade basketball team.

When she went ahead and told her parents she wanted to play basketball they laughed at her. They told her she couldn't play. They never thought that this sport would be the start of something incredible in her life. She met a man by the name of Melvin Burke Sr who was the coach at her sister’s high school. Every day he would see her sister and tell her to have her parents call him because he seen something in her that not even she could see. For months, her sister and she ignored him until finally one day they gave in, he finally could speak with her parents.  From there the sky was the limit, with him and her dad together as a coaching staff she was a 4-year varsity player on one of the best women high school basketball teams in Northeast Ohio, as well as the volleyball team. Every summer she played AAU basketball and traveled the country to play against some of the best basketball talent in the world! She received a full scholarship to Eastern Michigan University her junior year. At EMU in 2012 they won their conference championship and received a bid to play in the first round of the NCAA tournament. She received a MAC Championship ring engrave on it their team phrase “DONT BE DENIED” with a large E on top of the green back ground and her last name. This is one of her most prized possessions; she wears it on a chain around her neck. Amber stayed there 1 more year then transferred to Delaware State University played there for two years then graduated with her bachelor’s degree in communication. (Delaware State highlight can be found on YouTube: type in Amber Bogard)

She can honestly say being not only a college student but a STUDENT/ATHLETE is one of the hardest obstacles she’s faced so far. It really builds character; it exposes your strength but most importantly your weakness. She overcame many obstacles like balancing performing not at 100% of her best but 150% on the court while doing the same in the classroom, having to play under 4 different coaches in 4 years, learning and adjusting to their system and styles of play, and the most difficult playing Injuries which eventually led to not 1 but 2 surgeries totaling almost a year and a half of rehab (about 9 months of rehab each time). It was VERY stressful, but it was all worth it. “I must say though being the first kid out of my brothers and sister (6) to graduate from college with a degree (Bachelors in communication) is my biggest accomplishment” Amber proudly stated.

After graduation, she planned to travel overseas to continue her basketball career but the 2nd surgery stopped that. After 9 months of rehab she was finally back on the court. Soon after she received a call to go and audition for a role in a Lebron James/Nike commercial doing what she loves, playing basketball. She was picked for the commercial so she decided to take on this new path as an actress. So far it has been good, Amber was chosen to be a feature in a movie that is supposed to be huge when it airs which hopefully will lead to other huge opportunities in that industry.



Janella Taylor is from the Bronx. She is 22 and an aspiring model and the height of 5’11. Growing up she was the awkward socialite, she got along with most people but they didn't understand her or appreciate her differences. Due to her uniqueness she was teased a lot but thank God for her sense of humor because it made everything easier. Since a young age she knew people would understand her one day.

She attended modeling school, it wasn't a total flop considering the fact she gets to say she did it. Her advice is nobody can teach you to be a natural. As she got older she started to notice she could use her rareness as an advantage when it came to modeling. Eventually other people started to see her potential and she started shooting with upcoming photographers.

Currently she’s still grinding building up her portfolio, exploring, and molding herself. The more Janella became passionate about modeling, limitations went out the window. Modeling is raw, free, art, intensifyingly mesmerizing, it shouldn't have radar. This is why she fell in love with modeling you can go how far or high you want to go. 
She advises upcoming models to be comfortable, this doesn't mean comfortable with being stagnant and stationary, but comfortable that every piece of work you produce is a work of your art as well as a 1 of kind master piece. 

She believes there's no such thing as a bad or good model.  There are so many fields in modeling out there, there’s a job for anybody. If you’re dedicated and consistent you can apply yourself to master any art. Don't be upset on your first “no”, your third yes could be the deal breaker. 

Her road to success doesn't stop at modeling; alternatively her dream goal is to be an Oscar winning actress. In the near future she wants to be a successful business woman expanding her own brand! She has a dream and she’s not going to let it turn into a nightmare so she has chosen to make it her reality!



She was accepted! The feeling was so surreal for her! She had figured out a way to put herself in a magazine where she rarely seen girls who resembled her. Weeks later she received the issue that had her face in it and it was at this moment to her fascination that she decided to take modeling to a different level and actually pursue it.  “I ultimately want to grace many forms of media and inspire young girls who look to see pretty brown faces like theirs to know they can model as well.”  She is adamant about showing girls who have been turned away by model searches and talent agencies that despite what someone else’s standards are; with determination and belief in one’s self it is undeniable that you can accomplish anything you wholeheartedly pursue. “If I am able to inspire while being a model that would be very fulfilling.”  From her recollection of childhood she hopes it conveyed the love that she had for modeling from a young age. She has held tightly to this adoration that she has for art, talent and skill.

