A large portion of mainstream music flows between these two spaces, sounds are repetitive ( generic) and people fall for the character and role they play instead of the art ( gimmick). I choose to shift my thoughts away from these things because focusing on superficiality or comparing journeys for me is a misuse of energy. Granted, others may “get on” or become mainstream sooner, but ask yourself how long do they last? It is our responsibility as those who create and write to continue to do what feels real and answer the call for pure music. I am inspired by the generation rising now, they are invested in authenticity rather than the gimmicks. Genuine artistry superseeds everything because that is the music that resonates with you soul and your experiences- it is and will continue to be the music that makes you feel something- there will always be a demand for that type of creativity”.

Stephan started making music as a form of therapy. He needed a way to process his thoughts and emotions. The first song he wrote and felt comfortable with was “Conversations with Cupid”. Music has been a catalyst of change and growth for him. Stephan’s parents has always been supportive of him. Stephan expressed to us that he is very fortunate to have his parents and their support means a lot to him. They support him 110%.

Stephan believes he is the best at what he does but there is always room for improvement. “I think when you approach your craft and center mindset around being “the best” you place a cap on what you can do and will achieve” he stated. Stephan understands that there is always more work to do and he’s always looking forward to learning from people who has mastered their craft. His mission is to touch as many hearts and souls he possibly can, and then he would entertain calling himself “the best”.

Stephans style and delivery is a reflection of him as an artist. He introduces a full scope of his emotions when he performs. Stephan likes to invite his guests into an atmosphere where he has their undivided attention when he’s performing. “I write my songs, curate my sets, and perform in a way that takes the listener on a journey through life and everything we experience from love, relationships, and the lessons in-between” he stated.

The most important items in Stephan’s music collections would be his mic and mc stand. They are up with him all hours of the night as he practices performing and imagining sold out venues.

The last track Stephan listened to was “Too Fast” by Sonder. 



Meet music artist Stephan Marcellus. Stephan was born in Brooklyn, NY but grew up in Englewood, NJ. He grew up in a home full of music. Stephan’s parents are Guyanese so he vividly remembers soca but he let us know that he is blessed because his parents played many different genres of music during his childhood. The genres his parents played ranges from soul all the way to country music. His dad mainly played the country music; one of Stephan’s favorite country songs is “The Chain Gain” by Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers. The sound that Stephan describes himself musically is alternative-soul. Some his favorite musicians are Seal, Ed Sheeran, Sam Cook, and Alanis Morissette.

Stephan collaborates with his guitarist Chris Vntg, ANS Studios for production, and for his visuals, his Creative Director Alaya Lynae. Stephan’s music has changed from when he first started, it is now more mature, unapologetic, and bolder.” It’s raw and feels more like me; definitely a reflection of my growth as both a man and an artist” he stated. Stephan’s lyrics derive from a place of vulnerability. Writing is therapy for him and his lyrics are inspired by anything he has endured in his past and lessons he has learned along the way.

Stephans dream as a music artist is to headline a sold out show at Wembley Stadium in London which happens to be one of the largest venues in the world.​

We asked Stephan “Is America so superficial that the best lyrical artists are surpassed and outsold by generic mainstream artists” and he stated “ The reason why people believe America is “superficial” when it comes to music is because on some level we have active examples that prove this to be true. In my opinion there is a huge difference between “generic” sound and a “gimmick”. 


Cash Clay Beats, the legendary music producer, was born on March 18, 1980 in Saint Louis, Missouri. Saint Louis is a city known for its culture, food and contemporary styles. His Mom introduced him to the spot light early on around the age of four.  Modeling at a young age sparked an interest in entertainment inside of him.  The last decade of the 20th century was not an easy time for Cash Clay, as the gang violence and the illegal drug industry surrounding him in all parts of his life.   Cash Clay was able to escape all of that by playing sports and attending church every Sunday.  By the time he was 16, he took an interest in the rap style of music. This bold choice was the beginning of his musical journey. He never thought that the piano lessons would help him in his future, but he was wrong and his mom was right. When he turned 23, he bought his first professional keyboard.

We had the chance to catch up with Music artist Kasey Alease. Kasey Alease was born and raised in  St.Louis, Mo. Kasey Alease got into theater class in high school where she was exposed to acting and singing. She then got into Orchestra and played the piano and violin. Kasey also started doing poems while in high school. After high school she continued her education at Tennessee State. She knew music was something she loved to do and she took it serious. Kasey Alease’s parents were very shocked that she wanted to pursue music but they have supported her from day one.

The biggest music influences that Kasey Alease has are Lil Wayne and Missy Elliot. Kasey is open to collaborate with anyone. She just has a few requirements and that is, the song has to be put on all streaming sites and a video has to be shot. We understood Kasey Alease’s requirements because exposure is everything.

Kasey Alease’s music has changed a lot from when she first started doing music. She feels like she has truly grown as an artist and her music has a lot to do with her coming into her womanhood. She experience some tough times during her life journey and her music definitely shows that. In the past, she felt like her music was more raunchy, sexual, and fun.
When Kasey Alease writes she aims to surprise her audience and blow them away. She explained to us that her current situation inspires her plus hunger and ambition.

We asked Kasey Alease what would be her dream venue and she stated “Might sound crazy but I would love to be featured on the young and the restless . My grandma watches that every single day matter fact twice a day. And definitely the Grammys”.

Kasey feels that America is so superficial that the best lyrical artists are surpassed and outsold by generic mainstream artist. She has had the opportunity to meet some of the best lyrically inclined people on her journey and they didn’t have a huge follower count. “I feel that also the perception is all wrong and now it’s not even about how talented you are but how popular you are” she stated. TO READ FULL ARTICLE CLICK TOUGH!!


During our interview we had the opportunity to ask Dj Pressure “What do you usually start with when preparing for a set” he replied “The first thing I have to consider is where am I Djing, which determines the crowd I’m catering to. Every city has their own song they consider a hit which means I have to stay up on what’s hot and who’s the newest artist 24/7. After that it’s easy for me to get in my zone and instantly turn the crowd up”.  

Dj Pressure enjoys the life of being a DJ he stated the most rewarding part about being a DJ is being able to be in a position to change lives, break tracks and be a part of the culture.

We also ask Dj pressure the question “Do you have any DJ role models?” he stated “I have to salute a couple of my OG’s like Bigga Rankin and Swamp Izzo . Bigga Rankin has been in my corner from the moment he walked in and seen me host. We speak very often and our relationship continues to grow. Swamp Izzo has also been a blessing for me from Day one. It has been nothing but genuine love, and that’s “Big Bro Forever”, but out of all the people that has helped me the most, I give all the thanks to my brother Bossman Chino. Bossman Chino has been by my side and has never left. It’s been a few times where I was about to quit in the beginning stages and my brother was right there to keep motivating me to never give up and quit . “That’s My Brudda My Goon “!


Samir Ferguson, better known as DJ Pressure, is a multitalented DJ and Host. Born in Miami Florida but raised in East Atlanta, Ga., Since solidifying his career as a DJ, he has won the Bigga Rankin / Tampa Mystic Industries Most Wanted 2016 Diamond Award, nominated for the SCMA Award as Best Hype Man of the Year , he was also nominated for the Hip Hop Awards “DJ OTY Award ." Before he was DJ Pressure, he was the hype man for an artist who exposed him to the Indy artist open mic scene. DJ Pressure started going to this event so much that he ended up learning most of the artist’s music. This is what turned him into being the hype man for many of the artists, and eventually led to him hosting the entire event. Tampa Mystic was the first person to give him an opportunity to host and his career has been growing ever since. From the open Mic’s came the tour life.  Due to DJ Pressure being consistent he’s now able to take his talents on the road with Young Scooter and TK Kravitz as their official Dj.