She is interested in a modeling career because as the phrase goes “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”  She wants to apply this to her life because too often people hate their jobs and this is not how she wants to live. Instead she wants to do something where her passion lies and as a result each day she is constantly figuring a way to improve herself and perfect her craft without getting the feeling like she hates her job. She finds it exhilarating during photo shoots embodying the concept and putting her own twist on it then being able to see the final product.  

Ayanna is extremely passionate about her goals and aspirations for her life. “You have to forgive me for rambling. I am a very talkative person hence communications major. When I begin talking about my passion it is hard for me to stop.” She explains

Her name is Ayanna; she often goes by “Yanna”. She is a 21 year old full time student and model. She is majoring in Strategic Communication and Leadership studies at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia.  She explains that despite going to school to become further educated in her field of study she has always held on to her true passion for modeling.

She vividly remembers what made her want to become a model so earnestly. As a child she grew up in a home that faithfully subscribed to magazines and as soon these magazines were delivered to her home she would quickly tear them open, eager to turn the crisp pages. She states “Each page that I turned I can remember feeling air briskly sweep past my face as I inhaled freshly printed pages and digested every beautiful model with my eyes.” Years passed by and she abided to this same routine until she was finally old enough to turn pages of her own. At the age of fourteen she purchased a Seventeen Magazine at a neighborhood store; at that time she began receiving her own subscription magazines monthly. Once Seventeen Magazine began rolling in, Teen Vogue soon followed.  Eventually she found herself glued to both publications and circling pieces that models wore as well as the beautiful models that filled the pages. Anytime she came across a model she liked she would fold down the edge of the page and write notes about what she loved about them such as their features, body positioning, hairstyles and even the clothes that they were modeling.  

She noticed that most of the models didn’t resemble a young African American girl such as herself; she wanted to fix this. One day she went online to see what modeling opportunities Seventeen was offering and to her surprise they were not handing out modeling contracts at the time. On the other hand she did not leave empty handed. She came across a “favorite pair of jeans” competition Seventeen was holding where subscribers could take a photo of themselves wearing their favorite pair of jeans in which you could be chosen to be featured in that particular section.  She was so determined to win the competition. She found herself taking pictures of herself in her “pop out attire” using the self timer shutter feature on her camera. She submitted two pictures she was pleased with and continuously checked her email in hopes of a reply.


Any women can go for modeling. She believes everyone brings their unique look to the table."My goals are to hopefully be able to model for high fashion designers nationally as well as internationally!" Trinitea exclaims. She's really excited for what's to come and how far she can take this. She describes her style as very simple, she like solid bold colors and shoes. "I feel like an outfit can be so simple and all it takes is a banging ass pair of kicks to set it off." She explained.

This is Trinitea Dijon her name is pronounced "Trinity". She is a college student majoring in general sciences and hopes to become a dentist in the near future. It has always been her dream ever since she was young. Her parents constantly bounced around when she was little so she had always had difficulty really stating where she is from. With the constant moving Trinitea never managed to get settled in for too long. As a young woman she never really took much interest in modeling until a friend asked her to model.
She started modeling after a friend asked her to be the face of a clothing line, after the first photoshoot she realized this was something she could actually excell at doing. With tons of practice and several photo shoots Trinitea got better and better. She had no idea that she would love it that much. It took her time to actually appreciate the art and uniqueness of her own personal look. Having her own personal style makes her different from any one else; she stands out.

The older she got the more she grew to embrace and love her black features although it hasn’t always been that way. Growing up she never took much liking in her skin or appearance. The same insecurities that held her back is now used to her advantage. Those features are what make her who she is . "I want to break barriers for other brown girls and minorities from the Dirty South" Trinitea stated.  She wants girls who look like her to feel beautiful as well as all races. Your own individual features are what makes you, you.


Jasmine has always loved things like makeup, hair, fashion, etc. In January 2015, she started her own business. It's called GemHairByJas, LLC. She started off just selling bundles but she expanded to wigs, lace closures/frontals, clip-ins and she’s currently looking into add on hot tools in the near future. She loves the idea of having something that she can completely be the boss of. She loves to constantly change her appearance, mainly her hair, so she figured she’d start her own hair business.  She just went for it and it’s doing pretty well. 

In 2016, she started feeling a lot better all around like her old self. People started to contact her about photo shoots and at first she was apprehensive but her friends and family told her she should just go for it. Growing up, she never saw herself modeling at all. Sometimes family and random strangers would ask me if she modeled or why she doesn’t model and she would look at them strangely and say "no" or just shrug her shoulders. 

Despite the confidence and self-love she has now, at times she still sees herself as this shy, dorky little girl. Wondering why the hell someone would want her to model for them. She gave modeling a shot though and she would say it's been going pretty great so far. She has met some really dope people and has been evolving mentally, physically and spiritually ever since. 

Jasmine feels like life is all about taking chances and constantly bettering yourself; doing things that scare the shit out of you. Otherwise, are you really living? She loves the experiences she’s had and she has learned a lot along the way.” I'm just excited to see what the future holds and I feel like I'm going to do amazing things”.

Jasmine is 24 years old. She grew up in Virginia Beach, VA and was raised by two amazing military parents. Jasmine parents wanted the best for her and always pushed her to her full potential. They wanted to see her be great in life no matter what that meant for their daughter. She has two brothers; she’s the middle child and also the only girl. School was pretty easy for her academically but socially was another story. She was teased a lot (even by people she called "friends") because of her eczema, braces, glasses, etc. and she didn’t dress, talk or carry herself how people thought a "normal" black girl should. In other words she didn’t meet people’s expectations. She hung out with the outcasts and the "emo" kids mainly Jasmine felt that these were people she could more relate to. She started to feel more comfortable in her own skin and learning how to love herself around the time she graduated high school. 

After high school she received her Bachelors in I.T. Management and her Masters in Information Systems. In between then, she partied a lot, promoted at clubs for a while, and just lived a crazy young life.

She started testing the waters of modeling in 2013. One day she decided to do a photo shoot. She just wanted some cute, professional pictures. Not to really start a portfolio or anything. She found a dope photographer that she saw a lot of people in the area working with. She then contacted him. The shoot was great and she loved the experience of being in front of the camera. Some time passed however, and she didn't really continue with modeling because of some things going on in her personal life. She went through a really dark time and kind of lost herself again.


When asked about his goals, Luis said, "To be completely honest, my greatest goal is to be the first male model under 6'0" to walk the runway. I see more progress the more I work in this field. Getting different ideas from different  photographers and collaborating on shoots has allowed me to express my creativity in each photo shoot. Also the fact that I've styled myself for each photo shoot gives me a spark to be myself and flow easily behind the lens. I have only been working for a year so there is still a lot of progress to be made. It comes along with trial and error and every lesson I can learn."

In order to make it in this industry you have to be marketable. Not many companies will work with someone who doesn't have a great attitude or dedicated mindset. That is where Luis' diversity and humbleness comes into play. He's very marketable because of that.

In terms of fitness, Luis visits the gym religiously; almost every single day. So much so, that he is in preparation for a men's physique competition in May so he has to eat based on a meal plan, just as he has to stay committed to a workout routine.

Luis hopes to open doors for others who wish to be a model and to show them that no one needs to be a victim of circumstances. He says, "You do not have to let your situation define you, nor do you have to listen to naysayers." There were people who told Luis that he was not the modeling type, and that he didn't have any talent, but he's worked hard to get where he is today. Luis also wants to open up a modeling or talent agency for inner-city kids to show the talent hidden behind the violence or negativity. He wants to give back to his city. 

This is Luis Polanco. He is a black and Puerto Rican male model from Camden, New Jersey. Luis is interested in a modeling career because it's a way to open up doors for his nieces whose dreams are to be models as well. He wants to be able to have enough experience to guide and mentor them in the industry. He also does it to promote positivism for his city. He says, "It's no longer just something I want to do, but will do and have to."

Luis is currently in the military and is a kickboxing instructor at ilovekickboxing in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. However, Luis hasn't been so blessed his entire life. Growing up in Camden, Luis was constantly surrounded by drugs and at the age of 15 one of his best friends was shot and killed on the same day as his cousin's funeral. If his aunt hadn't removed him from the area, Luis fears that he might've became a product of that environment. His last promise to her before she passed away was that he would make something of himself and become someone that his family could be proud of. It wasn't until a year ago that he translated that promise into a modeling career.

Luis has not taken any courses as far as fashion or modeling is concerned, however he has been lucky enough to be surrounded by friends who have been stylists for Levi's and fashionistas like his brother, and an eye for creating his own look. 

Luis is fit to be a model because of his persistence, perseverance and diversity in looks and body type. Not only that, but his humbleness and genuineness makes him easy to work with because he bring smiles and different styles to each set. 


Modeling has broadened aspects of her life by communicating more with others, being creative, experiencing personal growth and developing into the model she is today. In addition to her modeling career she became the 1st Toronto Caribbean girl for Carib101. She has modeled at fashion shows in Toronto and Montreal wearing Caribbean costumes for band launches which was published in few magazines. She was also a part of the Crown Royal commercial. She currently started working with Lifestyle Magazine America and Enrique Modeling Agency.