Dj Pressure always had dreams of being an artist he was known as “Money Mir”. However when he was exposed to the DJ life he was hungry to learn all there was to know about the art. He had many mentors such as Humble G & Zaytoven even gave him his first mixing board turntables, he fell in love with becoming a DJ after practicing and molding his skills at home by chopping and mixing music with his laptop. His mentors introduced him to the game and from there on he knew this was his destiny.



Meet artist Kimberly London AKA Kimi London. Kimi London was born and raised in Memphis, TN. As a little girl she grew up watching her dad produce music for her uncle, he had a mini studio set up in a closet. Kimi’s dad would always get her and her brother to sing along and rap with him for fun on the mic. Kimi London was literally always surrounded by music.



Meet R&B recording artist Ashton London. Ashton is from Memphis, TN. He started singing in church where his grandmother. He shocked everyone by singing his father’s speech instead of reciting it. Ashton’s mother entered him into his first talent show at the age of 5. He won and from there he knew he wanted to share his gift of singing to the entire world. 



Mostly all Imani’s collaborations are done with Isaac “Chill” Yowman. He produced her entire LP titled “The Introduction. If she had a chance to collaborate with someone on one song it would be Prince, Bruno Mars, or Beyoncé.

Imani’s music has changed tremendously; it has come from modern day R&B with a lot of 808 to a hybrid of Pop, Funk, and R&B with live instrumentation. She is very grateful for the growth as an artist. Imani’s main inspiration when she is in the writing process is to bring happiness back to music. "To bring intelligence back to people listening and get the human race to level up. There are human aspects of living that we have forgotten, and the Imaní Scott brand is here to remind us of them."

One of Imani’s dreams she wishes to accomplish during her music career is to perform in the Madison Square Garden in New York City. She strives daily to be the best at her craft. She loves feedback from her team and fans to help her throughout her personal and performance growth journey. Imani believes the most uplifting, influential, positive song to date is “Why Don’t Cha” which can be found on her debut EP titled The Introduction”. “Take a listen and you’ll agree” Imani stated.

Imani was jamming to her song “Cut a Rug” which is the first song on her EP “The Introduction” as she concluded our interview. We asked Imani are there any last words she wanted to leave us with and she stated “Thanks for the invite and PEACE OUT!

Meet music artist Ms. Imani Scott. Imani grew up in the Acres Home community, a well-known suburb in Houston, Texas. She is also a graduate of Sam Houston State University. Imani’s music journey started when her sister Erica caught her singing “Amazing Grace” (the Destiny’s Child Version) in the bathroom. Erica then ran into her mother’s room shouting to her mom that Imani could sing. Her mother was in disbelief after hearing her sing, Imani explained.  From that point on her mother had her participating in the church choir, school choir, talent shows, and even singing to entertain relatives. Imani competed heavily in high school which eventually landed her a scholarship on the Prairie View A & M University Chorale Team.  Imani took her musical passion to the next level in little to no time with influences from her two cousins Kool and Feek.

Imani started music because it was the only thing that made her feel like she had a voice without screaming. Her mother always pushed her towards music since day one. However her support slightly changed as Imani started losing focus in school.  Her father who she referred to as her “Dadager” is not only her manager he’s her investor as well. At first his support was a little rocky, at Imani’s first live performance he told her to “just give up and focus on school”, Imani stated. Now her dad is very supportive when it comes to Imani’s music career. Her step mother Deb is also very supportive.

There are many things and people who have influenced Imani’s music. She started by telling us live instrumentation is one of them. “Live instrumentation gives me life, happiness therefore it is a huge influence in my music” Imani stated. There are also some legends that Imani mentioned that has made a major influence to create her music like Prince, Chaka Khan, Beyoncé, Missy Elliot, Andre 3000, Bruno Mars, The Gap Band, etc.  She explained further that these artists all have one thing in common, they are/were strong entertainers. Most of her musical inspiration stems from 70’s, she ensured us that we would definitely see the influence on her production and verbiage that she uses.
Beyle’s music is influenced by her life experiences and emotions. “When I was younger I wanted to write about the things my friends experienced, and what I saw in my everyday life. As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more personal because I want my audience to know the side I don’t show as often. I want to capture the moments that I can’t get back, and show that I go through obstacles like everybody else”.

Beyle’s dream venue is to perform in the Fedex Forum in Memphis TN.  She hasn’t heard of too many artists that have performed there, and she thinks it would be so awesome for all of her family and friends to be able to come out and see her perform.

Beyle feels that a lot of major lyricists have been slept on. She mentioned Remy Ma as a prime example. “She for sure has been slept on in the past. Like she’s the goat, and she’s a lyrical beast. She makes people listen to her” she stated.

When Beyle is feeling the moment she tries to find the closest instrumental she can to interpret and/or represent her raw emotions. Beyle feels like the instrumental is very important key when it comes to writing new material and it sets the tone for the audience.

Beyle loves being an influential person to the youth and being an advocate for those who may need her.   I’m more in love with my fans than I am the hype of people liking me. I also give it to you straight forward, and a lot of people can’t take how blunt I am. But I just want everybody around me winning, and successful” she stated

The most important thing in Beyle’s music collection is her first album “Your Loss”. The first song she ever recorded started it all and that’s her single “your loss”. We wanted to get more details about Beyle’s mindset when she recorded this single and what inspired it. She revealed to us that she wanted all of her ex’s to know it was their loss not hers. She wanted them to know she didn’t lose anything she wants back, and now they’re going to feel it. That record gave Beyle her confidence back because she was able to put everything she had gone through in that record. She’s in a much better place now.

Beyle’s dream collaboration would be with Tupac. We asked her to explain more and she stated “I definitely think the track would touch souls. I’m a very passionate artist, I want my fans to feel every lyric through their bones. Tupac would be the perfect person to collaborate with because we would mesh perfectly with the real life obstacles we speak on and the advice we also give through our music. It’s always an underlying message.


Meet Music Artist Demetria Bailey (known as Beyle in the music industry). Beyle was born and raised in Memphis, TN. She didn’t grow up with a hard life however, she explained to us that she did grow up in a messed up environment where it’s every man for themselves. “I grew up with crack heads at our corner stores and a government that failed us. It really wasn’t much for the youth so I got involved in sports, start writing poems to start expressing myself, and joined my school’s choir” she stated. Everything Beyle tried out for in school, she made it. She was able to recite her poems at school programs and she also won homecoming queen four times throughout middle and high school. Beyle started out singing solos in her family’s church at a very young age. She continued with music all through school, and got a chance to be on television and perform in concerts with her high school choir. She always wrote rhymes, such as poems, and she’s always had a musical background. Her parents always encouraged her to go after her dreams and had her back 100%.

So when she began writing music, it came natural. The very first song she wrote was a hit, Beyle explained to us that the reaction she got from the crowd when she performed was all she needed to move forward and drop more music.

Beyle’s biggest music influences are Whitney Houston and Tupac. We asked her to give us some insight on how they became her influencers and she stated “Ms. Houston started out singing in churches like myself, and she also modeled. She was a person with a huge heart, and her voice was very distinct. Tupac was someone who was very influential, and spoke his mind. He put truth and passion in his lyrics and he wasn’t afraid to speak the truth”.