Tiffany’s goal as a model is to remain focused, make memories, and most of all being passionate about her work. Tiffany is always looking forward to being a better version of her because she believes there is always room for growth.

Tiffany Martin is from Toronto, Canada but her background is St.Vincent and the Grenadines. Tiffany originally started modeling because she was told that she had the ability to become a model. She would always decline offers and she didn't want to be in front of the camera because she wasn't confident in herself. She was then asked to do a photo shoot, it felt weird at first but after doing it so often she felt more comfortable and happy.

Now that Tiffany is a bit older she very much understands the business more. She has decided that modeling is a career she would love to pursue.  Being a model is about being “you” naturally. She believes that anyone is fit to be model once you are willing to work long hours and be in uncomfortable positions while not showing the emotions on your face and most of all believing in yourself.
Today's technology is so different that models are able to market themselves in many different ways. Letting others see their talents on different levels through social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more helps express who you are. Her career as a model was a great choice because she’s different in many ways. She appreciates the respect she receives at photo shoots, it keeps her going.


Ty's goals as a model are not only to get signed by a great agency and to be able to model for major brands, but she also wants to be able to inspire girls who are just like her! Ty wants to inspire girls who struggle with insecurities, because she truly feels as though every girl should feel good about themselves! 

Ty doesn't always eat healthy but she's in the process of coming up with a meal plan for herself. Ty also doesn't exercise as much as she believes she should but that's something that she's wanting and needing to do more of because Ty understands that it's very important to keep up with your body in this business.  

Ty hopes to be able to travel more and work with a lot of different photographers who have different styles. She wants to be seen as a very diverse model! Ty also looks forward to being able to relocate to a bigger city! 

 In terms of influences, Ty's favorite model at the moment is Nadirah Ali. Ali is such a true beauty and she's working hard for her career, and she puts out some great high quality work. Which are some of the main reasons why Ty respects Ali so much. Ty's favorite designer is none other than Marc Jacobs. She loves the vintage look and he has a lot of different, bold colors and old styles in his designs.

Ty describes her style as very vintage. She feels like her looks bring that type of good vibe, so she tries to base a lot of her shoots off of a vintage feel.Ty loves anything black and white; especially all of her black and white photos. Overall, Ty thinks fashion is about being who you are and dressing however you feel, or want, as long as you are happy and confident! 


Tyonna DeAndria Priestley, aka Ty, is 20 years old and Modeling has been a dream of hers since the age of 5. She loves this career not only because she loves posing for the camera, but because she loves to make art as well. 

Ty grew up in a small town named Clinton, South Carolina. Her mom was a single mother to Ty and her older brother, but They all lived with Ty's grandmother. Her mother and her grandmother worked hard to make sure that their kids had a good life even though they weren't rich. 

Eventually Ty's mom got married, when she was 9 years old. They then moved to Fountain Inn, South Carolina. In school, Ty found it hard to fit in with anyone because she was such a shy girl. There, she also attended Woodmont High School. Ty was very athletic in high school; cheering competitively all four years while also playing basketball and running track. She graduated in the year 2014 and went on to attend Greenville technical college for 2 years. Ty has yet to finish college but she does plan on going back to get her degree in Dental Hygiene. 

Ty has great attributes that make her fit to be a high industry super-model. She is an outgoing person and very passionate about what she does. 


She learned that the enemy is not always on the outside, but sometimes the enemy is who you share your own blood line with. With all the trials and tribulations that she has experienced she knows it's for a purpose. De'ja wants to be an inspiration to people all over the world, especially young women. She wants everyone to know that no matter what you're going through, or what you may have been through don't give up because God is on your side.

This is De'Ja Nicole, she is 21 years old, and was born in Beaufort, South Carolina where her father was stationed in the military. Her family moved to Missouri when her father was released from the military. De'ja and her family currently lives thereDe'ja never knew that they were struggling as a child because no matter what, on birthdays and special holidays her mother and grandmother managed to make sure they were taken care of, even if she went without. De'ja admires her mother's strength and her ability to never give up.