When Beyle first started turning her rhymes into songs, she was writing about general subjects that seemed relatable to her audience. Overtime she decided to get a little more personal with her lyrics. She began to writ write with enthusiasm and she began to feel the passion behind her lyrics. She now feels like her music has more meaning and substance behind it.


JordanL grew up in Detroit, MI he’s been around music for as long as he can remember. His entire family is musically inclined in some shape, form, or fashion. He started his personal music journey in the 4th grade playing the baritone in his elementary school marching band and he never looked back. He’s been involved in music ever since, playing in the band through college and picking up a microphone at age 14.  To read full article click BARS!!


Music artist Mirian grew up in Toronto, Canada with a Syrian/Jordanian background. Mirian is a self-taught guitarist and singer. She attended theatre school in 2007 which is where she gained most of her vocal techniques. Before any schooling in her craft, she learned how to sing by mimicking artists that she admired such as Celin Dion, Janis Joplin, Stevie Nikks, Etta James etc. When Mirian was young she would think to herself, "If they can do that, so can I" and she put zero blocks on herself.  To read full article click WOW!!

Ella René is an incredible musician born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She doesn’t come from a musical background which makes her story even more inspiring. Ella grew a love for music at the age of nine years old because she was always around her sister who blasted 90’s music around the house. Everything Ella seen her sister do she followed, when she seen her sister singing she also began to sing. One day she realized singing was something she really wanted to do.

Her biggest influences musically would have to be almost everything from the 90s. Ella loves everything about the 90s era. She was unable to pinpoint one thing she likes about 90s music because it covers everything from love, hurt, and makeup to breakup songs. In the past Ella’s music was strictly R&B/Soul now, she’s adding a bit of rock, pop, and spicing it up with a Caribbean feel. She cannot until the world gets the opportunity to experience Cycle when it’s releases October 20, 2017.    

Ella’s inspiration to writing music is her life, it’s the motivation behind all of her songs, which includes her past relationships, friends, and family experiences.  Ella takes the highs and lows that she goes through and puts them in her music. She writes what people are sometimes afraid to say or admit to themselves or whomever.

Jazz hasn’t collaborated with many artists when asked why she stated “I am an artist that doesn’t like to heavily rely on features because I never want someone to feel as though I only took off due to their name being attached to my project but, if a dope feature comes about, I wouldn’t deny it. “I am an open-minded artist who loves writing sessions and the creative process.” Jazz has collaborated with Sauce Walka and Ray Face other dope Houston Texas artists and on the production side, the biggest name to date that Jazz worked with would be (TM88 of 808 Mafia she had the opportunity to do an entire EP) and Honorable C-Note.

One thing we learned about Jazz is that her metaphors and word play has advanced. She focuses on creating a picture or a story for her audience so that they are able to relate and understand her point of view or grasp an understanding of who she is as an artist. Jazz loves to write music about issues the she may be experiencing or prominent issues that are taking place in the world. Jazz stated “When you evoke emotion in your writing, you bring about relatability, and that is what I try to do. In addition, I like to talk about topics that many artists may try to cut corners on or overlook. I am bold in my music. I.E. my remix to “How To Rob”.

One day Jazz would love the opportunity to perform at Madison Square Garden and have it packed out. The Blkticketconcept Family truly believes that one day Jazz will do just that, putting on a show case that will inspire other artists and showing them that dreams do come true.

When asking Jazz the question, is America so superficial that the best lyrical artists are surpassed and outsold by generic mainstream artists? Jazz stated, Of course, but on the flipside, I think many hip-hop heads, now especially, want the revival of storytelling and wordplay. A successful artist knows how to mix bars or a message/conscious topic while still captivating the listeners with something catchy throughout the song. For example, Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” or Jay-Z’s “Story of O.J.”.

Jazz Started making music because she aspired to be like Kanye West and Lauryn Hill. She wanted to captivate people by telling a story that still had their heads bobbing. Jazz Mom is her biggest fan “she supports everything I do; she is honest as well, which I appreciate. She’s the first to tell me if something’s wack and that is what pushes me to improve as an artist, on and off the mic.” Jazz Stated.





Jazz Anderson, was born and raised in Beverly Hills, California. She also had the luxury of living in New York during her teenage years.  Jazz has a passion for exploring and learning about different cities, she currently resides in Houston, Texas but the lovely state of California is her back bone.

Many would assume Jazz had it easy and everything was handed to her due to the fact that her mom is the awesome Tami Roman, but the truth is she had to work twice as hard.  Nothing is given; she learned fast that everything is earned. She dedicated countless nights to better herself and her music.

When asking Jazz about her Musical background she stated “If you watched the Real World: Los Angeles, you see that my mom pursued a singing career; she was in a girl group that eventually got signed.” Jazz always thought poetry and literature was important and something she could use to better her craft. Kanye West’s College Dropout Album had a positive effect on Jazz aspiring her to be a storyteller and poet like him and the phenomenal Lauryn Hill. “When you put a story to a beat, you become a rapper that’s what I ended up doing”. Jazz Stated.

When asking Jazz the question musically, what are your biggest influences and who are your favorite musicians? She replied, “My biggest influences are Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliot, and J. Cole. My favorite musicians at the moment are J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, and Big Sean”.


As for being the best at what he does Danny certainly believes he’s the best.

His style of delivery is based on passion. His selection is based on how he’s feeling at the moment.

He differs from other artist solely on the fact that he has his own genetic makeup and he’s English born Ghanaian American whose bloodline comes from the Ashanti tribe.  Danny grew up in the Bronx, finished high school in the Florence, Kentucky and graduated college at St. John's University. Danny is going against the odds and the grain and that’s what separates him from the others.

The most important item in his music collection is his brain and heart because he believes he’s THE MUSIC.

Danny Boy Smooth was born in South London England. He moved to the states at the age of 3. He grew up on Burnside Ave which is located in the western side of the Bronx.

 His musical background consists of rapping and recording in the studio since the young age of 9 years old.

Danny’s biggest musical influence would have to be his mother. She’s always been singing since he was a child and even sings at church all the time. She programmed it in him. His cousin Jeffery is the one who taught him how to rap which is also one of his music influences. His favorite musicians are the late Notorious B.I.G and Michael Jackson. 

Danny collaborates with anyone who has a love for music.

In comparison to then and now he can say that as an artist he knows himself more.

His main inspiration is how a beat or instrumental makes him feel. Music is a feeling and he does what the beat tells him to do. He basically combines both of these methods and lets everything come by itself.

A dream venue for him to perform would have to be the House of Blues.

When it comes to America being superficial to the best lyrical artists or being surpassed and outsold by generic mainstream artists he’s tied between yes and no. Danny feels this way because there are also mainstream Lyrical artist such as Kendrick Lamar, Logic and J. Cole who sell very well. There are a lot of non-lyrical artist who receive a lot of spotlight now of days but everyone has their time. “Besides, the average lifespan of a rapper is 5 years. Only Legends make it pass 5” Danny believes.

Danny describes his music career as something that seemed to just happen. Music chose him not the other way around. His parents are for his music and they never told him to stop making music.


His main inspirations are his family and his friends. It's been so many times throughout the years people would tell him over and over again how much faith they had in him, and how they loved his music and how he needed to stay focused on his craft. The crazy thing is that, even with all the support he may have had, everyone believed in him, except him. It wasn't until recently that he started really believing in himself and that's another reason his music sounds the way it does now. The confidence level is through the roof right now. The idea of him being able to take care of his family and create opportunities for his true friends is what drives and influences him to do the things he does now. He’s even said it in one of his songs he wrote on his project entitled "Summer Madness". "I NEVER Thought that I was good enough & I learned this lesson, Never Question your dream, Depression Stopped My Progression".

His dream venue would have to be at a summer jam concert. Just the history of what the "Summer Jam" is to the culture itself is big to him.

Dre Llyod thinks that certain music may or not be promoted throughout the mainstream outlets for certain reasons. But he thinks a lot of lyricists forget to actually make MUSIC!! “They forget they have to make good songs that can compete with what's popular right now. We can't keep talking about the 90s this 90s that, etc.

D.R.E. Lloyd was born and raised in South New Jersey in a town called Lindenwold. Musically he’s a Rapper, Songwriter as well as producer. His father was the one who introduced him to rap music at a young age. He listened to old school rap from artists ranging from EPMD, Kool G Rap, Heavy West Coast Kings such as Ice Cube, NWA, Dr.Dre, King Tee etc.

Lloyd is just about influenced by anything when it comes to creating music. “Honestly, it may not even make any sense, But the things I see on a day to day basis actually influences me to write certain things. I can't really say that I'm ONLY inspired by other artists or the music that I hear on the radio. I'm influenced by life itself” Lloyd explained. The images he sees on television, movies, and even things he may say or someone else might say in a conversation are having. His surroundings give him the ideas he needs to create the music he makes.

Music wise, he doesn’t collaborate with a lot of artists, not yet anyway. He’d like to collaborate with more R&B singers if anything. He only has two features on the project that he’s done. Yonatan Watts, an artist/producer/engineer/songwriter from Canada currently located in New York. As well as an amazing Vocalist Named Jessi Casanova who also resides in New York, Long Island to be exact. He also has some production from a friend of his called Bkorn.

In all honesty his biggest change in music in comparison to then and now is his lyrical content.” I've grown and matured over the years and I definitely think that shows in my music. My choice of production, the words that I use are more descriptive, the energy I give in my verses definitely is on another level compared to what I was doing before” Lloyd stated. He has grown over all as an artist. He also has a lot of energy and enthusiasm to offer. “And when I say energy I don't mean, how loud I'm yelling on a song either, just the enthusiasm I have, the confidence I have in myself shows through my music!” He exclaimed.


Mula writes about what he experiences and relates to as well as other people. “I feel like a lot of people can vibe to my music because if you listen to my lyrics not only its catchy but it’s all about what I’ve already done in my life” He explained.

Mula’s dream venue would be The Apollo. Every great legend has gone through the Apallo. It’s also New York so it would definitely be a great place to perform.

Mula agrees that America is superficial that the best lyrical artists are surpassed and outsold by generic mainstream artists. “Yes, people settle for that dumb down music that has no content. Nowadays if you got a catchy beat or hook you don't even need lyrics. That's not music. Real music has definitely become the back burner for entertainment.”

Mula explains his life struggle experiences for these are the reasons he started making music:

Mula grew up in a small part of New York. As he got older he went back and forth between Atlanta and New York before he moved to Atlanta four years ago. He will always see New York as his home though.

His musical background consists of his grandfather and uncles’ band back in Jamaica. He describes them as being like the Jackson 5. In addition all of his brothers do music. His brother JuJu Cesar actually produces most of his beats and his older brother Capo engineers them along with JuJu. He’s always been surrounded by music. When he was younger he used to listen to his brothers’ songs and freestyles. He even did a couple verses but never took music as serious as he does now. Music is in his blood.

Musically his biggest influences are Jay-Z, The Lox, Maz B, Jeezy and Bigge. Some of his favorite musicians right now would have to be Tory Lanez, Drake, Don Q and Meek Mill.

Mula has had the opportunity to collaborate with producers such as Honorable Corp, GoGrizzley and Rico Elliets. There’s surely more to come so keep an eye out for that.

The concept of his lyrics has definitely grown. He has learned how to project his views of life through his music and be able to tell a story of experiences from his own life.


She is currently being managed by Sean Kingston's mother who she calls her “Mama Kingston”.

She’s even collaborating with Sean Kingston on a project.  

She’s also working with the incredible Song writer/Rapper/performer/ artist developer and the grandson of the legendary Motown group Jr. Walker and the All-stars (shotgun) Imani Walker Aka Do Numbers.

Debbie has also worked with producers such as Joe Warlick (2pac, Snoop Dog, Dr Dre) and her exclusive producer J-Classic  (Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, Eric Bellinger, Peaty Pablo, B2k, Rass Kass, Mack 10, Red Cafe, Suga Free, Yukmouth, Bun B, Lil Flip, Paul Wall, Ray J, The Game, Omarion). 

Debbi James was born in Paris France and resided there by her mother in Israel, Which is where she spent most of her childhood years and not to mention that at the age of five years old (Three years later) she lost her father "Steve James" to pancreatic cancer. At the age of seventeen disasters struck again, this time it was her mother who committed suicide as a result of deep depression that was caused by her fight with HIV.

Her life seemed like it was falling apart, but quickly she got back on her feet and figured out what she wanted to do and how important it is for her to continue her father's legacy and make her parents proud. She finally figured out what her purpose is in this world. She packed her bags at 17 years old and moved to Los Angeles, A with her only uncle. It was a struggle adapting to the American culture not knowing any English she started her life over with big goals to learn English. She connected with her father’s side of the family and in America is where she began to pursue a music and dance career.

She is a singer, songwriter and a Hip-Hop Dancer.

She’s performed at Venues in Los Angeles such as Mint (Los Angeles), Viper Room (Los Angeles), G-Spot (Israel), Bardot (Hollywood), Marbela (Hollywood), Room 86 (Hollywood), Confidental (Beverly Hills), House of blues (W.Hollywood), Egyptian Theater (Hollywood) and Infusion Lounge (Universal City Walk).


His love for his people and then music is the reason why he became a Disc Jockey. He tried everything else (seems like) from going to college, graduating, and getting a “good job” and still it felt like work.  Even on those “good jobs” he just knew he could be a whole lot more than what he was.  And once you see the ceiling cap in your line of work, you become (at first) discourage but then it gets brought to your remembrance that no one can limit you no more than you allow them to. None of the careers were a fit and now he knows why.

Depending on the setting or event, he usually starts off with something popular pertaining to that genre of music and then once (prayerfully) catch the crowd, he can just run his set and the people follow.

One thing he LOVES about music is there is no right or wrong answer, its art made from sound. So even though the market is saturated with music, it still stands true that good music will live forever.  And also music captures memories, so the worst song to him in his head can bring out the happiest memory for someone else just because of what was going on at that present time when the song was playing (if that makes any sense). So, yes building music relationships are still possible.

Dj’n has helped Bluue overcome the obstacle or fear of public speaking, or just shying away from stranger’s period.

It’s one of the few times where he allows himself to be selfish and play what he wants and think you should hear.  He tells himself this is something that this crowd NEEDS to hear.

There are always criteria outside of subjectivity but knowing when to tap into the criteria is key.  It’s something that must be felt for sure and if you’re not in tune with vibe of the atmosphere you may miss your cue.