As a child De'ja was always creative, and she always had an eye for the beauty industry. She had this passion for drawing, so she asked her mom to buy her a journal where she began creating her own clothing line. At that time she didn’t DREAM of becoming a model, she thought that she was too "short" or "big" to be a model. So many people were against her stepping out on FAITH and following her dreams.  They were worried about De'ja becoming a failure rather than becoming successful.  Her older sister Bria was her inspiration growing up. Although they were two years a part, she encouraged De'ja and gave her strength which she needed because of the back and forth between their parents.  She was perfect in De'ja's eyes, beautiful, tall, and skinny, with long hair; she was what De'ja thought of being the American dream. She modeled as a child and De'ja remembered going to her castings thinking "man when I grow up I want to be just like my sister." As you can see, words are truly more powerful than we all realize because here De'ja is 10 years later following in her sisters footsteps.

 As a child De'ja knew something was different about her; throughout middle school and high school girls always found reasons not to like her. She never understood why, because she didn't even know half of the girls to begin with. Growing up, she was betrayed by so many people she thought were her friends. Even recently at college De'ja lost a few people that she thought were her friends but it turned out they never were. Now, she's very cautious about the people she brings around her and her family. De'ja has gone through so much heartache in her life, but as she's gotten older she realized that this was all a part of Gods plan.

To all the grinders out there, when people are intimidated by you they will do anything in their power to break you down! A theme, that De'ja is used to having in her life. She's had family members tell her that she doesn't need to be chasing her dreams and that nothing will come from it. That really opened her eyes.


reion believes that she’s a good fit for modeling because of the joy and true passion that she has for it. She wants this to become a part of her everyday lifestyle. She is willing to go through all trials and tribulations to get where she needs to go and to be who she wants to be in this industry.

As a model, Ireion wants to do it all. She has no limitations, but she does have her own lane. She mostly likes fashion editorials from the 80s and 90s era, but she's also into the beauty and glamour of that era. Ireion is in the process of making modeling something that's more than just something that she does on the side.

Ireion tries her best to eat nutritiously. She eats both what's good and bad for you. She likes vegetables, but she has her days where she would like a burger. But, Ireion doesn't really work out as much as she should.

Ireion's favorite models are Chasity Samone and Kayla Raquel. Chastity Samone is more into the industry then Kayla Raquel, but Ireion likes them both for different reasons. She likes Chastity because she's so humble and Ireion gets this feeling that she is a genuine person. And Ireion admires everything that she puts out. Ireion likes Kayla Raquel because she's so relatable. Kayla and her are both Cancers. Just by following her on social media, she sees that they have a lot in common.

Modeling started out as a hobby. Her very first shoot was back in August of 2015. She was so nervous, but she remembers everything in full detail. Although she was nervous, she knew this was something that she wanted to continue doing and to get better at.

Her name is Ireion Durel, and she’s from New Orleans, Louisiana. Ireion was 13 years old when she moved to Atlanta, Georgia. New Orleans was all she knew up until Hurricane Katrina hit back in 2006. She's grown to like Atlanta for what it is, but it's still not home for her. Once she graduated from high school Ireion didn't know what she wanted to attend college for or if she even wanted to go. Ireion liked web designing at the time, so that's what she decided to major in. She was going to attend Art Institute of Atlanta, but that wasn't in her mom's plans for her. Ireion ended up attending Atlanta Metropolitan State College. They didn't have web design so; it was like she was back at square one. Ireion wasted 3 years at that school, not knowing what she wanted to do. In 2016, she found a passion for makeup and hair. So, Ireion stopped going to community college to pursue a career in Cosmetology. She's 23 years old now and still figuring this thing called life out.

Ireion hasn't taken any modeling or fashion merchandising related courses. Everything that she knows about modeling and the industry comes with experience and growth.
Model Theresa Yevette Barrett, better known as Yeeve, is the only child and grandchild, hailing from Lake Charles, Louisiana. Yeeve has been competing in beauty pageants since she was 3 and modeling since the age of 11. It was tough for her, but as she got older it became normal. Yeeve grew up in a really small town, and growing up she didn't have any real friends. The girls in school used to think that Yeeve was stuck up because she competed in beauty pageants which resulted in her being bullied. They would call her all kinds of mean names, and some of them broke into her home Those girls put Yeeve through so much, but her mom was there to help her get through it. And sometimes, Yeeve's father would help too but he was in and out of her life due to his drug addiction. Yeeve's dad died October 2014 and her mom died September 2016 during the first week she left home for college.   

Being a model and doing pageants is all that Yeeve knows and can't see herself doing anything else. Another reason she's interested in this career is because it's what she was raised around. This is what her mother trained and prepared her for. Her mother made her focus on this career so now Yeeve is mostly doing it to make her mother proud. 