DJ Bluue was born and raised in Carrollton, GA. He’s a 32 year old Disc Jockey. His life story consists of these 3 elements: learning, earning, and returning. Learning is the good, bad, ugly, and “fugly”.  But if you are not willing to learn then you are not willing to grow. Earning is in his DNA, he recalls his mother worker as a sewer in small plant for her full time job, worked at a video store and also working picking up trash in the neighborhood. His mother is the definition of grind. His father (the first African-American Mail Carrier in their hometown) worked at the local Post Office for 45years (43 years of service). DJ Bluue has been earning his whole life, whether it was cutting grass so he’d have some pocket money in elementary all the way up until he had his first job at 16 working at Pizza Hut. Returning has been the most fulfilling thing to his soul thus far on this planet. Through Dj’n he works with a lot of youth so it’s a blessing for him to give any piece of advice they may offer.

One of the main challenges as a DJ for him is balancing time.  It’s so many things that can be worked on for self-improvement as Disc Jockey and balancing those activities can be challenging. He hasn’t technically produced his own music yet but he knows the two go hand in hand. What’s interests him about DJ’n is if he had to compare the two is that he gets to tap into other musicians, songwriters, composers, producers, etc creative space. It’s a vibe, it’s sacred, it’s not for everyone to get, but the ones that do share the connection is “Godly”.

He can honestly say that he’s always been a DJ.  He’s always been a social person at social gatherings he always felt that his music selection could capture whoever was in his surroundings. A couple of years ago he finally invested in equipment. He really invested in himself and never looked back and that’s how he became a DJ.


Amy Luciani is from Detroit MI coming from a 5 sibling home. Her mother couldn’t afford to keep Amy and her other siblings in any extracurricular activities. Amy’s four sisters and she began singing and rapping and created a girl group named "Entrance". Her mother heard them harmonizing together and introduced them to a music producer who began to mold them. They performed on The Jenny Jones show when she was 13 and opened up for So So Def. Later she became a solo artist and moved to Atlanta.

Right now she is finishing up her first mix tape called "Lipstick & Money". “I dream to travel the world singing and dancing with my dancers. I love music that tells stories and moves people's energy.” Her favorite music artists are Aaliyah, Phylis Hyman and Whitney Houston. She really wants to collaborate with Drake, Migos and Kendrick Lamar.

She spends a lot of her time modeling and writing songs. Although she really doesn’t want to make it big being a super model she does enjoy fashion and the art behind it. People always ask her if she’s better at singing or rapping but she doesn’t really compare the two. It's a gift from God so I treat both of them with passion.

​​The funny story is, her real government name is Amber Rose. That's what her family calls her and her original fans but when the model Amber Rose got famous everyone would confuse them and it because a issue when she would get booked so she created a stage name ; Amy Luciani. Amy believes her mission in this world is to show people that we all have purpose and that each and every one of us has a good and bad testimony but the goal is to not give up. This is the reason she writes music. She comes from a city where people run out of options but she kept fighting and believing. Her Instagram name is Amy Luciani and she also has music on Sound Cloud under Amy Luciani. 
The last record she listened to was Rihanna "Music of the Sun". She really loves how upbeat and fun Rihanna’s music is and it matches her vibe. She writes music based off of her life stories and lessons; also off things her love ones have been through. She’s very lyrical and detailed. She thinks that's what sets her apart as an artist. “I can't just put out trash. It has to be real and raw. My inspiration to grind is my mother “Amy explained. Her mother is her number one supporter ever since.



Geniius thinks that America is superificial; that the best lyrical artists are surpassed and outsold by generic mainstream artists. “Yes I def think the rap game has watered down a little bit but you have to understand that that’s what they want to promote in the black communities …violence, drugs, etc. But those artist that talk about bringing the community together and our history is looked over” Geniius explained.

Geniius views himself as a unique individual that strives at what he does. He even has his own website www.poorgeniius.com. “I started making music, designing clothing and modeling because I’m a natural born creator. Making music is just the same as if I design a piece of clothing…it has to be different, creative and eye catching.  I am the best at what I do…my creativity is on 1,000.” He takes a lot of pride in his work and does he’s absolute best at serving a unique sound. “I’ve always been the beat type of guy I vibe to dope beats so my beats has to be dope, have 808 bass and a little up tempo” Geniius stated.

Poor Geniius is a rapper, model and fashion designer. Geniius grew up in Marietta, Georgia. His name has deep and true meaning behind it. “Poor” represents those who have been seen by the world as inadequate and not valued by others to be seen as a possible contributing member of society where walls were built to never let you in. “Geniius” to him is the natural capacity of intellect in art. “We represent the unwanted, the destitute, the ones who dare for change and to be different, the ones who never had a chance, who became masterminds and will become tomorrow’s innovators, I don't follow trends ...I create them. I am Poor Geniius.”

Even though he has no musical background his father was a natural born hustler who taught him how to follow his dreams and to use the gifts God has blessed him with to make a living. His favorite musicians lyrically would be J.Cole because some of the things he has experienced he has as well. Trap music wise he’s inspired by Young Dolph’s independency as well as his drive, ambition and music.

Right now Poor Geniius is working on solo tracks. He collaborated with Chef-boi-r-dre and Moptop with beats musically. He would love to collaborate with Young Dolph, 2 Chainz, J.Cole, Jeezy, Meek Mill, Rick Ross and Bruno Mars.

His inspirations for the lyrics he writes is to speak for those who don’t have a voice, those who can relate, and those who have shared the same struggle and life experiences.

Geniius’ dream venue would be birthday bash in Atlanta as well as a NBA or NFL game being that he’s a former college basketball player.
She’s not entirely sure on where or what her dream venue in which to perform would be. It depends on the occasion to her. She loves large crowds and has always had thoughts of performing at the GA dome at half time for the Atlanta Falcons.  She is a die-hard fan of the falcons. She is now acquiring the new Mercedes Dome here in Atlanta so she’ll probably perform there.

She agrees that in America the best lyrical artists are surpassed and outsold by generic mainstream artists. “Music isn’t what it used to be. But then again music is just like life so it changes just as life can be changed.” ReeMarkable exclaims. She strives to give real music. Some do forget the job of an artist is still to also be an entertainer so you have to give the people what they want as well. She believes that if the people want catchy hooks or not so impactful lyrics then sometimes you have to hit them with a club banger.

ReeMarkable wrote a lot of poetry growing up. She can recall the first song she ever wrote. She was about eight years old and even at a young age she sure had some skills. The people in her family supported her in her music path now. “I am not the best. I feel like I always have room to make myself a better me” she explains.

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Henree Cherron Wright, also known as Reemarkable was born in Decatur Georgia, but she moved around a lot growing up. She has lived in a couple states including Wisconsin and Alabama. Her father is the legendary Eazy E. He’s definitely a part of her background as a artist. Her great grandmother on her mom’s side is the reason she began singing at a very young age in front of family. She was then convinced to sing for the church choir.

Her favorite artists are DMX, Lauryn Hill, Michael Jackson, and Alicia Keys; they are all very influential to her. Her current favorite artists are Drake, Lil Wayne and Kanye west. 

She would love to collaborate with any real and passionate/talented artists. “It doesn’t matter if they are independent or A list celeb. As long as the love is pure” she explains music is a reflection of her life. “Just as in life you have to find yourself, so over the years my sound has been changed and tweaked for the better in reference to lyrical ability, arrangements and such” she said ReeMarkable has plenty inspirations for the lyrics that she writes. She has books worth of stories to tell, her life and what she’s been through and the people in it. This is what drives the train for her lyrics.
Dre Myers grew up in Decatur Georgia & Rockmart Georgia. He was born at Grady Memorial Hospital. He represents both places because both places made him who he is today. Decatur taught him about the city life and how to be street smart. Rockmart pretty much showed him that even in small country towns, you still have to be on your game. But Rockmart made him a man. As far as his musical background, he really doesn’t have one. On the contrarily his great uncles who were real musicians influenced him somewhat. They had a band way back in the day and would travel doing shows and things.

Musically his biggest influence is life. He speaks about a lot of real life things that have happened to him throughout the course of his life. Whether it happened to him or it happened to someone close to him. He tends to put it out there along with how it affected him. His favorite musicians would be T. I., Tupac, Starlito, Rick Ross, and Gucci based off his presence in the game. He currently collaborated with just close friends of his. He doesn’t really do too much collaboration due to artists faking like they're really out here working. Two of his favorite collaborations at the moment would be with his boys Kay Fill and Snook Nazty which they would be on his last project titled "ATL IS NOT FOR SALE”. He is very confident in his music. “When I first started I wouldn't say certain things because I wasn't confident in myself to put certain things about my life out to the public.  I was afraid of being judged etc. Since I've first started I've became more confident with my craft and more confident in my voice and how I deliver certain bars. “Dre Myers explained
The main inspiration to his lyrics would be emotion, feeling, and life. Without those he doesn’t think his music would be as dope as it is now.  Plus a few shots of liquor to get the brain following always made him feel better.

His dream venue to perform in would most definitely have to be "Coachella". Once he gets there he will feel accomplished and be able to brag a little bit for the most part. He added that he’s also interested the Phillips Arena. 



A candid moment came in the interview when Jaey revealed his real reasoning for making music. He started making music to impress a girl at his school, because the boy that she actually liked was an Artist. What's even funnier is that she never got to hear the song that Jaey made for her because she moved out of town and subsequently moved out of his life. With his motivation gone, what would be his reason for continuing to make music? The answer is simple: Music Kept Jaey out of trouble. Music would become more and more interesting for him and he found that he expressed himself better through music and he just never stopped. Surprisingly Jaey's parents didn't really like the idea of Jaey Chasing Music, But by the time he Got the hang of it, his parents couldn't help but support him. 


Jaey London Grew Up In Nigeria, West Africa. Jaey has been into music since he was 6, and decided to chase it as a career when he was only 13. For him, music is not about the fame or the money. He truly loves creating music and he he used it as a way to express himself better, rather than talking.

Lyrically, Jaey's favorite artist is Kendrick Lamar who is also his biggest influence. Flow-wise Jaey is conflicted between Bryson Tiller & Tory Lanez but, his favorite artist right now is Tory Lanez.

So far in his career, Jaey has collaborated with about 20 + artist, from writing Hooks to Laying down Verses And Hooks For them. He makes moves and finds connections to continually promote his music and artistry. 

When Jaey first started, he struggled with finding his sound, so he wasn't always putting out great sounding music. But as of now Jaey wouldn't say that he's perfect but he definitely has found his sound and is still crafting and brushing up on his flow. 

We asked Jaey about his thoughts on America's music industry and whether or not he thought it was all about the beats, the lyrics, or if it was just superficial. This is what he had to say: 

"Music Doesn't Have A Language. Being lyrical or not doesn't mean you can't make Music. So Saying Lyrical Artist Are surpassed By Mainstream is wrong. Every One has their own Sense of Music. There were times when it was only Lyricism that Mattered, and now it More of Can you write A hit song Regardless Of your Lyricism Skills."
Duda, an artist out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana who has had such a diverse musical background. This type of background has become very influential to her maturity as an artist.

Her new music has changed from when she first started and she has gotten drastically better. She used to make music specifically for her age group, but as she has matured, so has her music. 

The main inspirations for the music Duda writes would have to include herself, and Dondray London, which is her cousin and a local artist that passed away. Duda hasn't collaborated with any other artist yet, but she is looking forward to creating with different artists. 

When we asked Duda about her outlook on the industry, this is how she felt: "...the world itself only focuses on who hot and popping rather than tune into the music itself." 

Duda started making music because from a young child, she knew every song on the radio that came on, and because of that, she wrote her first song in 5th grade for a talent show and she was 12 when she took her first trip to the studio.

Duda's style of delivery is storytelling and she also puts her emotions in her lyrics for better expression towards what topic she is speaking about. Her beat selection is what she likes to call "mind-wandering" and it also stems from the vibe of her producer.

Duda is different from other artist male and female in a very unique way, and she delivers a more realistic viewing of life through lyrics. She'd much rather let the visuals speak upon the fact that she's just not your average female rapper.



For her influence, Kadesha thanks her brothers especially for consistently playing good music like 112, Aaliyah, LL Cool J, DMX, Eminem, Tupac, Biggie, Backstreet boys, Evanescence etc. The music they listened to was very diverse and Kadesha enjoyed listening.

We asked Kadesha about her favorite artists in the game, and this is what she had to say:

“As far as my favorite musicians... I have sooo many lol but one woman stands out from all the rest and that would be Aaliyah. Her voice, style, how she carried herself was everything to me. Her music will forever be classic and her style will forever be relevant. When I was younger I use to recorded all her songs on a cassette off of my cousins CD because I couldn't buy one, and I'd listen to it over and over again, I'd write down the lyrics as I listened and studied that shit like it was homework. The day she died, I will always remember that day, even though I did not know her she had a huge influence on how I wanted to carry myself as an artist.”


Kadesha was born and raised in Rexdale, Toronto, ON. Towards the end of grade 7, she moved to Brampton. When she first moved to Brampton she was upset because it was more of a suburban area, and all the friends she had were far away. Being a girl from the hood where everything was “2 steps away”, she felt kind of out of place in Brampton at first, but she grew to love it.

Kadesha has been singing since she was a child and it always stuck with her. Her dad use to blast music throughout the house and he'd always sing along, so music was always around her. Kadesha would always look for ways to showcase her singing whether it was talent shows for school, camp or just making up routines with her family and friends, she always wanted to entertain. She was featured on Rogers TV years before joining any of these groups, on a show called Toronto's Talent.  But she got her first real opportunity when she auditioned for this choir called ROC. Kadesha’s friend at the time came to her house and Kadesha noticed this flyer for the Rexdale Outreach Choir and they were holding auditions. In grade 9 singing plus getting paid for it sounded like heaven to Kadesha so she decided to audition and she made the cut. Being in the choir really brought Kadesha out of her shell in terms of not being too shy to sing in front of a crowd of 300-500 people. After a few years, she left ROC and another opportunity came along for her to be the main singer in a group called The Next Edition. With these experiences, Kadesha finally decided to find producers to work with. Throughout high school and college Kadesha would work with a few very talented producers and artists, and they would sometimes have to record in a closet. But, that helped Kadesha prepare and now when she works with producers, she can mesh crazy beautiful ideas with them and it works.

Kadesha’s dad and her older brothers were very artistic, and music would always be playing in her house. Even in the neighborhood that she was growing up in, they had local artist that inspired her like Andreena Mill and Jelleestone. She'd see them on the TV and on the radio and then see them the next day outside. So as a kid, Kadesha knew that she could be doing that too. Kadesha’s big brother, Andre, would really push her by making her and her sister battle in the living room to "The Boy is mine" by Monica and Brandy (Kadesha would be Brandy), but that really help her with her singing ability and stage presence. Kadesha built a mini stage in her basement and just practiced even when she didn't have anyone watching her.