Yeeve is a mass media arts major at Texas Southern University. There is a course called the "art of storytelling" that is best related to what Yeeve does and in this course she learns how to effectively express and control her emotions through body language, which is something every model should try to master. To Read Full Article Click MADE!
​In late 2014, Ohio native Taylor Eve’ moved to the ATL with a goal and a purpose and she instantly fell in love with the city. At the age of 25, Taylor Eve’ has gained experience in photo shoots with many local and national photographers. Eve’ also landed a role in the hit TV show The Originals. 
It has always been a career goal for Taylor Eve’ to dominate the acting and modeling industry, but her career was always put on the back burner growing up. Making sure that she graduated college was her main priority. On a track and field Scholarship, Taylor Eve’ graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy in 2014 with a degree in English, double minoring in Multi-Media Journalism and Women’s Studies. 
​After graduating, Taylor Eve’ knew she only wanted to do one thing, and that was to pursue her dreams. Feeling that she only went to college because she wanted to make her family proud, she knew that ATL was the only place to make her dreams come true. Linking up with a local ATL modeling team, Taylor Eve’ gained the experience she needed to build the confidence she already knew she had. Going out for every casting call that she saw allowed her to network and build a strong portfolio. ​

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Ms. Eve taking advantage of opportunities with comedian Desi Banks, and actor Jeremy Anderson!

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Model TaylorEve' Made an appearance in UrbanLux magazine fall issue page 16 

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Her name is Shauri Lafontant but she goes by her middle name, Kim. She is 18 years old she grew up as the only child. Kim is a model that stands at 5'1", who is originally from Haiti. She was born in the city called Jacmel. Kim speaks fluent creole and understands some French. Kim loves her country and can't wait for the day that all of her dreams come true so that she can go back to Haiti and give back to her people.

Being born in Haiti, Kim just became a U.S. Citizen before she turned 18. She didn't have a lot of opportunities as the American kids had, because she was illegal. Her Father fought so hard for her to become a U.S. Citizen. As an immigrant the process of everything was so hard for Kim. It was very difficult for her and her family. Every lawyer Kim's dad hired in the last couple of years has had something bad happen, where Kim and her family did not receive the results they wanted. Kim's dad invested so much money into helping her become a legalized citizen. She has watched him, as he has never given up on her; even when some of the lawyers said that they couldn't do anything for her. 

When she was 17 Kim and her dad found a lawyer online, located in Downtown Philadelphia. They scheduled to meet with the lawyer and he gave them a set time to be by his office the next day. Well, when the day came to go meet with the lawyer, Kim made her and her dad late, so they got there 10 minutes after the appointment time. When they arrived, the lawyer told them that he wasn't accepting them anymore. Kim's dad was so mad at her for that, which made her really sad. Kim was praying for God to help her because all she was thinking about was that it was all her fault that they didn't get to the appointment on time. A couple hours went by when Kim and her dad made it home. Kim's dad sat in the living room on his laptop searching for another lawyer. Once he found one, her dad called her into the living room and said that he had found a lawyer. The lawyer was a woman by the name of Chelsea. Kim's dad called her and the lawyer told them that's they could come down to her office that same day, which was still the day on which she had missed the first appointment. When they arrived, Chelsea was very nice, and Kim loved her ever since she met her. When they first met, it was just straight to business. Ever since Kim has been in America, she has not been able to go back home to Haiti. She spent 11 years in America with no papers and she also didn't see her Mom. But, Kim's newfound lawyer, Chelsea, made everything work out for her. As the process continued, the only way that Kim was going to be able to get her papers was  if she had went back to Haiti and started over by passing through immigrations again. And Chelsea made that happen for Kim, and she got to see her mom and the rest of her family for the first time in 11 years. 
The last time that Kim visited Haiti was in July, 2016. She started her mission to give back by handing out a lot of her own clothes that she didn't need anymore along with shoes, and whatever else she could find to give out. She said, "I love seeing my own people smile. I love putting a smile on their face. If I had more I would do more; I will in the future and that's a promise.

Kim was raised by her father's side of the family, while her mom resides in Haiti. She and her mom have a strong, healthy relationship despite the fact that she's all the way across the world. Kim and her mother talk everyday and and her mom always tells her to chase her dreams. Kim's Mom always prayed for her and told her that somebody is going to recognize her one day. Kim believes that she was born to be a star, and with strong support from her family there is no doubt that she will be a star.


Fashion to Bri is a form of expression. It shows who you are, your attitude, and even how you’re feeling. Fashion to her tells a story. One of the first things you do in the morning is pick out an outfit. Even the simplest person puts some thought into why they chose each article of clothing and to Bri, that’s representative of who you are!


Briana Smith also known as Bri, is a 22 year old aspiring model who was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.

She grew up in a tight knit family; born to an African American father, and a Puerto Rican mother. She never really had it bad growing up but she did face a lot of problems in school. She was either picked on by boys or disliked by the girls. Bri always loved to get dressed for school and and she didn’t care what anyone else thought. She always had confidence in herself, which of course had its pros and its cons. Bri was always one of the smaller girls in school so people thought they could take advantage of that! But that was not the case. She always stood up for herself. That in turn made her into a bit of an introvert. That has made people perceive her as “the mean girl” or “the stuck up girl” but if you get to know her you would see that she's the complete opposite.
Bri wants to work as a model because its something she genuinely loves doing. She always loved taking pictures because she feels that it's very important to capture memories. It inspires her, builds confidence and also inspires others.

Bri is fit to be a model because its what she loves. She possess the confidence that is key in being successful. She believes that as long as you believe in yourself, someone will believe in you as well.

Bri's goal as a model is to be successful. She wants to inspire people to live their dreams and do what they love. Bri wants to be able to help break the barriers of this industry. Standing at 5’0 in this industry is a nightmare for her and for most. She wants to help change that, and help increase the number of “petite” successful models.'

In terms of barriers and limitations, Bri believes that she is her biggest limitation. Sometimes she can be her own worst enemy. She tends to doubt herself because of her height, but if she lets that hold her back then she’d be doing herself a huge disservice. Bri won’t let anything hold her back from going after what she want.

Her style can be categorized as being very interesting, because she can't really put it into one specific category. She just goes with the flow. She's obsessed with the 80s/90s and loves grunge. So as long as its funky, comfortable, and makes some kind of statement, its in Bri's closet.



Genesis, also known as Genny,  was born and raised in Harlem, NY. Genny is 21 years old, but she has an old soul. At 14 years old, Genny had gone to numerous agencies and was getting turned down for being too short. To make matters worse, she had also gone to fraud agencies who just wanted her money. This was very discouraging to Genny, but it has not stopped her from chasing her dream. 

Genny became a model to communicate with others, create art and relatable photos. She would love to be able to influence, as well as learn from, the fashion and art world. But, she'd also love to show that anyone can do what they love no matter the obstacles, setbacks or hardships that may come with it. 

Growing up, Genesis had a lot of self esteem issues and saw herself as the "ugly duckling". She never truly felt pretty and didn't love herself for who she was. She struggled to find her  place, and felt lost. Having issues at home and everywhere else made her feel alone and confused. Little by little things started looking up, and she began to understand that she was beautiful inside and out, and that she had so much to offer and needed to love herself before she can learn to love anyone or anything else. In order to reach her maximum potential in life she had to be content with who she was as an individual. 

Genny is Dominican, and very proud of her heritage. She explains, "Being Dominican is truly the highlight of my life because there's nothing like a good ol' bachata, a nice mangu with a cold presidente, around family to make me feel invincible." Being able to be so culturally rich helps her share things about her culture to others and share what makes being a Dominican so great to her. 

Genny never attended fashion modeling courses or anything related to it. She is a self taught, self made artist, but she still believe that there's a lot of room for growth and learning. She still has a lot to learn about the industry and hopes to do so soon. 

In terms of her place in the fashion world, Genesis thinks she's fit to be a model because she has a unique look; a look she calls an "androgynous" look. Genny has been told that she has a photogenic face, which gives her the ability to make anything come to life and convey any emotion needed to create the shot, which is a great quality for a model.
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Kariah is fit to be a model because she's dedicated to the things that she pursues. When she first started, she just thought you could be a pretty girl in front of the camera and then she learned that there's really so much more to it. When speaking to her about that, this is what she had to say: "...That made me want to do better. Looking at my photos from when I first started, I just see so much growth. That's really all modeling is; perfecting your look, your poses, and just taking it serious."

Kariah's goals as a model is to be successful as any model would want. Kariah told us that she feels like she's just a regular girl, and that she wants to show other girls that they can pursue anything that they want to do in life, as cliche as that might sound. To Read Full Article Click: The Truth !!

THE TRUTH | Photo By Matthiaskhan

Kariah Still is a 23 year-old. And Her actual life story is nothing out of the usual. She was born and raised in the South of Jersey. Her father died when she was 2, so she was raised by her mother, and she did have a great step-father. On her dad's side of the family is where she gets her passion for modeling from. They are all very creative people. Everyone can sing , and her dad and uncle even owned a comedy club back in the day. Kariah's aunt was actually a print model, and she was on perm boxes back in the 80s/90s. Even then, Kariah just thought it was the coolest thing, and she just knew that she wanted to be just like her. So, it's definitely something that she's been around her whole life. 