Dame looks at the music industry in America as sometimes being superficial. But he doesn't think America is alone when it comes to being superficial. He does believe that the culture has been hijacked by big businesses and that its definitely going to show when one starts looking at record sales, clothing sales and advertising dollars. But he says, "if you like and know good music, you’ll find it rather than listening to whatever you’re told is 'hot' for the moment." At the same time, Dame knows that he might answer differently if someone was going to cut a check, so he’ll never hate on anybody, especially anybody getting paid off of expression. We all gotta get paid somehow. To Read Full Article Click GREEN LIGHT


Artist Dame Price grew up listening to a lot of different styles of hip-hop and he has a list of some of those artists that have been the most influential to him. He says that, "You can always tell when an artist’s music is true to who they really are." Dame thinks that these artists were able to inspire real life emotion in all of their audience because it was real emotion that they put into every song:

1. WuTang
2. Dead Prez
3. Mos Def
4. Jay Z
5. Cormega

All of Dame's collaborations are within his own camp. Some of whom you’ll hear on his next project. Dame looks forward to working with other artist, but right now he's just trying to showcase all of the talent that he and his team are bringing to the industry.

Dame's music has changed a lot from when he first started. When he first started, it was just him, a few of his comrades and someone beat boxing. They were just a couple hungry kids expressing themselves in the rawest form. Now, for the most part, it’s the same group of people, but they take it a lot more seriously. They love what they do, and that shows in the quality of their work, which is a lot different from the battle raps they used to kick in the washroom at junior high school.

The main inspirations for Dame's lyrics are real life situations, trials and tribulations, feelings, and relationships. Like the artists listed above, Dame is as real and genuine as it gets. Everything heard in his songs are a glimpse into his life, past present and future.
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  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director


Varahidis definitely believes that he's one of the best when it comes to doing what he does. He says, "if you don’t believe in what you’re doing then you’re already limiting yourself." With that being said, Varahidis definitely thinks that he's one of the best, if not the best. Varahidis: "I’m definitely not like the rest." 

What led to Varahidis' style was the fact that he grew up with so many influences of diverse music. One song you might hear him doing rock/rap and techo/soul. He's been able to grow up in a lot of places so he has a lot of different cultures mixed into him. 

Varahidis grew up in a lot of different places. He was born in Toronto and he grew up in The United States, England, and Barbados. Varahidis' father is Greek and his mother is from Barbados.

Varahidis was raised on Reggae, Hip hop, rock, and church music. He loves music from different cultures as well. He listens to a lot of Japanese music. His favorite artists are Utida Hikaru, Linkin Park, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and John Lennon.

When Varahidis first started doing his own music he was a lot more poetic, but now he just makes a lot of hits and bangers. He's definitely grown more as an artist throughout the years because he has invested a lot of time into his craft.

Varahidis' life is what inspires him to write; he just tries to stay true as much as he can. He says in this industry you have to a have a story. It allows his music to have more meaning and substance than it had before.  

Varahidis would love to perform at the Air Canada Centre, the O2 arena, and Coachella. These venues have been on his radar for years, and he hopes to make it big. 

Varahidis started making music when he was about 3 years old. It started off just as poems and he also used to be in the church choir. He would listen to some 90's music that was introduced to him by his mother, and he thought it was the most fascinating thing. As far as his parents supporting him go, they didn’t really have a say. Varahidis grew up mostly on his own.
Neeqah was born and raised in Jobes Lane, Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica. Neeqah started making music professionally in 2015 when a friend of hers saw the talent she had and believed in her. At first her parents were totally against it, but now they are for it, all the way. And that is something that means a lot to Neeqah.

Neeqah is influenced by a variety of musical backgrounds such as Reggae, Dancehall, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rap and many more genres. Musically, her surroundings and what she sees around her are her biggest influences.

In terms of coming together and doing a track with an artist, Neeqah said that she'd love to collaborate with Sia. A well established artist in the industry, Sia would blend well with Neeqah, given her dynamic singing and musical abilities.

Neeqah's music has matured over a period of time. She has grown mentally and vocally over the years, and that has enhanced her music as a whole. Now her sound is very different and unique. The main inspirations behind the music she writes is what she sees in her day to day life. Her environment is a great factor in her creative process as a writer.

When asked about her place in the world, in terms of music, she had this to say:

"I am the best at what I do and I am very confident in my music. A man who lacks confidence is twice defeated in the race of life."

In Jamaica reggae is still the main genre, but Neeqah is aiming for the international market so her music is more of a crossover style. The beats that she prefers lye just between reggae and pop beats. 

Neeqah's uniqueness lies within her voice and the way in which she delivers her music, along with her versatility. The most important item in her music collection is a song called “Mr. Lowkey”. 

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Brittney Blair grew up in the Overbrook Park section of Philadelphia. Listening to the music from her parents’ generation, and of course her generation, is definitely a huge part of her musical background. It’s nice to have a variety and she loves all kinds of music. All of it is “Art” and she takes all of it and incorporates it into her style. 
Brittney's biggest musical influences have always been Michael and Janet Jackson. Growing up, she used to watch their videos all the time and would dance while watching them. As she got older she started to have a stronger appreciation for them and she would study how they performed. Prince is another one of her favorites and he is the definition of a “Musician”. When asked why she thought so, she simply said, "Because he could compose his music, owned his music and could play multiple instruments."

Brittney collaborates with artists who complement what she is trying to do. Artists who love what she loves and gets excited with creating like she does. She loves being around positive people, and when you have that type of energy around you can get so much done.

Blair feels like she's tapped into more with who she wants to be as an artist. She knows who she wants to work with, she knows what style she wants to do and she doesn't  want to change it. 

In terms of her inspiration for her music, you can credit it to relationships. Relationships, both past and present. Whether it was a boyfriend or just her male and female friends. She knows that Everyone goes through things in life and their stories inspire her to write. Writing is therapy for Brittney, and her music will most likely be therapeutic for someone listening to it. To Read Full Article Click DIFFERENT WORLD !
Up and coming Music Producer Milagro Ghalichi, aka MGHALICHI, grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. Her father was a dj and produced in his spare time, and that's where She picked up a lot her talent from. Growing up watching her father DJ and produce really inspired her, along with other artists. 

There are a few artists that she wishes to collaborate with, but out of everyone Travis Scott would be the most favorable. MGHALICHI believes that their story and style are really similar, which will lead to synergy when working together.

When asked about her thoughts on being the best, this is what she had to say: "I'm by no means the best at what I do and I may never be because I believe there will always be more room for improvement."

MGHALICHI is different from other producers for a few reasons: Most importantly, She's a female. You rarely see a non-aggressive female producer rise to popularity and work with big name artists like MGHALICHI plans to do in her career. She also has a very different sound. Producers sometimes find it hard to find their own style, but Milagro has a unique sound that she has developed.

MGHALICHI was destined to take a leap of faith with producing. After graduating high school a year early, she thought that she would be done with school. At the moment, nothing could talk her into going to college, up until she fell on hard times and had to make a resolution, "boss up or get bossed around." Milagro decided to see whether or not college would better her living situation. Turns out that she was better off without college. She was extremely depressed and felt like she was just wasting away. After Just one semester of college, MGHALICHI went back home and was yet again at another lost. One day she looked at her laptop, and instantly decided that she should make music. She's been straight ever since. 