Kariah has always been rebellious, so she's normally the person that has to learn her lessons the hard way. She has definitely had times in her younger days that she regrets that she wishes she could change. Kariah has been in trouble before and she's had some bad relationships that have broke her self-esteem, but with age comes growth. She just continued to keep getting better, and to not settle. 

Kariah is a model because of the art behind it. "The idea that you can help bring someone else's vision to life, or to even make someone feel an emotion based off your look is a great feeling" she said. Being a model allows Kariah to constantly re-invent herself and to push herself outside the box of her normal expectations. 

Career-wise, Kariah wants to be a fashion merchandiser. Being a model and working in front of the camera with street brands and stylists gives her a whole different perspective on styles and trends along with what looks good.

Fashion merchandising was always Kariah's dream major, even since she was young. She's just gravitated towards that. When she first started school, she was pursuing other things to please her family and she just wasn't happy. Now that she's going back to school, she plans on attending the Art Institute of Philadelphia to pursue Fashion Marketing. The business side of fashion is what interests Kariah. Choosing the styles that people will buy and setting trends for the year is very exciting to her!

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Melyssa Amour has been modelling since the age of 6. She grew up in front of the camera as her father was a professional photographer. Modeling was always fun to her growing up and she enjoyed playing dress up for the camera. Now that she is older and understands the business a lot more, Melyssa believes she has the professionalism and what it takes to work as a model.

Being a woman of color in the modeling industry is challenging for her but it’s great. Melyssa is so happy to represent for women of color. It has become a little better for a woman of color to break out in the industry but still have a long way to go. She's m from Toronto, Canada but her background is Dominican. Not from the Dominican Republic but from the Island of Dominica in the Caribbean. But in terms of modeling and making this a career, it is something that she lives for. Due to today's technology, models are able to market themselves and let the world see their  talents on a different level and platform; on such outlets like YouTube and Instagram for example. Many models and artists have been discovered through these media channels, where this was not possible or available back in the day and a lot of models can attest to that.

Melyssa is fit to be a model because she's unique in her own right and she bring a variety of different elements, styles and creativity to a photo shoot. 
Although photo shoots are never the same and depending on the job and its requirements, you have to be a chameleon and know how to adapt and portray the look/image the photographer is trying to capture, and I do that very well. Melyssa has modeled in fashion shows and has done a lot of print ads. She's also done a few music videos and has been in a few magazines. She's very passionate about her work, so she always gives a 110% in all that she do, while having fun, of course

Melyssa's goals as a model are to reach to the top of course and to make a name for herself. She also wants to challenge herself and to see how far she can go. Melyssa would like to leave a positive mark in the industry and make her family proud.  In the next few years she would like to pursue other options such as acting, television/broadcasting and public speaking. Melyssa has taken some acting classes to gain more knowledge and confidence and she hopes that it will all pay off soon.

Melyssa goes to the gym 3 times a week and focuses on her overall core. She doesn't want to be too muscular; she just wants to be fit with all the right curves.    

When it comes to modeling, Melyssa does have some limitations. She does not not do completely nude photoshoots. She likes photos that are artistic and not raunchy.

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Queen Santie wants to work as a model because she has been interested in modeling since She was a kid. She's always felt free and natural in front of the camera. Modeling is one of her many passions, but she plans on getting into acting as well. 

Having gone through a lot and having many experiences, Queen's life story could be an entire book. At the age of 22 years old, Queen is an Aquarius woman trying to live life to the fullest, with no regrets. This beautiful young model hails from DC and she has seen and been through some things in her life that she wishes  she could take back, but she understands that everything is a lesson and every lesson is one learned. Everything that she has been through has molded her into the person she is today. Trust me, she'll be the first to admit that she doesn't know everything. She has struggled at a very young age. Queen Santie has even been homeless before. The most important thing for her was to stay humble, learn as much as she could and stay true to herself.  

Queen Santie's goals as a model are to be published in many magazines and get her name recognized globally. 

Though she is a model and  loves to keeps herself active, Queen Santie loves to eat! She does not eat beef or pork because it's simply not healthy for you. She use to be a complete vegan, but now she mostly eats seafood, and chicken from time to time. To Read Article Click: Spills Her Truth!!


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Modeling is one business where women outearn men and female models get more mainstream recognition. Now we see why Queen Santie look is beyond amazing! Queen Santie is poised to break out big; social-media clout and screaming fans. You heard it hear first by Blkticketconcept! For BookingPlease email [email protected]

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