MGHALICHI, It was kind of easy to get situated in the music industry. All it took was social media. She had a decent following coming into the music industry, and adding the fact that she's an easy going person made it really easy for her to network. Different people that she met took a liking to her and usually refers her to people higher up who she can learn from or get placements with. 



Roze's mom is one of the reasons why she makes music. They were both sitting home one day and she turned to Roze and said "why don't you do music? You're always writing poems and stuff." So she went to her room and wrote 2 songs, "Skinny leg Jeans" & "Drumma Boy" in less than 2 hours. Her Dad wanted her to do boxing like him, seeing how he Is a 5 time international world boxing Champion, but he was all for it as long as her lyrics are clean he says. 

Roze believes she can only get better and better with time like fine wine. In terms of her being the best, she said to ask her that question again after she wins a few Grammy's.

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"The 80s & 90s early 2000's music era influenced me." Said Summer Roze when we asked her about her musical influence. The up and coming artist also said that her favorite artists are PATRA & Aaliyah. 

Roze tends to work with young upcoming talent, like herself. Whether it's producers or artists, she likes the underdog success stories. But she will surely do collaborations when she thinks the timing is right. 

Roze's new music is a lot different from when she first started out years ago. She used to rap and now she's doing dancehall with some reggae fusion flavor. Her growth has been tremendous, as you can hear it in her voice. Her new technique of writing is amazing. And Roze will definitely start giving some of this music away to other artists soon. 

Roze's main inspiration for the music she writes Is her life, what goes on in the mind, and the day-to-day life of a young woman in her 20's. The good the bad, heartbreak, love, partying... basically whatever makes us tick. Her music tells stories and it takes you on a journey. Dancehall music influences so many other genres and in itself is infused with nuff vibes. So, when you hear a Summer Roze song you will hear some Afro beat flavor and some r&b also. 

The way the world is, with technology right now, its always about what's hot at the moment. Things Like, "you gotta have the new phone, new car, new sneakers, gotta go eat at this newest Restaurant." So eventually it will start to spill over into other things people love, like music. Music is not like it was in the 80s & 90s etc,  you have about 30secs or less to grab the ears of a listener and to keep them, so you better be captivating in some way. Trends are in and recycled over and over again. You have to reinvent yourself while still staying true to yourself. 

When asked if he thought he was the best, Jaron gave this mind opening answer: 

"I'm the best me, but nah I'm not the best. There's always someone better, but there's room for everyone. Everyone has there unique style or sound"

 Jaron truly wishes he was a dope rapper, but he just takes different rapping flows and sings them melodically. But he has the tone to be able to switch it up and sing different genres and use different types of beats. The producer that Jaron uses has the "Midas" touch on beats. He has a special ear for that "Love Sound". 

Wanting to see what type of music Jaron has been listening to lately, we asked him to tell us the last thing he played: 
"Other than all of my music, J Moss - GFG Reload album. There are 5 songs I listen to on that album that I created a playlist out of on Spotify." To Read Full Article Click Link  http://www.blkticketconcept.com/btcn/it-s-bigger-than-music-jaron-write



Jaron write grew up in Lithonia, Ga, about 20 minutes outside of Atlanta. He grew up in the church where his parents forced him to sing. Back then, he was upset about being forced to do it but now looking back on it, he's beyond appreciative to his parents for pushing him into his gift. He was not the only member of his family blessed with the gift of singing, as most of his family are great singers. 

Growing up, his musical influences were gospel artist like Kim Burrell, The Clark Family, and J Moss. While he also listened to a lot of r&b artists like Tank, Musiq Soulchild, Pj Morton, Carl Thomas, and Stevie Wonder just to name a few. 

Jaron's music has changed through the experiences he has been through. As he grew in age and maturity, his mind expanded and his imagination has grown. He dissects his lyrics now instead of just writing. With no help in the writing aspect, God just cultivated Jaron's gift over time.

In terms of inspiration to write, Jaron uses Everything; the guy walking down the street, the way the trees sway, the conversations that he haves with his family members.. Every experience. 

When asked about the changing in music culture and if it has had a negative affect on music, here is what Jaron had to say: 
 "{Laughs} Maybe. But people are allowed to like who they like. Nobody is successful without fans backing them. The artist aren't to blame. Times have changed. Adapt or find another career."

Jaron wanted to play basketball, but music was just apart of him. It was always around him, no matter what. But it was his destiny. Music chose him. 


When She first started, Chyan didn't know who She was. She kept trying to sound like everybody else. But now, She has finally found her own voice, and is in her own lane now.  In her music, she wants you to hear Cydnei Chyan and nobody else.

Everyday life is the inspiration behind Cydnei's lyrics. She takes conversations that She has with people and their experiences and then she takes her personal experiences from a similar topic and makes a song. Every thing in her lyrics is from the heart and its telling her story, or someones story that is close to her. TO Read Full Article Click Link  http://www.blkticketconcept.com/btcn/for-the-love-of-music-cydnei-chyan

For The Love Of Music 

Cydnei Chyan grew up in Atlanta, Ga but originally hails from Indianapolis, Indiana. She moved to Atlanta when She was 3 and then She moved back to Indianapolis her sophomore year of high school and graduated from high school there, and then moved back to Atlanta in 2013. So, she really spent most of her childhood in the ATL. 

Cydnei started writing poetry when she was about 5. She didn't discover her actual voice until 8th grade, when She joined the chorus at her middle school. As far as how she grew up, Cyndnei was around a lot of music. Her mom wasn't a musician, but she loved music.

Cydnei grew up on hip hop mostly. Her mom listened to a lot of Tupac, Jadakiss, Jay Z, and so many other inspiring artists. Her mom did love R&B too, so Cydnei listened to a lot of Mary J, Tamia, TLC, Mya, Monica all the greats, basically.

Chyan's biggest influences are Erykah Badu, Beyonce, Adele, Jessie J, Prince, etc. So many great artists have influenced her. Cydnei's favorite musicians right now are Adele, Jessie J and Beyonce. She says that they all bring something different to the table but they are equally phenomenal. She truly aspires to be like them.

Artistically, Cydnei often collabs with her friends. A lot of them are musicians, and so she just loves hearing their input; Kacey Jones is one of those friends. When Cydnei is making music or writing a song, She gets a lot of peoples opinions before She puts out her finished product. And She also has a band that is really talented. They are fairly new, but are about to do some amazing stuff.
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Cydnei Chyan's Debut Music Video for her song "Tricky"
Artists from all over the country are putting out impactful music
the Blkticketconcept Family, believes that Cydnei Chyan will definitely be one of the upcoming artist to take the music industry by storm. 
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BAN artist Dango Forlaine has been creating a buzz in Detroit and has brought that old-school, Midwest, Hip-Hop sound to the South! As the founder of BAN, he works hard not only as an artist, but as a leader in the Hip-Hop community. His latest project, “Monetary Live” received over 4,000 plays on SoundCloud, and was featured in an article by Jacob Stenhouse from the American College of Dubai. His smooth, Jazz-driven sound gives off that ‘90s vibe, and his past projects make me excited to hear what he has in store for the future! Dango has a new project he’s been working on called “Swan Slim”. The release date hasn't been announced, but we’re keeping our ears to the streets!